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Before reporting a problem, please read this

Before reporting a problem, please read this


We take great pride in SICStus Prolog, and your bug reports are extremely useful in improving its quality. To ensure a speedy resolution to your problem, please review the following checklist before submitting a bug report.

  1. Check that you have found a genuine bug, i.e. a case where SICStus Prolog does not substantially perform the functions described in the documentation.
  2. Check by consulting the list of known bugs that the bug is not a known, reported bug.
  3. Check that you have an active support contract. if you don't have such a contract, we are still grateful for bug reports, but we have no commitment to help you.
  4. Check that the bug concerns a supported SICStus version. Recall that every version ceases to be supported 12 months after the release of a newer version. If the bug concerns an unsupported version, chances are that the problem has gone away in the new version.
  5. Check that you are about to send us a reproducible test case. We really can't do much about bug reports unless they are reported in a way that allows to reproduce the problem. In rare, fortunate cases, an error message or a post-mortem backtrace suffices. Our contractual maintenance commitment is limited to reproducible test cases.
  6. Please use this form (hosted at Atlassian) to report your bug.