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Our customers play a essential role in making SICStus Prolog better and more reliable. Therefore, if you have found a bug or another problem with SICStus Prolog, please let us know by filling in the form below.

When you encounter a problem, first make sure that it really is a bug and that it hasn't already been reported or fixed. Check the Don't Panic page and its list of known bugs.

Please fill in the form below as accurately as possible. Pay special attention to the instructions for reproducing the problem - we can do very little to help you if we cannot reproduce the problem.

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Short description of the problem:

Instructions for reproducing the problem:
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Expected result:
This is important! It is not always obvious what the correct behavior is.

Actual result:
What happened?

Any additional information relevant to the problem:
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Submit the report by pressing the submit button below.

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