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!, cut: ref-sem-ctr-cut
!/0 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-cut
!/0, cut: ref-sem-ctr-cut

# /2, boolean eor: CLPB Introduction
#/\ /2 (clpfd): Propositional Constraints
#< /2 (clpfd): Arithmetic Constraints
#<= /2 (clpfd): Propositional Constraints
#<=> /2 (clpfd): Reified Constraints
#<=> /2 (clpfd): Propositional Constraints
#= /2 (clpfd): Arithmetic Constraints
#=/2 (all_different/2 option): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
#=/2 (all_distinct/2 option): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
#=< /2 (clpfd): Arithmetic Constraints
#=> /2 (clpfd): Propositional Constraints
#> /2 (clpfd): Arithmetic Constraints
#>= /2 (clpfd): Arithmetic Constraints
#\ /1 (clpfd): Propositional Constraints
#\ /2 (clpfd): Propositional Constraints
#\/ /2 (clpfd): Propositional Constraints
#\= /2 (clpfd): Arithmetic Constraints

'$VAR': ref-iou-tou-dis
'SU_messages':generate_message/3: Message Handling Predicates
'SU_messages':query_abbreviation/3: Query Handling Predicates
'SU_messages':query_class/5: Query Handling Predicates
'SU_messages':query_input/3: Query Handling Predicates
'SU_messages':query_map/4: Query Handling Predicates

* /2, boolean and: CLPB Introduction
* /2, multiplication (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
** /2, float power (evaluable): ref-ari-aex

+ (CHR mode): CHR Constraint Declaration
+ /1, identity (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
+ /2, addition (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
+ /2, boolean ior: CLPB Introduction
+, mode annotation: mpg-ref-mod

, atom: ref-syn-trm-ato
,/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-and
,/2 (iterator): ref-sem-ctr-dol
,/2 (iterator): mpg-ref-do
,/2 (when/2 condition): mpg-ref-when
,/2, conjunction: ref-sem-ctr

- (CHR mode): CHR Constraint Declaration
- /1, negation (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
- /2, subtraction (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
-, mode annotation: mpg-ref-mod
-->, grammar rules: ref-gru-dcg
-/2 (debugger show control): Action Variables
-> /2 ;/2, if then else: ref-sem-ctr-ite
-> /2, if then: ref-sem-ctr-ite
-> ;, if-then-else: ref-sem-ctr-ite
->/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-if_then

. /2, identity (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
., functor: ref-syn-cpt-lis
.emacs Emacs initialization file: Quick-Start

/ /2, floating division (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
// /2, integer truncated division (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
/\ /2, bitwise conjunction (evaluable): ref-ari-aex

0’ notation for character conversion: ref-syn-trm-int

: /2, module qualifier: ref-sem-ctr-oth
:, use in meta_predicate declaration: ref-mod-met
:, use in Module:Goal: ref-mod-vis
:- /1, directive: Directives

;/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-or
;/2 (when/2 condition): mpg-ref-when
;/2, disjunction: ref-sem-ctr-dis

< /2, boolean less: CLPB Introduction
<, arithmetic less than: ref-ari-acm
<-/2 (objects): obj-exp-send
</2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-less_than
<< /2, left shift (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
<</2 (objects): obj-exp-put

=../2 (built-in): ref-lte-act
=../2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-univ
=/0 (map method): Default Map Methods
=/2 (built-in): ref-lte-met-usu
=/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-unify
=/2 (clpfd:dispatch_global/4 request): The Global Constraint Programming Interface
=:= /2, boolean equal: CLPB Introduction
=:=, arithmetic equal: ref-ari-acm
=:=/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-equal_to
=< /2, boolean less or equal: CLPB Introduction
=<, arithmetic less or equal: ref-ari-acm
=</2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-not_greater_than
==/2 (built-in): ref-lte-cte-sot
==/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-term_equal_to
=\= /2, boolean not equal: CLPB Introduction
=\=, arithmetic not equal: ref-ari-acm
=\=/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-not_equal_to

> /2, boolean greater: CLPB Introduction
>, arithmetic greater than: ref-ari-acm
>/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-greater_than
>= /2, boolean greater or equal: CLPB Introduction
>=, arithmetic greater or equal: ref-ari-acm
>=/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-not_less_than
>> /2, right shift (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
>>/2 (objects): obj-exp-get

? (CHR mode): CHR Constraint Declaration
?, mode annotation: mpg-ref-mod
?- /1, query: Queries
?=/2 (built-in): ref-lte-met-usu
?=/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-term_unify_decided
?=/2 (when/2 condition): mpg-ref-when

@</2 (built-in): ref-lte-cte-sot
@</2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-term_less_than
@=</2 (built-in): ref-lte-cte-sot
@=</2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-term_not_greater_than
@>/2 (built-in): ref-lte-cte-sot
@>/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-term_greater_than
@>=/2 (built-in): ref-lte-cte-sot
@>=/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-term_not_less_than

[], empty grammar body: ref-gru-dcg
[], empty list: ref-syn-cpt-lis
[]/0 (debugger condition): Other Tests

\ /1, bitwise negation (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
\ /2, bitwise exclusive or (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
\" (escape sequence): ref-syn-syn-esc
\' (escape sequence): ref-syn-syn-esc
\+ /1, not provable: ref-sem-ctr-naf
\+/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-not_provable
\/ /2, bitwise disjunction (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
\= /2 (built-in): ref-lte-met-usu
\=/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-not_unifiable
\==/2 (built-in): ref-lte-cte-sot
\==/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-term_not_equal_to
\a (escape sequence): ref-syn-syn-esc
\b (escape sequence): ref-syn-syn-esc
\d (escape sequence): ref-syn-syn-esc
\e (escape sequence): ref-syn-syn-esc
\f (escape sequence): ref-syn-syn-esc
\LFD (escape sequence): ref-syn-syn-esc
\n (escape sequence): ref-syn-syn-esc
\octal-digit…\ (escape sequence): ref-syn-syn-esc
\r (escape sequence): ref-syn-syn-esc
\t (escape sequence): ref-syn-syn-esc
\v (escape sequence): ref-syn-syn-esc
\xhex-digit…\ (escape sequence): ref-syn-syn-esc
\\ (escape sequence): ref-syn-syn-esc
\` (escape sequence): ref-syn-syn-esc

^ /2, boolean existential quantifier: CLPB Introduction
^ /2, existential quantifier: ref-sem-ctr-oth
^ /2, generic power (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
^/2 (built-in): ref-all-cse-equ
^/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-exists
^/2 (input method): Default Input Methods

