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The hard facts about SICStus Prolog 4.8.0

The hard facts about SICStus Prolog 4.8.0

Feature Highlights

SICStus Prolog provides the means to integrate a very powerful Prolog engine in advanced, portable computing applications. It is the ideal choice for applications that require reasoning, search or pattern matching capabilities (e.g. intelligent web, rule engine, natural or formal language, and expert system style applications).

SICStus Prolog provides tools for delivering stand-alone applications as well as modules that can be linked with code written in other languages to create reliable solutions with Prolog embedded.

The latest version is 4.8.0, featuring:


  • Based on a virtual machine (WAM), emulated by efficient C code
  • WAM code compiled just-in-time to native code for x86-based platforms
  • 303 MLips on a 3.60GHz Intel Core i7-4790. See Performance Summary.


  • International Standard ISO/IEC 13211-1 (PROLOG: Part 1—General Core), plus Technical Corrigendum 1, 2 & 3
  • Internet Protocol versions 4 (IPv4) and 6 (IPv6)
  • Unicode 5.0


  • Stand-alone, all-in-one-file, and embedded applications
  • Debuggable deployed applications
  • Multiple virtual machine instances in the same process


Interactive Development Environments

Program Development

Special Features

Library Modules

  • >1000 exported predicates
  • Common abstract data types
  • Operating system access
  • File system access
  • Processes
  • Sockets (IPv4 and IPv6)

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