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Don't panic!

Don't panic!

Don't Panic! (older releases)

This page contains items from the main Don't Panic page that do not apply to the latest release of SICStus Prolog.

Known Bugs and Some Provisional Fixes SICStus 4.8.0

  • The Emacs support code does not work with Emacs 29 and later. This problem was fixed in 4.9.0.

    A workaround is to use the Emacs support code from SICStus 4.9.0 which will also work with earlier versions of SICStus.

Known Bugs and Some Provisional Fixes SICStus 4.7.1

  • Crashes on Windows 11 with 64-bit version of SICStus. This probably affects older versions of SICStus as well. This problem has been fixed in forthcoming 4.8.0.

    A workaround is to turn off the jit compiler, i.e. start SICStus with the system property SP_JIT set to disabled. One way to do this is:

     sicstus.exe -DSP_JIT=disabled
    You can also set the environment variable SP_JIT to disabled in the shell (or globally) before starting SICStus.

Known Bugs and Some Provisional Fixes SICStus 4.7.0

  • Installer complains about missing config.sub file (SICStus 4.7.0 on Linux and macOS, fixed in 4.7.1).

    When doing a full install, i.e. not the default "pre-built" install, the installer will fail with a message similar to

    $ sudo ./InstallSICStus
    Configuring system. This may take a few minutes...
    Configuration phase failed. Output:
    configure: error: cannot run /usr/bin/sh ./config.sub
    Installation aborted.
    A workaround is to download the missing file into the same folder as where InstallSICStus is located, e.g.
    $ curl --output config.sub
    You can then start the installer again (it will remember your previous answers to any questions).