_, anonymous variable: ref-syn-trm-var

{}/1 (clpqr): CLPQR Solver Predicates

|, list separator: ref-syn-cpt-lis

~ /1, boolean not: CLPB Introduction

abolish (definition): Glossary
abolish/[1,2] (built-in): ref-mdb-rcd
abolish/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-abolish
abort (CHR debug command): CHR Tracing
abort (debugger command): Debug Commands
abort/0 (built-in): ref-ere-int
abort/0 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-abort
abort/0 (debugger command control): Action Variables
abs /1, absolute value (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
absolute path: ref-fdi-syn
absolute path: ref-fdi-syn
absolute_file_name/[2,3] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
accept (top-level command): Queries
accepted_hosts/1 (start/1 option): PB Prolog Server Interface
access to streams, random: ref-iou-raf
access/1 (absolute_file_name/3 option): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
accumulating parameter: Accumulating Parameters
acos /1, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
acosh /1, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
acot /1, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
acot2 /2, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
acoth /1, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
action condition, breakpoint: Action Conditions
action execution, breakpoint: Breakpoint Actions
action variables, debugger: Breakpoint Actions
action variables, debugger: Action Variables
action, breakpoint: Creating Breakpoints
action, breakpoint: Breakpoint Actions
acyclic_term/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-acyclic_term
acyclic_term/2 (built-in): ref-lte-act
address, socket: lib-sockets
add_breakpoint/2 (built-in): Breakpoint Predicates
add_breakpoint/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-add_breakpoint
add_edges/3 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
add_edges/3 (wgraphs): lib-wgraphs
add_element/3 (sets): lib-sets
add_vertices/3 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
add_vertices/3 (wgraphs): lib-wgraphs
advice breakpoint: Advanced Debugging
advice breakpoint: Advice-points
advice-point (definition): Glossary
advice/0 (debugger condition): Advice-points
advice/0 (debugger condition): Other Tests
agc_count (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
agc_freed (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
agc_margin (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
agc_margin (prolog flag): ref-mgc-ago-agc
agc_margin (prolog flag): Atoms in C
agc_nbfreed (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
agc_time (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
aggregate/3 (aggregate): lib-aggregate
aggregate/4 (aggregate): lib-aggregate
aggregate_all/3 (aggregate): lib-aggregate
aggregate_all/4 (aggregate): lib-aggregate
aggregation: lib-aggregate
alias, of a stream: ref-iou-sfh-sob
alias, stream (definition): Glossary
alias, stream (definition): Glossary
alias/1 (open/4 option): ref-iou-sfh-sob
alias/1 (open/4 option): mpg-ref-open
alias/1 (stream property): mpg-ref-stream_property
all (absolute_file_name/3 solutions): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
all (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
all (maximize/3 option): Enumeration Predicates
all (minimize/3 option): Enumeration Predicates
all solutions, predicates for: ref-all-sum
all solutions, predicates for: mpg-top-all
all/1 (plunit option): PlUnit A Unit Test Box
all_different/[1,2] (clpfd): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
all_distinct/[1,2] (clpfd): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
alphanumeric (definition): Glossary
among/3 (lex_chain/2 option): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
among/3 (scalar_product/5 option): Arithmetic Constraints
analysis, coverage: Coverage Analysis
ancestor goal: Debug Format
ancestor/2 (debugger condition): Accessing Past Debugger States
ancestor/2 (debugger condition): Goal Tests
ancestors (CHR debug command): CHR Tracing
ancestors (debugger command): Debug Commands
ancestors (definition): Glossary
and: ref-sem-ctr
annotate goal (debugger command): FDBG Debugger Commands
annotation: FDBG Names of Terms
anonymous variable: ref-syn-trm-var
anonymous variable (definition): Glossary
ANSI conformance: Function Prototypes
anti_first_fail (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
any (absolute_file_name/3 file type): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
anystretchocc/1 (automaton/9 option): Automata Constraints
API: Mixing C and Prolog
append (absolute_file_name/3 access): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
append (open/[3,4] mode): mpg-ref-open
append, avoiding: Accumulating Lists
append/3 (built-in): ref-lte-acl
append/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-append
append/[2,5] (lists): lib-lists
appending, to existing files: ref-iou-sfh-opn
append_length/[3,4] (lists): lib-lists
append_queue/3 (queues): lib-queues
application builder: The Application Builder
apply (CHR port): CHR Ports
arg/3 (built-in): ref-lte-act
arg/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-arg
argument (definition): Glossary
argument (definition): ref-syn-cpt
arguments of terms: ref-lte-act
arguments, command-line: Start
arguments, reference page field: mpg-ref-ove
arguments, types of: mpg-ref
arguments, types of: mpg-ref-aty
argv (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
argv (prolog flag): Initializing the Prolog Engine
argv (prolog flag): too-sicstus
arithmetic and character codes: ref-ari-aex
arithmetic equality: ref-ari-acm
arithmetic errors: ref-ari-exc
arithmetic exceptions: ref-ari-exc
arithmetic expression: ref-ari-aex
arithmetic expressions, evaluating: ref-ari-eae
arithmetic functors: ref-ari-aex
arithmetic limits: ref-ari-ove
arithmetic, predicates for: ref-ari-sum
arithmetic, predicates for: mpg-top-ari
arithmetic_mean/2 (statistics): lib-statistics
arity (argument type): mpg-ref-aty-ety
arity (definition): Glossary
arity, of a functor: ref-syn-cpt
asin /1, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
asinh /1, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
ask/0 (debugger command control): Action Variables
ask_query/4 (built-in): Query Handling Predicates
ask_query/4 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-ask_query
ASPX: PB Features
assert/[1,2] (built-in): ref-mdb-acd
assert/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-assert
asserta/[1,2] (built-in): ref-mdb-acd
asserta/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-asserta
assertion and retraction predicates: ref-mdb-bas
assertz/[1,2] (built-in): ref-mdb-acd
assertz/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-assertz
assignment, destructive: ref-lte-mut
assignment/[2,3] (clpfd): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
association list: lib-assoc
association list: lib-avl
associativity of operators: ref-syn-ops-ove
assoc_to_list/2 (assoc): lib-assoc
assumptions/1 (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
asynchronously, calling Prolog: Calling Prolog Asynchronously
atan /1, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
atan2 /2, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
atanh /1, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
atom (definition): Glossary
atom (double_quotes flag value): ref-lps-flg
atom garbage collection: ref-mgc-ago
atom, one-char (definition): Glossary
atom/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-atom
atomic term (definition): Glossary
atomic/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-atomic
atomic_type/[1,2,3] (structs): str-etr
atoms: ref-syn-trm-ato
atoms (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
atoms, canonical representation of: Atoms in C
atoms_nbfree (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
atoms_nbused (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
atoms_used (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
atom_chars/2 (built-in): ref-lte-c2t
atom_chars/2 (built-in): ref-lte-c2t
atom_chars/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-atom_chars
atom_codes/2 (built-in): ref-lte-c2t
atom_codes/2 (built-in): ref-lte-c2t
atom_codes/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-atom_codes
atom_concat/3 (built-in): ref-lte-atm
atom_concat/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-atom_concat
atom_garbage_collection (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
atom_length/2 (built-in): ref-lte-atm
atom_length/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-atom_length
attribute declaration: lib-atts
attribute/1 (declaration): lib-atts
attributed variables: lib-atts
attribute_goal/2 (Module): lib-atts
at_end_of_line/[0,1] (built-in): ref-iou-cin-elf
at_end_of_line/[0,1] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-at_end_of_line
at_end_of_stream/[0,1] (built-in): ref-iou-cin-elf
at_end_of_stream/[0,1] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-at_end_of_stream
auto-generation of names: FDBG Name Auto-Generation
automaton/[3,8,9] (clpfd): Automata Constraints
aux (table/3 method/1 value): Extensional Constraints
avl_change/5 (avl): lib-avl
avl_delete/4 (avl): lib-avl
avl_del_max/4 (avl): lib-avl
avl_del_min/4 (avl): lib-avl
avl_domain/2 (avl): lib-avl
avl_fetch/2 (avl): lib-avl
avl_fetch/3 (avl): lib-avl
avl_height/2 (avl): lib-avl
avl_incr/4 (avl): lib-avl
avl_map/2 (avl): lib-avl
avl_map/3 (avl): lib-avl
avl_max/2 (avl): lib-avl
avl_max/3 (avl): lib-avl
avl_member/2 (avl): lib-avl
avl_member/3 (avl): lib-avl
avl_min/2 (avl): lib-avl
avl_min/3 (avl): lib-avl
avl_next/3 (avl): lib-avl
avl_next/4 (avl): lib-avl
avl_prev/3 (avl): lib-avl
avl_prev/4 (avl): lib-avl
avl_range/2 (avl): lib-avl
avl_size/2 (avl): lib-avl
avl_store/4 (avl): lib-avl
avl_to_list/2 (avl): lib-avl
avoiding append: Accumulating Lists

bab (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
backtrace: Debug Commands
backtrace: Accessing Past Debugger States
backtrace (debugger command): Debug Commands
backtrace (definition): Glossary
backtracking: ref-sem-sec
backtracking: ref-sem-sec
backtracking (definition): Glossary
backtracking, terminating a loop: Terminating a Backtracking Loop
backtracks (fd_statistics/2 option): Statistics Predicates
backtracks (zinc option value): FlatZinc Exported Predicates
backtracks (zinc option value): MiniZinc Exported Predicates
backward-paragraph (emacs command): Usage
bag: lib-bags
bagof/3 (built-in): ref-all-cba
bagof/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-bagof
bagof_rd_noblock/3 (linda_client): lib-linda-client
bag_add_element/4 (bags): lib-bags
bag_del_element/4 (bags): lib-bags
bag_intersect/2 (bags): lib-bags
bag_intersection/2 (bags): lib-bags
bag_intersection/2 (bags): lib-bags
bag_max/2 (bags): lib-bags
bag_max/3 (bags): lib-bags
bag_min/2 (bags): lib-bags
bag_min/2 (bags): lib-bags
bag_subtract/3 (bags): lib-bags
bag_to_list/2 (bags): lib-bags
bag_to_ord_set/2 (bags): lib-bags
bag_to_ord_set/3 (bags): lib-bags
bag_to_set/2 (bags): lib-bags
bag_to_set/3 (bags): lib-bags
bag_union/2 (bags): lib-bags
bag_union/3 (bags): lib-bags
bbkey (argument type): mpg-ref-aty-ety
bb_delete/2 (built-in): ref-mdb-bbd
bb_delete/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-bb_delete
bb_get/2 (built-in): ref-mdb-bbd
bb_get/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-bb_get
bb_inf/[3,5] (clpqr): CLPQR Solver Predicates
bb_inf/[3,5] (clpqr): CLPQR Solver Predicates
bb_put/2 (built-in): ref-mdb-bbd
bb_put/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-bb_put
bb_update/3 (built-in): ref-mdb-bbd
bb_update/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-bb_update
begin_tests/[1,2] (plunit declaration): PlUnit A Unit Test Box
best (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
best (maximize/3 option): Enumeration Predicates
best (minimize/3 option): Enumeration Predicates
between/3 (between): lib-between
bid/1 (debugger condition): Built-in Predicates for Breakpoint Handling
bid/1 (debugger condition): Port Tests
binary tree: lib-assoc
binary tree: lib-avl
binding (definition): Glossary
bisect (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
blackboard: ref-mdb-bbd
block (predicate property): mpg-ref-predicate_property
block declaration: Block Declarations
block/0 (debugger port value): Port Tests
block/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-block
block/1 (declaration): Block Declarations
block/1 (predicate property): ref-lps-app
blocked goal: Debug Format
blocked goal (definition): Glossary
blocked goals (debugger command): Debug Commands
blocked goals (debugger command): FDBG Debugger Commands
blocked/1 (plunit option): PlUnit A Unit Test Box
body (definition): Glossary
body of a clause: ref-sem-pro
bof (seek/4 method): mpg-ref-seek
bool_and/2 (clpfd): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
bool_channel/4 (clpfd): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
bool_or/2 (clpfd): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
bool_xor/2 (clpfd): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
bound/1 (cumulatives/3 option): Scheduling Constraints
bounded (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
bounding_box/2 (geost/[2,3,4] option): Placement Constraints
bounds (all_different/2 consistency/1 value): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
bounds (all_distinct/2 consistency/1 value): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
bounds (global_cardinality/3 consistency/1 value): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
bounds (scalar_product/5 consistency/1 value): Arithmetic Constraints
bounds-consistent: Definitions
bounds-disentailed: Definitions
bounds-entailed: Definitions
box, invocation: Procedure Box
box, invocation (definition): Glossary
box, procedure: Procedure Box
box, procedure (definition): Glossary
break: Nested
break (CHR debug command): CHR Tracing
break (debugger command): Debug Commands
break (top-level command): Queries
break/0 (built-in): Nested
break/0 (built-in): ref-lod-rpx
break/0 (built-in): ref-ere-int
break/0 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-break
breakpoint (definition): Glossary
breakpoint action: Creating Breakpoints
breakpoint action: Breakpoint Actions
breakpoint action condition: Action Conditions
breakpoint action execution: Breakpoint Actions
breakpoint condition: Creating Breakpoints
breakpoint conditions: Breakpoint Conditions
breakpoint handling predicates: Breakpoint Predicates
breakpoint identifier: Creating Breakpoints
breakpoint processing: Breakpoint Processing
breakpoint spec: Creating Breakpoints
breakpoint spec (definition): Glossary
breakpoint test: Creating Breakpoints
breakpoint test condition: Goal Tests
breakpoint, advice: Advanced Debugging
breakpoint, advice: Advice-points
breakpoint, debugger: Advanced Debugging
breakpoint, generic: Specific and Generic Breakpoints
breakpoint, line: Usage
breakpoint, setting: Usage
breakpoint, specific: Specific and Generic Breakpoints
breakpoint_expansion/2 (hook, ref page): mpg-ref-breakpoint_expansion
breakpoint_expansion/2 (user, hook): Hooks Related to Breakpoints
breakpoint_expansion/2 (user, hook): Condition Macros
break_level/1 (debugger condition): Break Tests
break_level/1 (debugger condition): Past States
buffer (definition): Glossary
builder, application: The Application Builder
built-in operators: ref-syn-ops-ove
built-in operators, list of: ref-syn-ops-bop
built-in predicate (definition): Glossary
built-in predicates, annotations: mpg-ref-cat
built-in predicates, list of: mpg-top
built_in (predicate property): mpg-ref-predicate_property
built_in/0 (predicate property): ref-lps-app
Button (Tk event type): Event Handling
button (Tk widget): Types of Widget
ButtonPress (Tk event type): Event Handling
ButtonRelease (Tk event type): Event Handling
byte (argument type): mpg-ref-aty-ety
byte-list (definition): Glossary
byte_count/2 (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-opn
byte_count/2 (built-in): ref-iou-sos
byte_count/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-byte_count

