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SICStus is a state-of-the-art, ISO standard compliant, Prolog development system. See our article.

SICStus is built around a high performance Prolog engine that can use the full virtual memory space for 32 and 64 bit architectures alike. SICStus is efficient and robust for large amounts of data and large applications.

The complete User's Manual is available on-line in HTML and PDF. If desired, an "on demand" or ebook version, comprised of the core manual chapters, can be purchased from Amazon.

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CONSTRAINTS   Constraint Programming
SICStus provides constraint programming with several constraint solvers. This technology has been successfully used in commercial applications as well as in research projects. SICStus won medals in the 2009 and 2014 MiniZinc Challenges. A comparison.

JSP   Web Based Applications with SICStus and Java or .NET
SICStus provides support for developing web based applications. The PrologBeans module makes it easy to use SICStus Prolog from a Java or .NET based application server.

Latest Versions

SICStus: 4.5.0
SPIDER: 0.0.68

Supported Versions

SICStus 4.5.0
At least until January 23, 2020
SICStus 4.4.1
Until January 23, 2020


SICStus IDE 0.0.68 (SPIDER) released
February 19, 2019. Read More >>>.
SICStus 4.5.0 released
January 23, 2019. Read More >>>.
SICStus IDE 0.0.67 (SPIDER) released
December 11, 2018. Read More >>>.
SICStus 4.4.1 released
March 19, 2018. Read More >>>.
SICStus IDE 0.0.66 (SPIDER) released
March 5, 2018. Read More >>>.
SICStus 4.4.0 released
December 18, 2017. Read More >>>.
SICStus 4.3.5 released
December 8, 2016. Read More >>>.
SICStus IDE 0.0.62 (SPIDER) released
December 8, 2016. Read More >>>.
SICStus 4.3.3 released
June 8, 2016. Read More >>>.
SICStus IDE 0.0.56 (SPIDER) released
April 1, 2016. Read More >>>.
SICStus 4.3.2 released
May 19, 2015. Read More >>>.
SICStus 4.3.1 released
Dec 17, 2014. Read More >>>.
SICStus 4.3.0 released
May 13, 2014. Read More >>>.
SICStus 4.2.0 released
Mar 8, 2011. Read More >>>.
SICStus 4.1.0 and SPIDER released
Dec 11, 2009. Read More >>>.
SICStus 4.0.0 released
Mar 1, 2007. Read More >>>.

Customer References

A major application.

A fully voice-operated procedure browser in SICStus Prolog has been developed by the NASA Intelligent Systems Division. Read More >>>
SICStus Prolog has been used for dispensation order generation for Pyrosequencing's sequence analysis instruments. Read More >>>
A leading provider of real-time logistics solutions has developed a real-time optimization engine, using constraint programming with SICStus. Read More >>>

More customer references >>>

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