Tips and Tricks

Tips on using SPIDER.

Code Structure

Useful Commands

The Indexer

The automatic source code indexer, will by default process all files in the project(s). This can lead to unneeded work and irrelevant warnings if there are files that should not be processed, e.g. data files or files written for other dialects of Prolog.

You can select a file, folder or Project in the Eclipse Project Explorer and select Properties from the context menu. There is a Prolog properties page with the following choices:

It is possible to put these properties in a file located with the affected files. This ensures the properties are set whenever a new project is created and allows version control etc. The details are currently not documented and may change without notice. The curious can deduce the file format from the .spider_data files present below the SICStus Prolog library folder.

There are also some Indexer-related preferences.

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