C errors, functions for: cpg-top-err
C functions for Exceptions: cpg-top-exc
C functions for File and Stream Handling: cpg-top-fst
C functions for Foreign Interface: cpg-top-fin
C functions for I/O: cpg-top-cio
C functions for initialization: cpg-top-main
C functions for memory management: cpg-top-mem
C functions for signal handling: cpg-top-sig
C functions for terms: cpg-top-tic
C functions for type tests: cpg-top-typ
C functions, return values, errors: cpg-rve
cache_size/1 (db_open/5 option): The Predicates
call (CHR port): CHR Ports
call (leashing mode): Basic Debug
call errors: ref-sem-exc
call exceptions: ref-sem-exc
call, procedure: ref-sem-pro
call, procedure: ref-sem-sec
call/0 (debugger port value): Port Tests
call/1 (clpfd:dispatch_global/4 request): The Global Constraint Programming Interface
call/[1,2,...,255] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-call
callable term (definition): Glossary
callable/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-callable
calling Prolog asynchronously: Calling Prolog Asynchronously
calling Prolog from C: Calling Prolog from C
CallSpec: Terminology
call_cleanup/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-call_cleanup
call_residue_vars/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-call_residue_vars
canonical representation of atoms: Atoms in C
canvas (Tk widget): Types of Widget
card/2, boolean cardinality: CLPB Introduction
case-normalized path: ref-fdi-syn
case/[3,4] (clpfd): Extensional Constraints
cast/1 (structs): str-cas
Casting: str-cas
catch/3 (built-in): ref-ere-hex-pgo
catch/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-catch
catching unknown procedures: ref-mdb-dsp
ceiling /1, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
central_moment/3 (statistics): lib-statistics
changing prompt: ref-iou-tin-cpr
changing type-in module: ref-mod-tyi
char (argument type): mpg-ref-aty-ety
char/1 (map method): Default Map Methods
character code (definition): Glossary
character code set (definition): Glossary
character codes, arithmetic and: ref-ari-aex
character codes, lists of: ref-syn-cpt-sli
character encoding: ref-iou-sfh-enc
character escaping: ref-syn-ces
character I/O, predicates for: ref-iou-sum
character I/O, predicates for: mpg-top-cio
character set: ref-syn-syn-tok
character set: ref-iou-sfh-enc
character, EOF: Keyboard Characters
character, interrupt: Keyboard Characters
character-conversion: mpg-ref-char_conversion
character-conversion: mpg-ref-current_char_conversion
character-conversion mapping (definition): Glossary
character-type mapping (definition): Glossary
characters, conversion to character code: ref-syn-trm-int
characters, conversion to integers: ref-ari-aex
characters, input and output of: ref-iou-cin
characters, strings of: ref-syn-cpt-sli
character_count/2 (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-opn
character_count/2 (built-in): ref-iou-sos
character_count/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-character_count
chars (argument type): mpg-ref-aty-ety
chars (double_quotes flag value): ref-lps-flg
char_code/2 (built-in): ref-lte-c2t
char_code/2 (built-in): ref-lte-c2t
char_code/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-char_code
char_conversion (prolog flag): Glossary
char_conversion (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
char_conversion/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-char_conversion
checkbag/2 (bags): lib-bags
checkbutton (Tk widget): Types of Widget
checker, constraint: Automata Constraints
checking indexicals: Indexicals
check_guard_bindings (CHR option): CHR Semantics
choice (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
choice stack: ref-mgc-ove
choicepoints (definition): Glossary
CHOICESTKSIZE (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
choice_free (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
choice_used (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
chr_constraint/1 (CHR declaration): CHR Constraint Declaration
chr_flag/3 (chr): CHR Debugging Predicates
chr_leash/1 (chr): CHR Debugging Predicates
chr_notrace/0 (chr): CHR Debugging Predicates
chr_option/2 (CHR declaration): CHR Semantics
chr_show_store/1 (chr): CHR Debugging Predicates
chr_trace/0 (chr): CHR Debugging Predicates
chr_type/1 (CHR declaration): CHR Constraint Declaration
circuit/1 (assignment/3 option): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
circuit/[1,2] (clpfd): Graph Constraints
clash, name: ref-mod-ncl
clash, name (definition): Glossary
class/1 (objects): obj-exp-class
classes, error: ref-ere-err
Classname, Fully Qualified: Jasper Library Predicates
class_ancestor/2 (objects): obj-exp-class_ancestor
class_method/1 (objects): obj-exp-class_method
class_of/2 (objects): obj-exp-class_of
class_superclass/2 (objects): obj-exp-class_superclass
clause: ref-sem-pro
clause (definition): Glossary
clause, guarded: Conditionals and Disjunction
clause, guarded (definition): Glossary
clause, instance of: ref-sem-sec
clause, unit: ref-sem-pro
clause, unit (definition): Glossary
clause/[2,3] (built-in): ref-mdb-acl
clause/[2,3] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-clause
clauseref/5 (source information descriptor): mpg-ref-goal_source_info
clauses, database references to: ref-mdb-dre
clauses, declarative interpretation of: ref-sem-sec
clauses, printing: ref-iou-tou-pcl
clauses, procedural interpretation of: ref-sem-sec
cleanup/1 (plunit option): PlUnit A Unit Test Box
close (Tcl command): Commands
close on SPQuery: Jasper Package Class Reference
close/1 (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-cst
close/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-close
close_all_streams/0 (file_systems): lib-file_systems
close_client/0 (linda_client): lib-linda-client
closing a file: ref-iou-sfh-cst
closing a stream: ref-iou-sfh-cst
clpfd:dispatch_global/4: The Global Constraint Programming Interface
clpfd:full_answer/0: Answer Constraints
CLSID: Terminology
clumped/2 (lists): lib-lists
clumps/2 (lists): lib-lists
code (argument type): mpg-ref-aty-ety
code, character (definition): Glossary
code, glue (definition): Glossary
code, source (definition): Glossary
code, unreachable: Xref Introduction
code-list (definition): Glossary
codes (argument type): mpg-ref-aty-ety
codes (double_quotes flag value): ref-lps-flg
collection, garbage: ref-lps-flg
collection, garbage (definition): Glossary
colored resource: Scheduling Constraints
colored/1 (multi_cumulative/[2,3] resource): Scheduling Constraints
comclient_clsid_from_progid/2 (comclient): COM Client Predicates
comclient_create_instance/2 (comclient): COM Client Predicates
comclient_equal/2 (comclient): COM Client Predicates
comclient_exception_code/2 (comclient): COM Client Predicates
comclient_exception_culprit/2 (comclient): COM Client Predicates
comclient_exception_description/2 (comclient): COM Client Predicates
comclient_garbage_collect/0 (comclient): COM Client Predicates
comclient_get_active_object/2 (comclient): COM Client Predicates
comclient_iid_from_name/2 (comclient): COM Client Predicates
comclient_invoke_method_fun/3 (comclient): COM Client Predicates
comclient_invoke_method_proc/2 (comclient): COM Client Predicates
comclient_invoke_put/3 (comclient): COM Client Predicates
comclient_is_exception/1 (comclient): COM Client Predicates
comclient_is_object/1 (comclient): COM Client Predicates
comclient_name_from_iid/2 (comclient): COM Client Predicates
comclient_progid_from_clsid/2 (comclient): COM Client Predicates
comclient_release/1 (comclient): COM Client Predicates
comclient_valid_object/1 (comclient): COM Client Predicates
ComInArg: Terminology
ComInArg: Terminology
comint-interrupt-subjob (emacs command): Usage
comint-quit-subjob (emacs command): Usage
command (debugger command): Debug Commands
command-line arguments: Start
command/1 (debugger condition): Breakpoint Actions
command/1 (debugger condition): Port Tests
command/1 (debugger condition): Action Conditions
commands, debug: Debug Commands
comment-dwim (emacs command): Usage
communication, process: lib-linda
communication, process: lib-sockets
compactcode (compiling flag value): ref-lod-ove
compactcode (compiling flag value): ref-lps-flg
compactcode (definition): Glossary
compare/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-compare
comparison of terms: ref-lte-cte
comparison, of numbers: ref-ari-acm
compilation, JIT: ref-lod-ove
compilation, JIT: System Properties and Environment Variables
compilation_mode/1 (load_files/2 option): mpg-ref-load_files
compile (definition): Glossary
compile-buffer (emacs command): Usage
compile-file (emacs command): Usage
compile-predicate (emacs command): Usage
compile-region (emacs command): Usage
compile/1 (built-in): ref-mod-lod
compile/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-compile
compiled (predicate property): mpg-ref-predicate_property
compiled/0 (predicate property): ref-lps-app
compiling: Run Intro
compiling (prolog flag): Glossary
compiling (prolog flag): ref-lod-ove
compiling (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
complement/2 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
compose/3 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
compound term (definition): Glossary
compound, terms: ref-syn-cpt
compound/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-compound
computation rule: ref-sem-sec
ComValue: Terminology
concat (Tcl command): Commands
concepts, FDBG: FDBG Concepts
condition, breakpoint: Creating Breakpoints
condition/1 (plunit option): PlUnit A Unit Test Box
conditional compilation: ref-lod-cnd
conditional compilation (definition): Glossary
conditional spypoint: Creating Breakpoints
conditionals: Conditionals and Disjunction
conditions, breakpoint: Breakpoint Conditions
conformance, ANSI: Function Prototypes
conjunction: ref-sem-ctr
conjunction (definition): Glossary
connection_timeout/1 (odbc_db_open/4 option): ODBC Predicates
cons/3 (lists): lib-lists
consistency errors: ref-ere-err-cns
consistency/1 (all_different/2 option): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
consistency/1 (all_distinct/2 option): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
consistency/1 (assignment/3 option): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
consistency/1 (global_cardinality/3 option): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
consistency/1 (scalar_product/5 option): Arithmetic Constraints
consistency/1 (table/3 option): Extensional Constraints
consistency_error/[3,4] (error class): ref-ere-err
consistent store: CLPFD Interface
console-based executable (definition): Glossary
constant: ref-syn-trm-ove
constant (definition): Glossary
constraint: CLPFD Interface
constraint checker: Automata Constraints
constraint event: FDBG Events
constraint, global: The Global Constraint Programming Interface
constraints (fd_statistics/2 option): Statistics Predicates
constraints (zinc option value): MiniZinc Exported Predicates
constraints (zinc option): FlatZinc Exported Predicates
constraints, posting: Posting Constraints
consult (definition): Glossary
consult-buffer (emacs command): Usage
consult-file (emacs command): Usage
consult-predicate (emacs command): Usage
consult-region (emacs command): Usage
consult/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-consult
consulting: Run Intro
consulting: Reading In
consume_layout/1 (read_term/[2,3] option): mpg-ref-read_term
contains_term/2 (terms): lib-terms
contains_var/2 (terms): lib-terms
context errors: ref-ere-err-con
context, load: ref-lps-lco
context-free grammars: ref-gru-dcg
context_error/[2,3] (error class): ref-ere-err
contradictory store: CLPFD Interface
control constructs in grammar rules: ref-gru-dcg
control structure: ref-sem-ctr
control structure (definition): Glossary
control, predicates for: ref-sem-con
control, predicates for: mpg-top-con
conversions, term: Support Functions
converting into module-files: ref-mod-n2m
convlist/3 (lists): lib-lists
copy_term/[2,3] (built-in): ref-lte-cpt
copy_term/[2,3] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-copy_term
core (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
corners/1 (geost/[2,3,4] option): Placement Constraints
correlation/3 (statistics): lib-statistics
correspond/4 (lists): lib-lists
cos /1, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
cosh /1, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
cost/2 (assignment/3 option): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
cost/2 (global_cardinality/3 option): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
cot /1, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
coth /1, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
count /3, (iterator): ref-sem-ctr-dol
count/3 (iterator): mpg-ref-do
count/4 (clpfd): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
counter: Execution Profiling
counterseq/1 (automaton/9 option): Automata Constraints
covariance/3 (statistics): lib-statistics
coverage analysis: Coverage Analysis
coverage site: Coverage Analysis
coverage_data/1 (built-in): Coverage Analysis
coverage_data/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-coverage_data
create/2 (objects): obj-exp-create
create_mutable/2 (built-in): ref-lte-mut
create_mutable/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-create_mutable
creating new files: ref-iou-sfh-opn
creep (CHR debug command): CHR Tracing
creep (debugger command): Debug Commands
creep (definition): Glossary
cross-referencer: Xref Introduction
cumlist/[4,5,6] (lists): lib-lists
cumulative resource: Scheduling Constraints
cumulative/1 (geost/[2,3,4] option): Placement Constraints
cumulative/1 (multi_cumulative/[2,3] resource): Scheduling Constraints
cumulative/[1,2] (clpfd): Scheduling Constraints
cumulatives/[2,3] (clpfd): Scheduling Constraints
current (seek/4 method): mpg-ref-seek
current frame: Debug Format
current frame: Debug Commands
current input: ref-iou-str
current input stream: ref-iou-sfh-sob
current input streams: ref-iou-sfh-opn
current input streams: ref-iou-sfh-cis
current input streams: ref-iou-sfh-cos
current operators: ref-syn-ops-ops
current output: ref-iou-str
current output stream: ref-iou-sfh-sob
current output streams: ref-iou-sfh-opn
current output streams: ref-iou-sfh-cis
current output streams: ref-iou-sfh-cos
current stream: ref-iou-sfh-bos
currently loaded modules: ref-mod-mpc-cmo
currently loaded modules: ref-mod-ilm
current_atom/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-current_atom
current_breakpoint/5 (built-in): Built-in Predicates for Breakpoint Handling
current_breakpoint/5 (built-in): Breakpoint Predicates
current_breakpoint/5 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-current_breakpoint
current_char_conversion/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-current_char_conversion
current_class/1 (objects): obj-exp-current_class
current_directory/[1,2] (file_systems): lib-file_systems
current_host/1 (sockets): lib-sockets
current_input/1 (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-cis
current_input/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-current_input
current_key/2 (built-in): ref-mdb-idb
current_key/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-current_key
current_module/[1,2] (built-in): ref-mod-ilm
current_module/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-current_module
current_op/3 (built-in): ref-syn-ops-ops
current_op/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-current_op
current_output/1 (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-cos
current_output/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-current_output
current_predicate/2 (built-in): ref-mod-ilm-def
current_predicate/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-current_predicate
current_prolog_flag/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-current_prolog_flag
current_stream/3 (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-bos
current_stream/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-current_stream
cursor (definition): Glossary
customize-group (emacs command): Customizing Emacs
customize-variable (emacs command): Customizing Emacs
cut: Cut Overview
cut (definition): Glossary
cut and generate-and-test: Terminating a Backtracking Loop
cut on SPQuery: Jasper Package Class Reference
cut, green: ref-sem-ctr-cut
cut, local: ref-sem-ctr-ite
cut, placement of: Placement of Cuts
cut, red: ref-sem-ctr-cut
cut, soft: ref-sem-ctr-ite
cycles/1 (read_term/[2,3] option): mpg-ref-read_term
cycles/1 (write_term/[2,3] option): mpg-ref-write_term
cyclic list: Glossary
cyclic term: mpg-ref-read_term
cyclic term: mpg-ref-write_term
cyclic terms: ref-sem-occ
cyclic_term/1 (terms): lib-terms

