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SICStus Prolog Customer References

Customers of SICStus Prolog have proven its efficiency for large amounts of data and large applications. SICStus Prolog is used in a wide range of domains from medicine research to data mining of financial data. Some of the applications are briefly presented below.

SICStus Prolog is used in many advanced systems

SICStus Prolog is used in many advanced systems

Speech applications: NASA

Clarissa, a fully voice-operated procedure browser has been developed by the NASA Intelligent Systems Division.

On the International Space Station (ISS), astronauts execute thousands of complex procedures to maintain life support systems, check out space suits and conduct science experiments, among their many tasks. Today, when carrying out these procedures, an astronaut usually reads from a PDF viewer on a laptop computer, which requires them to shift attention from the task to scroll pages. Clarissa enables astronauts to be more efficient and to give full attention to the task while they navigate through complex procedures using spoken commands.

Clarissa has been implemented mainly using SICStus Prolog and a speech recognition toolkit provided by Nuance Communications. Application-specific spoken command grammars were constructed using the SICStus Prolog based Regulus platform.


Telecom: Ericsson AB

Ericsson Network Resource Manager (NRM) provides the capabilities for configuring and managing complex multi vendor IP Backbone networks. NRM assists the operator in making decisions when planning, configuring and making configuration changes.

The modelling part of the NRM software, an expert tool assisting the network operator, is implemented in SICStus Prolog. The constructed network model, created by analyzing the actual router configurations, is used both for showing a graphical representation and for validating the network.

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Biotech: Pyrosequencing AB

SICS developed a dispensation order generation algorithm for Pyrosequencing's sequence analysis instruments, using constraint programming with SICStus.

The algorithm can be described as a compiler, which calculates an instruction sequence based on an input specification. Applications include genetics, drug discovery, microbiology, SNP and mutation analysis, forensic identification using mtDNA, pharmacogenomics, and bacterial and viral typing.


Logistics: RedPrairie

The US-based RedPrairie Corporation, a leading provider of real-time logistics solutions, has introduced a real-time optimization engine, COPLEX, "... capable of managing a continuous flow of changes in orders, capacities and constraints dynamically, adjusting optimal consolidation solutions in real-time to achieve a quantum leap in cost savings for customers." The kernel of the engine is written in SICStus Prolog using its finite domain constraint solver library.


Data Mining: Compumine

Compumine AB's data mining software Rule Discovery System™ (RDS™) was implemented in SICStus Prolog. RDS™ is a powerful tool for generation of reliable, accurate, and interpretable rule based prediction models by automatically searching databases for significant patterns and relationships. RDS™ has been successfully applied to problems in a large number of data intensive areas such as pharmaceutical research, language technology, and engineering.