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Add-on software for SICStus Prolog

Add-on software for SICStus Prolog

Extended Runtime Library Add-On

Applications written in SICStus Prolog and destined for end-users must be packaged as stand-alone executables.

A stand-alone executable, which contains the SICStus runtime library, is a binary program that can be invoked from the operating system; it has a restricted set of built-in predicates and no Prolog top-level. Academic site and commercial licenses include the right to create such stand-alone executables.

In addition to the above restricted set of built-in runtime predicates, the SICStus add-on extended runtime library, includes the compiler. The extension doesn't add any built-in predicates to the restricted set, but Prolog source code loaded at run-time will execute in compiled form instead of interpreted, i.e. significantly faster than without the extension. If your application needs this capability, a stand-alone executable linked with the SICStus extended runtime library provides that.

The extended runtime library must be purchased as an add-on product, optionally with support. The price is per running instance of the extended runtime library. May only be purchased by SICStus Prolog commercial license holders. Finally, royalties are due for end-user deliveries of stand-alone executables linked with the extended runtime library.

Prices in Euros are as follows. See also Pricing/Order Info:

Item Euros
One-Time License
per Platform
per Platform
per End-User Delivery
Copy 1-5 400
Copy 6-10 380
Copy 11-25 345
Copy 26-50 300
Copy 51-100 260
Copy 101-250 205
Copy 251-500 120
Copy 501 and up 80