data areas, used by Prolog: ref-mgc
data resource: too-spld
data tables: Data Tables
data type: ref-syn-trm-ove
data types, foreign: lib-structs
database: ref-sls
database: BDB Basics
database (definition): Glossary
database modification: ref-mdb
database reference: ref-mdb-dre
database references to clauses: ref-mdb-dre
database, internal: ref-mdb-idb
database, loading: ref-sls-ove
database, predicates for: ref-mdb-sum
database, predicates for: mpg-top-dat
database, saving: ref-sls-ove
data_file/1 (zinc option): MiniZinc Exported Predicates
datime/[1,2] (system): lib-system
db-spec: The DB-Spec Informal Description
db_close/1 (bdb): The Predicates
db_close_env/1 (bdb): The Predicates
db_compress/[2,3] (bdb): The Predicates
db_current/5 (bdb): The Predicates
db_current_env/2 (bdb): The Predicates
db_current_iterator/3 (bdb): The Predicates
db_enumerate/3 (bdb): The Predicates
db_erase/[2,3] (bdb): The Predicates
db_export/[2,3] (bdb): The Predicates
db_fetch/3 (bdb): The Predicates
db_findall/3 (bdb): The Predicates
db_import/[2,3] (bdb): The Predicates
db_iterator_done/1 (bdb): The Predicates
db_iterator_next/3 (bdb): The Predicates
db_make_iterator/[2,3] (bdb): The Predicates
db_open/[4,5] (bdb): The Predicates
db_open_env/[2,3] (bdb): The Predicates
db_reference (definition): Glossary
db_reference/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-db_reference
db_store/3 (bdb): The Predicates
db_sync/1 (bdb): The Predicates
DCG: ref-gru-dcg
dcg, grammar rule expansion: mpg-ref-term_expansion
dcgc_count (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
dcgc_time (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
debug (CHR option): CHR Semantics
debug (debugging flag value): ref-lps-flg
debug (debugging flag value): mpg-ref-debugging
debug (definition): Glossary
debug (FD flag): The Global Constraint Programming Interface
debug (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
debug (prolog flag): Runtime Systems
debug commands: Debug Commands
debug/0 (built-in): Basic Debug
debug/0 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-debug
debug/0 (debugger mode control): Action Variables
debugcode (compiling flag value): ref-lod-ove
debugcode (compiling flag value): ref-lps-flg
debugcode (definition): Glossary
debugger action variables: Breakpoint Actions
debugger action variables: Action Variables
debugger breakpoint: Advanced Debugging
debugger port: Port Tests
debugger, port: Procedure Box
debugger-ancestor: Goal Tests
debugger-parent: Goal Tests
debugger/0 (debugger condition): Advice-points
debugger/0 (debugger condition): Other Tests
debugger/0 (map method): Default Map Methods
debugger_command_hook/2 (hook, ref page): mpg-ref-debugger_command_hook
debugger_command_hook/2 (user, hook): Hooks Related to Breakpoints
debugger_command_hook/2 (user, hook): Breakpoint Predicates
debugger_print_options (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
debugger_print_options (prolog flag): Debug Intro
debugger_print_options (prolog flag): Debug Commands
debugger_print_options (prolog flag): Breakpoint Actions
debugger_print_options (prolog flag): Action Variables
debugger_print_options (prolog flag): Runtime Systems
debugger_print_options (prolog flag): mpg-ref-portray
debugger_print_options (prolog flag): mpg-ref-write_term
debugging: Debug Intro
debugging (debugger command): Debug Commands
debugging (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
debugging (prolog flag): Runtime Systems
debugging messages: Debug Format
debugging modules: ref-mod-cim
debugging predicates: Basic Debug
debugging, predicates for: Debug Summary
debugging, predicates for: mpg-top-deb
debugging/0 (built-in): Undefined Predicates
debugging/0 (built-in): Basic Debug
debugging/0 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-debugging
debug_message/0 (objects): obj-exp-debug_message
dec10 (syntax_errors flag value): ref-lps-flg
dec10 (syntax_errors flag value): ref-ere-err-syn
declaration (definition): Glossary
declaration (predicate annotation): mpg-ref-cat
declaration, attribute: lib-atts
declaration, block: Block Declarations
declaration, discontiguous: Discontiguous Declarations
declaration, dynamic: Dynamic Declarations
declaration, include: Include Declarations
declaration, meta-predicate: Meta-Predicate Declarations
declaration, meta_predicate: ref-mod-met
declaration, mode: Mode Declarations
declaration, module: Module Declarations
declaration, module: ref-mod-lod
declaration, multifile: Multifile Declarations
declaration, operator: ref-lod-dcl
declaration, predicate: ref-lod-dcl
declaration, public: Public Declarations
declaration, volatile: Volatile Declarations
declarations, mode: ref-mod-met
declarative semantics: ref-sem-sec
declaring nondeterminacy: Declaring Nondeterminacy
declaring operators: ref-syn-ops-ops
decomposition/1 (disjoint1/2 option): Placement Constraints
decomposition/1 (disjoint2/2 option): Placement Constraints
decreasing_prefix/[3,4] (lists): lib-lists
default (open/4 if_exists value): mpg-ref-open
define_method/3 (objects): obj-exp-define_method
definite clause grammars: ref-gru-dcg
definition, procedure: ref-sem-sec
defragmentation (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
defrag_count (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
defrag_time (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
deinit function: Conversion Declarations
deinit function (definition): Glossary
delete (delete_directory/2 if_nonempty option value): lib-file_systems
delete/[3,4] (lists): lib-lists
delete_directory/[1,2] (file_systems): lib-file_systems
delete_file/1 (file_systems): lib-file_systems
del_edges/3 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
del_edges/3 (wgraphs): lib-wgraphs
del_element/3 (sets): lib-sets
del_vertices/3 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
del_vertices/3 (wgraphs): lib-wgraphs
deprecated (predicate annotation): mpg-ref-cat
depth/1 (debugger condition): Breakpoint Tests
depth/1 (debugger condition): Goal Tests
depth_bound/2 (terms): lib-terms
descendant_of/2 (objects): obj-exp-descendant_of
destroy/1 (objects): obj-exp-destroy
destructive assignment: ref-lte-mut
determinacy checker: The Determinacy Checker
determinacy detection, last clause: Last Clause Determinacy Detection
determinacy detection, via indexing: Determinacy Detection
determinate (definition): Glossary
development (predicate annotation): mpg-ref-cat
development system: Development and Runtime Systems
development system (definition): Glossary
dialect (prolog flag): ref-lod-cnd
dialect (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
dif/2 (built-in): ref-lte-met-usu
dif/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-dif
direction/1 (close/2 option): mpg-ref-close
directive: Start
directive: Queries and Directives
directive: ref-sem-pro
directive: ref-sem-pro
directive (definition): Glossary
directives, in files being compiled: ref-lod-lod
directories: lib-file_systems
directory (absolute_file_name/3 file type): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
directory (load context key): ref-lps-lco
directory specification: ref-fdi-fsp
directory_exists/1 (file_systems): lib-file_systems
directory_exists/2 (file_systems): lib-file_systems
directory_members_of_directory/[1,2,3] (file_systems): lib-file_systems
directory_member_of_directory/2 (file_systems): lib-file_systems
directory_member_of_directory/3 (file_systems): lib-file_systems
directory_member_of_directory/4 (file_systems): lib-file_systems
directory_must_exist/1 (file_systems): lib-file_systems
directory_must_exist/2 (file_systems): lib-file_systems
directory_property/[2,3] (file_systems): lib-file_systems
direct_message/4 (objects): obj-exp-direct_message
disable this (debugger command): Debug Commands
disable_breakpoints/1 (built-in): Breakpoint Predicates
disable_breakpoints/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-disable_breakpoints
discontiguous declaration: Discontiguous Declarations
discontiguous/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-discontiguous
discontiguous/1 (declaration): Discontiguous Declarations
discontiguous_warnings (prolog flag): ref-lod-lod
discontiguous_warnings (prolog flag): Discontiguous Declarations
discontiguous_warnings (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
discontiguous_warnings (prolog flag): Runtime Systems
discrepancy/1 (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
disjoint/2 (sets): lib-sets
disjoint1/[1,2] (clpfd): Placement Constraints
disjoint2/[1,2] (clpfd): Placement Constraints
disjoint_union/3 (sets): lib-sets
disjunction: ref-sem-ctr-dis
disjunction: Conditionals and Disjunction
disjunction (definition): Glossary
disjunctive/1 (geost/[2,3,4] option): Placement Constraints
dispatch_global/4 (clpfd): The Global Constraint Programming Interface
display (debugger command): Debug Commands
display/0 (debugger show control): Action Variables
display/1 (built-in): ref-iou-tou-dsp
display/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-display
display/1 (tk_new/2 option): Basic Functions
displaying statistics: ref-mgc-ove-sta
dispose/1 (structs): str-cdf
distinctions among write predicates: ref-iou-tou-dis
div /2, integer floored division (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
do-loop: ref-sem-ctr-dol
do-loop (definition): Glossary
do/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-do
do/2, do-loop: ref-sem-ctr-dol
dom (all_different/2 on/1 value): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
dom (all_distinct/2 on/1 value): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
dom (global_cardinality/3 on/1 value): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
dom/1 (fd_global/[3,4] option): The Global Constraint Programming Interface
domain (all_different/2 consistency/1 value): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
domain (all_distinct/2 consistency/1 value): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
domain (global_cardinality/3 consistency/1 value): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
domain (scalar_product/5 consistency/1 value): Arithmetic Constraints
domain errors: ref-ere-err-dom
domain variable: CLPFD Interface
domain, finite: CLPFD Interface
domain-consistent: Definitions
domain-disentailed: Definitions
domain-entailed: Definitions
domain/3 (clpfd): Membership Constraints
domain_error/[2,4] (error class): ref-ere-err
double_quotes (prolog flag): Glossary
double_quotes (prolog flag): ref-syn-cpt-sli
double_quotes (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
down (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
dpgc_count (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
dpgc_time (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
dump/3 (clpqr): CLPQR Solver Predicates
dynamic (predicate property): mpg-ref-predicate_property
dynamic code, indexing of: ref-mdb-dsp
dynamic code, semantics of: ref-mdb-bas
dynamic creation of modules: ref-mod-dmo
dynamic declaration: Dynamic Declarations
dynamic predicate (definition): Glossary
dynamic predicates, importing: ref-mod-idp
dynamic resource: Foreign Resources
dynamic, procedures and declarations: ref-mdb-dsp
dynamic/0 (predicate property): ref-lps-app
dynamic/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-dynamic
dynamic/1 (declaration): Dynamic Declarations
dynamic_programming/1 (geost/[2,3,4] option): Placement Constraints

Eclipse: SPIDER
edges/2 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
edges/2 (wgraphs): lib-wgraphs
efficiency and specifying streams: ref-iou-str-not
efficiency, increasing: Writing Efficient Programs
element/3 (clpfd): Extensional Constraints
elif/1 (conditional directive): ref-lod-cnd
else/0 (conditional directive): ref-lod-cnd
Emacs initialization file .emacs: Quick-Start
emacs interface: Emacs Interface
empty list (definition): Glossary
empty_assoc/1 (assoc): lib-assoc
empty_avl/1 (avl): lib-avl
empty_bag/1 (bags): lib-bags
empty_fdset/1 (clpfd): FD Set Operations
empty_interval/2 (clpfd): FD Set Operations
empty_queue/1 (queues): lib-queues
enable this (debugger command): Debug Commands
enable_breakpoints/1 (built-in): Breakpoint Predicates
enable_breakpoints/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-enable_breakpoints
enabling and disabling garbage collection: ref-mgc-egc
encoded string: CPL Notes
encoded string (definition): Glossary
encoding: ref-iou-sfh-enc
encoding, UTF-8: CPL Notes
encoding/1 (open/4 option): mpg-ref-open
encoding/1 (stream property): mpg-ref-stream_property
encoding_signature/1 (open/4 option): mpg-ref-open
encoding_signature/1 (stream property): mpg-ref-stream_property
end of line: mpg-ref-at_end_of_line
end of stream: mpg-ref-at_end_of_stream
end-of-file on character input: ref-iou-cin
end-of-file, characters: mpg-ref-break
endif/0 (conditional directive): ref-lod-cnd
end_class/[0,1] (objects): obj-exp-end_class
end_of_file: ref-iou-tin-trm
end_of_file atom: mpg-ref-read
end_of_stream/1 (stream property): mpg-ref-stream_property
end_tests/1 (plunit declaration): PlUnit A Unit Test Box
ensure_loaded/1 (built-in): ref-mod-lod
ensure_loaded/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-ensure_loaded
entailed/1 (clpqr): CLPQR Solver Predicates
entailments (fd_statistics/2 option): Statistics Predicates
Enter (Tk event type): Event Handling
entry (Tk widget): Types of Widget
enum (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
enumerating solutions to a goal: ref-all-cse
enumerating solutions to a goal: ref-all-cba
enumerating solutions to a goal: ref-all-cba-cal
environ/[2,3] (system): lib-system
environment: The Environment
environment variables: System Properties and Environment Variables
environment/1 (db_open/5 option): The Predicates
eof (seek/4 method): mpg-ref-seek
eof (Tcl command): Commands
EOF character: Keyboard Characters
eof_action/1 (open/4 option): mpg-ref-open
eof_action/1 (stream property): mpg-ref-stream_property
eof_code (open/4 eof_action value): mpg-ref-open
eol/1 (open/4 option): mpg-ref-open
eol/1 (stream property): mpg-ref-stream_property
Epoch: lib-file_systems
equality of floats: ref-ari-acm
equality, arithmetic: ref-ari-acm
equality, unification: ref-lte-met-usu
erase/1 (built-in): ref-mdb-rcd
erase/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-erase
error (absolute_file_name/3 fileerrors value): ref-ere-err-exi
error (absolute_file_name/3 fileerrors): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
error (delete_directory/2 if_nonempty option value): lib-file_systems
error (open/4 eof_action value): mpg-ref-open
error (open/4 if_exists value): mpg-ref-open
error (overflow FD flag value): The Global Constraint Programming Interface
error (syntax_errors flag value): ref-lps-flg
error (syntax_errors flag value): ref-ere-err-syn
error (unknown flag value): ref-lps-flg
error (unknown flag value): ref-ere-hex-hup
error classes: ref-ere-err
error handling: Exceptions Debug
error term: ref-ere-rex
error, syntax: Syntax Errors
error/1 (plunit option): PlUnit A Unit Test Box
error/2 (plunit option): PlUnit A Unit Test Box
errors: ref-ere
errors, arithmetics: ref-ari-exc
errors, calls: ref-sem-exc
errors, consistency: ref-ere-err-cns
errors, context: ref-ere-err-con
errors, domain: ref-ere-err-dom
errors, evaluation: ref-ere-err-eva
errors, existence: ref-ere-err-exi
errors, instantiation: ref-ere-err-ins
errors, permission: ref-ere-err-per
errors, representation: ref-ere-err-rep
errors, resource: ref-ere-err-res
errors, streams: ref-iou-sfh-est
errors, syntax: ref-ere-err-syn
errors, system: ref-ere-err-sys
errors, type: ref-ere-err-typ
errors, uninstantiation: ref-ere-err-uns
error_exception/1 (hook, ref page): mpg-ref-error_exception
error_exception/1 (user, hook): ref-ere-hex
error_exception/1 (user, hook): Exceptions Debug
escape sequence: ref-syn-syn-esc
escape sequence (definition): Glossary
escaping, character: ref-syn-ces
eval (Tcl command): Commands
evaluating arithmetic expressions: ref-ari-eae
evaluation errors: ref-ere-err-eva
evaluation_error/[2,4] (error class): ref-ere-err
event, constraint: FDBG Events
event, FDBG: FDBG Events
event, labeling: FDBG Events
exception (leashing mode): Basic Debug
exception handling: Exceptions Debug
exception handling in C: Exception Handling in C
exception term: ref-ere-rex
exception term: Exception Handling in C
exception/1 (debugger port value): Port Tests
exception/1 (plunit option): PlUnit A Unit Test Box
exceptions: ref-ere
exceptions, arithmetic: ref-ari-exc
Exceptions, C functions for: cpg-top-exc
exceptions, calls: ref-sem-exc
exceptions, global handler: ref-ere-hex-hup
exceptions, module name expansion: mpg-ref-cat
exceptions, streams: ref-iou-sfh-est
exclude/[3,4,5] (lists): lib-lists
executable (absolute_file_name/3 access): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
executable (absolute_file_name/3 file type): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
executable, console-based (definition): Glossary
executable, stand-alone: Stand-Alone Executables
executable, stand-alone (definition): Glossary
executable, windowed (definition): Glossary
execute (absolute_file_name/3 access): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
execution: Execution
execution profiling: Execution Profiling
execution state, predicates for: ref-ere-sum
execution state, predicates for: mpg-top-est
execution, nested: Nested
execution_state/[1,2] (built-in): Built-in Predicates for Breakpoint Handling
execution_state/[1,2] (built-in): Accessing Past Debugger States
execution_state/[1,2] (built-in): Breakpoint Predicates
execution_state/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-execution_state
exist (absolute_file_name/3 access): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
existence errors: ref-ere-err-exi
existence_error/[2,5] (error class): ref-ere-err
existential quantifier: ref-all-cse-equ
existential quantifier: mpg-ref-exists
exit (CHR port): CHR Ports
exit (leashing mode): Basic Debug
exit/0 (clpfd:dispatch_global/4 request): The Global Constraint Programming Interface
exit/1 (debugger port value): Port Tests
exited/1 (debugger condition): Accessing Past Debugger States
exited/1 (debugger condition): Goal Tests
exiting: Exiting
exp /1, exponent (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
exp /2, float power (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
expand_term/2 (built-in): ref-lod-exp
expand_term/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-expand_term
expansion, macro: mpg-ref-goal_expansion
expansion, module name: Mode Spec
expansion, module name: Meta-Predicate Declarations
expansion, module name (definition): Glossary
explicit unification: ref-lte-met-usu
export (definition): Glossary
exported (predicate property): mpg-ref-predicate_property
exported/0 (predicate property): ref-lps-app
exporting predicates from a module: ref-mod-def
expr (argument type): mpg-ref-aty-ety
expr (Tcl command): Commands
expression, arithmetic: ref-ari-aex
extended runtime system (definition): Glossary
extended_characters/1 (xml_parse/3 option): lib-xml
extendible (predicate annotation): mpg-ref-cat
extendible predicate (definition): Glossary
extendible predicates (definition): ref-sem-typ-rpr
extensions/1 (absolute_file_name/3 option): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name

fact (definition): Glossary
fail (absolute_file_name/3 fileerrors value): ref-ere-err-exi
fail (absolute_file_name/3 fileerrors): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
fail (CHR debug command): CHR Tracing
fail (CHR port): CHR Ports
fail (debugger command): Debug Commands
fail (delete_directory/2 if_nonempty option value): lib-file_systems
fail (leashing mode): Basic Debug
fail (overflow FD flag value): The Global Constraint Programming Interface
fail (syntax_errors flag value): ref-lps-flg
fail (syntax_errors flag value): ref-ere-err-syn
fail (unknown flag value): ref-lps-flg
fail (unknown flag value): ref-ere-hex-hup
fail/0 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-fail
fail/0 (clpfd:dispatch_global/4 request): The Global Constraint Programming Interface
fail/0 (debugger port value): Port Tests
fail/1 (debugger command control): Action Variables
fail/1 (plunit option): PlUnit A Unit Test Box
false/0 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-false
false/0 (debugger condition): Other Tests
FD predicate: User-Defined Constraints
FD predicate: FD Predicates
FD set: FD Set Operations
FDBG concepts: FDBG Concepts
FDBG event: FDBG Events
FDBG output stream: FDBG The fdbg_output Stream
fdbg_annotate/[3,4] (fdbg): FDBG Writing Visualizers
fdbg_assign_name/2 (fdbg): FDBG Naming Terms
fdbg_current_name/2 (fdbg): FDBG Naming Terms
fdbg_get_name/2 (fdbg): FDBG Naming Terms
fdbg_guard/3 (fdbg): FDBG Debugging Global Constraints
fdbg_labeling_step/2 (fdbg): FDBG Annotation
fdbg_label_show/3 (fdbg): FDBG Built-In Visualizers
fdbg_legend/[1,2] (fdbg): FDBG Writing Visualizers
fdbg_off/0 (fdbg): FDBG Options
fdbg_on/[0,1] (fdbg): FDBG Options
fdbg_output: FDBG The fdbg_output Stream
fdbg_show/2 (fdbg): FDBG Built-In Visualizers
fdbg_start_labeling/1 (fdbg): FDBG Annotation
fdbg_transform_actions/3 (fdbg): FDBG Writing Legend Printers
fdset_add_element/3 (clpfd): FD Set Operations
fdset_complement/2 (clpfd): FD Set Operations
fdset_del_element/3 (clpfd): FD Set Operations
fdset_disjoint/2 (clpfd): FD Set Operations
fdset_eq/2 (clpfd): FD Set Operations
fdset_intersect/2 (clpfd): FD Set Operations
fdset_intersection/[2,3] (clpfd): FD Set Operations
fdset_interval/3 (clpfd): FD Set Operations
fdset_max/2 (clpfd): FD Set Operations
fdset_member/2 (clpfd): FD Set Operations
fdset_min/2 (clpfd): FD Set Operations
fdset_parts/4 (clpfd): FD Set Operations
fdset_singleton/2 (clpfd): FD Set Operations
fdset_size/2 (clpfd): FD Set Operations
fdset_subset/2 (clpfd): FD Set Operations
fdset_subtract/3 (clpfd): FD Set Operations
fdset_to_list/2 (clpfd): FD Set Operations
fdset_to_range/2 (clpfd): FD Set Operations
fdset_union/[2,3] (clpfd): FD Set Operations
fdvar_portray/3 (fdbg, hook): FDBG Customizing Output
fd_batch/1 (clpfd): Posting Constraints
fd_closure/2 (clpfd): Reflection Predicates
fd_constraint (predicate property): mpg-ref-predicate_property
fd_constraint/0 (predicate property): ref-lps-app
fd_degree/2 (clpfd): Reflection Predicates
fd_dom/2 (clpfd): Reflection Predicates
fd_flag/3 (clpfd): The Global Constraint Programming Interface
fd_global/[3,4] (clpfd): The Global Constraint Programming Interface
fd_max/2 (clpfd): Reflection Predicates
fd_min/2 (clpfd): Reflection Predicates
fd_neighbors/2 (clpfd): Reflection Predicates
fd_set/2 (clpfd): Reflection Predicates
fd_size/2 (clpfd): Reflection Predicates
fd_statistics/[0,2] (clpfd): Statistics Predicates
fd_var/1 (clpfd): Reflection Predicates
fetch_slot/2 (objects): obj-exp-fetch_slot
ff (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
ffc (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
file (load context key): ref-lps-lco
File and Stream Handling, C functions for: cpg-top-fst
file and stream handling, predicates for: ref-iou-sum
file and stream handling, predicates for: mpg-top-fsh
file specification: ref-fdi-fsp
file specification: ref-fdi-syn
file specification (definition): Glossary
file, closing: ref-iou-sfh-cst
file, initialization: ref-fdi-fsp-ffs
file, PO (definition): Glossary
file/1 (debugger condition): Breakpoint Tests
file/1 (debugger condition): Source Tests
fileerrors (prolog flag): ref-lod-lod
fileerrors (prolog flag): ref-iou-sfh-sem
fileerrors (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
fileerrors (prolog flag): ref-ere-err-exi
fileerrors (prolog flag): ref-ere-err-per
fileerrors (prolog flag): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
fileerrors (prolog flag): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
fileerrors (prolog flag): mpg-ref-restore
fileerrors (prolog flag): mpg-ref-see
fileerrors (prolog flag): mpg-ref-tell
fileerrors/1 (absolute_file_name/3 option): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
fileerrors/1 (read_term/[2,3] option): ref-ere-err-exi
fileerrors/1 (read_term/[2,3] option): ref-ere-err-per
filename manipulation, predicates for: ref-fdi-pre
filename manipulation, predicates for: mpg-top-fnm
fileref/2 (source information descriptor): mpg-ref-goal_source_info
files: lib-file_systems
files, appending to existing: ref-iou-sfh-opn
files, creating new: ref-iou-sfh-opn
files, opening: ref-iou-sfh-opn
files, searching for in a library: ref-fdi-fsp
file_errors/1 (absolute_file_name/3 option): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
file_errors/1 (read_term/[2,3] option): ref-ere-err-exi
file_exists/1 (file_systems): lib-file_systems
file_exists/2 (file_systems): lib-file_systems
file_members_of_directory/[1,2,3] (file_systems): lib-file_systems
file_member_of_directory/[2,3,4] (file_systems): lib-file_systems
file_must_exist/1 (file_systems): lib-file_systems
file_must_exist/2 (file_systems): lib-file_systems
file_name/1 (stream property): mpg-ref-stream_property
file_property/[2,3] (file_systems): lib-file_systems
file_search_path/2 (hook, ref page): mpg-ref-file_search_path
file_search_path/2 (user, hook): ref-fdi-fsp-def
file_spec (argument type): mpg-ref-aty-ety
file_type/1 (absolute_file_name/3 option): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
find this (debugger command): Debug Commands
findall/[3,4] (built-in): ref-all-cba-cal
findall/[3,4] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-findall
finding nondeterminacy: The Determinacy Checker
find_chr_constraint/1 (chr): CHR Debugging Predicates
finite domain: CLPFD Interface
first (absolute_file_name/3 solutions): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
first_bound/2 (clpfd): Enumeration Predicates
first_bound/2 (clpfd): Enumeration Predicates
first_fail (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
fixall/2 (geost/[2,3,4] option): Placement Constraints
fixme/1 (plunit option): PlUnit A Unit Test Box
flit/0 (debugger command control): Action Variables
flit/2 (debugger command control): Action Variables
float (CHR type): CHR Constraint Declaration
float /1, coercion (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
float/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-float
floats, equality of: ref-ari-acm
floats, range of: ref-ari-ove
floats, syntax of: ref-syn-trm-flo
float_format/1 (write_term/[2,3] option): mpg-ref-write_term
float_fractional_part /1, fractional part (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
float_integer_part /1, coercion (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
floor /1, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
floundered query (definition): Glossary
floundering: ref-sem-sec
flushing output: ref-iou-sfh-flu
flush_output/1 (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-flu
flush_output/[0,1] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-flush_output
for (Tcl command): Commands
for /3, (iterator): ref-sem-ctr-dol
for/3 (iterator): mpg-ref-do
forall/1 (plunit option): PlUnit A Unit Test Box
forall/2 (aggregate): lib-aggregate
force/1 (abolish/2 option): mpg-ref-abolish
force/1 (close/2 option): mpg-ref-close
foreach (Tcl command): Commands
foreach /2, (iterator): ref-sem-ctr-dol
foreach/2 (aggregate): lib-aggregate
foreach/2 (iterator): mpg-ref-do
foreacharg /2, (iterator): ref-sem-ctr-dol
foreacharg /3, (iterator): ref-sem-ctr-dol
foreacharg/2 (iterator): mpg-ref-do
foreacharg/3 (iterator): mpg-ref-do
foreign data types: lib-structs
Foreign Interface, C functions for: cpg-top-fin
foreign interface, predicates for: mpg-top-fin
foreign language interface: Mixing C and Prolog
foreign language interface: Calling C from Prolog
foreign predicate (definition): Glossary
foreign resource: Foreign Resources
foreign resource (definition): Glossary
foreign resource linker: The Foreign Resource Linker
foreign resource, linked: Foreign Resources
foreign resource, linked: Creating the Linked Foreign Resource
foreign resource, prelinked (definition): Glossary
foreign terms (definition): lib-structs
foreign/[2,3] (hook, ref page): mpg-ref-foreign
foreign/[2,3] (Module, hook): Conversion Declarations
foreign_arg (argument type): mpg-ref-aty-ety
foreign_resource (absolute_file_name/3 file type): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
foreign_resource/2 (hook, ref page): mpg-ref-foreign_resource
foreign_resource/2 (Module, hook): Conversion Declarations
foreign_spec (argument type): mpg-ref-aty-ety
foreign_type/2 (structs): str-fty-dty
formal syntax: ref-syn-syn
format (Tcl command): Commands
format-command: Message Phases
format/1 (xml_parse/3 option): lib-xml
format/[2,3] (built-in): ref-iou-cou-fou
format/[2,3] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-format
formatted printing: ref-iou-cou-fou
format_to_codes/[3,4] (codesio): lib-codesio
forward-paragraph (emacs command): Usage
fractile/3 (statistics): lib-statistics
frame (Tk widget): Types of Widget
frame, current: Debug Format
frame, current: Debug Commands
freeze/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-freeze
free_of_term/2 (terms): lib-terms
free_of_var/2 (terms): lib-terms
free_variables/4 (aggregate): lib-aggregate
fromto /4, (iterator): ref-sem-ctr-dol
fromto/4 (iterator): mpg-ref-do
frozen/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-frozen
full-stop: ref-sem-sec
full-stop, use of: ref-iou-tin-trm
full-stop, use of: ref-iou-tou-cha
full-stop, use of: mpg-ref-read
Fully Qualified Classname: Jasper Library Predicates
full_answer/0 (clpfd): Answer Constraints
function prototype: Function Prototypes
function, deinit: Conversion Declarations
function, deinit (definition): Glossary
function, init: Conversion Declarations
function, init (definition): Glossary
functions for C errors: cpg-top-err
functor (definition): Glossary
functor, principal: ref-lte-act
functor, principal (definition): ref-syn-cpt
functor/3 (built-in): ref-lte-act
functor/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-functor
functors: ref-syn-cpt
functors, arithmetic: ref-ari-aex
fzn_dump/[2,3] (zinc): FlatZinc Exported Predicates
fzn_file/1 (zinc option): MiniZinc Exported Predicates
fzn_identifier/3 (zinc): FlatZinc Exported Predicates
fzn_load_file/2 (zinc): FlatZinc Exported Predicates
fzn_load_stream/2 (zinc): FlatZinc Exported Predicates
fzn_objective/2 (zinc): FlatZinc Exported Predicates
fzn_output/1 (zinc): FlatZinc Exported Predicates
fzn_post/1 (zinc): FlatZinc Exported Predicates
fzn_run_file/[1,2] (zinc): FlatZinc Exported Predicates
fzn_run_stream/[1,2] (zinc): FlatZinc Exported Predicates
fzn_solve/1 (zinc): FlatZinc Exported Predicates

garbage collection: ref-lps-flg
garbage collection: ref-mgc-ove
garbage collection: ref-mgc-gcp
garbage collection: mpg-ref-abolish
garbage collection (definition): Glossary
garbage collection, atoms: ref-mgc-ago
garbage collection, enabling and disabling: ref-mgc-egc
garbage collection, invoking directly: ref-mgc-gcd
garbage collection, monitoring: ref-mgc-mgc
garbage_collect/0 (built-in): ref-mgc-gcd
garbage_collect/0 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-garbage_collect
garbage_collection (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
garbage_collect_atoms/0 (built-in): ref-mgc-ago-agc
garbage_collect_atoms/0 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-garbage_collect_atoms
gauge: lib-gauge
gc (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
gc (prolog flag): ref-mgc-egc
gcd /2, greatest common divisor (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
gc_count (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
gc_freed (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
gc_margin (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
gc_margin (prolog flag): ref-mgc-gch
gc_time (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
gc_trace (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
gc_trace (prolog flag): ref-mgc-egc
gc_trace (prolog flag): ref-mgc-mgc
generalization/1 (cumulatives/3 option): Scheduling Constraints
generalized predicate spec (definition): Glossary
generate-and-test, use with cut: Terminating a Backtracking Loop
generate_debug_info (CHR flag): CHR Debugging Predicates
generate_message/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-generate_message
generate_message/3 (SU_messages): Message Handling Predicates
generate_message_hook/3 (hook, ref page): mpg-ref-generate_message_hook
generate_message_hook/3 (user, hook): Message Handling Predicates
generate_unique_name (open/4 if_exists value): mpg-ref-open
generic breakpoint: Specific and Generic Breakpoints
gen_assoc/3 (assoc): lib-assoc
gen_int/1 (between): lib-between
gen_label/3 (trees): lib-trees
gen_nat/1 (between): lib-between
geometric_mean/2 (statistics): lib-statistics
geost/[2,3,4] (clpfd): Placement Constraints
get/1 (debugger condition): Port Tests
getrand/1 (random): lib-random
gets (Tcl command): Commands
get_address/3 (structs): str-afd
get_assoc/3 (assoc): lib-assoc
get_atts/2 (Module): lib-atts
get_byte/[1,2] (built-in): ref-iou-cin-cha
get_byte/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-get_byte
get_char/[1,2] (built-in): ref-iou-cin-cha
get_char/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-get_char
get_code/[1,2] (built-in): ref-iou-cin-cha
get_code/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-get_code
get_contents/3 (structs): str-afd
get_label/3 (trees): lib-trees
get_mutable/2 (built-in): ref-lte-mut
get_mutable/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-get_mutable
get_next_assoc/4 (assoc): lib-assoc
get_prev_assoc/4: lib-assoc
glob/1 (absolute_file_name/3 option): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
global (Tcl command): Commands
global constraint: The Global Constraint Programming Interface
global exception handler: ref-ere-hex-hup
global stack: ref-mgc-ove
global stack, expansion: ref-mgc-ove
global/1 (cumulative/2 option): Scheduling Constraints
global/1 (disjoint1/2 option): Placement Constraints
global/1 (disjoint2/2 option): Placement Constraints
global/1 (lex_chain/2 option): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
GLOBALSTKSIZE (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
global_cardinality/[2,3] (clpfd): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
global_stack (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
global_stack_free (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
global_stack_used (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
glue code (definition): Glossary
GNU Emacs: Emacs Interface
goal: ref-sem-pro
goal (definition): Glossary
goal, ancestor: Debug Format
goal, blocked: Debug Format
goal, blocked (definition): Glossary
goal, skeletal (definition): Glossary
goal, unblocked (definition): Glossary
goal/1 (debugger condition): Breakpoint Tests
goal/1 (debugger condition): Goal Tests
goals, enumerating solutions: ref-all-cse
goals, enumerating solutions: ref-all-cba
goals, enumerating solutions: ref-all-cba-cal
goal_expansion/5 (hook, ref page): mpg-ref-goal_expansion
goal_expansion/5 (Module, hook): ref-lod-exp
goal_private/1 (debugger condition): Storing User Information in the Backtrace
goal_private/1 (debugger condition): Goal Tests
goal_source_info/3 (built-in): ref-ere-err
goal_source_info/3 (built-in): Message Handling Predicates
goal_source_info/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-goal_source_info
grammar rules, control constructs in: ref-gru-dcg
grammar rules, predicates for: ref-gru-sum
grammar rules, predicates for: mpg-top-gru
grammar rules, semantics of: ref-gru-tra
grammars, context-free: ref-gru-dcg
grammars, definite clause: ref-gru-dcg
greedy/1 (multi_cumulatives/3 option): Scheduling Constraints
green cut: ref-sem-ctr-cut
ground (definition): Glossary
ground/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-ground
ground/1 (when/2 condition): mpg-ref-when
group/[3,4,5] (lists): lib-lists
GROWTHFACTOR (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
guarded clause: Conditionals and Disjunction
guarded clause (definition): Glossary

halt/[0,1] (built-in): ref-ere-int
halt/[0,1] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-halt
handling, error: Exceptions Debug
handling, exception: Exceptions Debug
handling, interrupt: Calling Prolog Asynchronously
handling, signal: Calling Prolog Asynchronously
harmonic_mean/2 (statistics): lib-statistics
head (definition): Glossary
head of a clause: ref-sem-pro
head/2 (lists): lib-lists
heap (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
help (CHR debug command): CHR Tracing
help (debugger command): Debug Commands
help (top-level command): Queries
hidden module: ref-mod-def
hidden/1 (module/3 option): ref-mod-def
hidden/1 (module/3 option): mpg-ref-module
hide/0 (debugger condition): Condition Macros
hook (function annotation): cpg-rve
hook (predicate annotation): mpg-ref-cat
hook predicate: Multifile Declarations
hook predicate (definition): Glossary
hook predicate (definition): ref-sem-typ-hok
hook predicates: mpg-top-hok
hookable (predicate annotation): mpg-ref-cat
hookable predicate (definition): Glossary
host_type (prolog flag): ref-fdi-fsp-pre
host_type (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
host_type (prolog flag, volatile): mpg-ref-file_search_path

I/O, C functions for: cpg-top-cio
id/1 (stream property): mpg-ref-stream_property
id3 (table/3 order/1 value): Extensional Constraints
idempotent/1 (fd_global/[3,4] option): The Global Constraint Programming Interface
identifier, breakpoint: Creating Breakpoints
if (Tcl command): Commands
if/1 (conditional directive): ref-lod-cnd
if/1 (load_files/2 option): mpg-ref-load_files
if/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-if
if/3, soft cut: ref-sem-ctr-ite
if_exists/1 (open/4 option): mpg-ref-open
if_nonempty/1 (delete_directory/2 option): lib-file_systems
if_user/1 (absolute_file_name/3 option): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
ignore (delete_directory/2 if_nonempty option value): lib-file_systems
ignore_ops/1 (write_term/[2,3] option): mpg-ref-write_term
IID: Terminology
illarg/[3,4] (types): lib-types
import (definition): Glossary
importation: ref-mod-bas
importation: ref-mod-lod
importation, predicates from another module: ref-mod-lod
imported_from (predicate property): mpg-ref-predicate_property
imported_from/1 (predicate property): ref-lps-app
importing dynamic predicates: ref-mod-idp
importing predicates into modules: ref-mod-lod
imports/1 (load_files/2 option): mpg-ref-load_files
in/1 (linda_client): lib-linda-client
in/2 (clpfd): Membership Constraints
in/2 (clpfd:dispatch_global/4 request): The Global Constraint Programming Interface
in/2 (linda_client): lib-linda-client
IName: Terminology
include declaration: Include Declarations
include/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-include
include/1 (declaration): Include Declarations
include/[3,4,5] (lists): lib-lists
incr (Tcl command): Commands
increasing efficiency: Writing Efficient Programs
increasing/0 (lex_chain/2 option): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
increasing_prefix/[3,4] (lists): lib-lists
indented/1 (write_term/[2,3] option): mpg-ref-write_term
indexed term: The DB-Spec Informal Description
indexical: Indexicals
indexicals, checking: Indexicals
indexicals, propagating: Indexicals
indexing: Indexing
indexing (definition): Glossary
indexing of dynamic code: ref-mdb-dsp
indexing, determinacy detection via: Determinacy Detection
indomain/1 (clpfd): Enumeration Predicates
inf, minus infinity: CLPFD Interface
inf/[2,4] (clpqr): CLPQR Solver Predicates
infix operators: ref-syn-cpt
infix operators: ref-syn-ops-ove
information, source: Usage
information, source: ref-lps-flg
informational (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
informational (prolog flag): Runtime Systems
informational (prolog flag): too-sicstus
inherit/1 (objects): obj-exp-inherit
init function: Conversion Declarations
init function (definition): Glossary
initialization: Initializations
initialization (definition): Glossary
initialization file: ref-fdi-fsp-ffs
initialization of saved-states: ref-sls-sst
initialization, C functions for: cpg-top-main
initialization/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-initialization
initialization/1 (declaration): Initializations
input: ref-iou
input and output of characters: ref-iou-cin
input and output of terms: ref-iou-bas
input and output, streams: ref-iou-bas
input stream, current: ref-iou-sfh-sob
input, current: ref-iou-str
input, term: ref-iou-tin
input/0 (stream property): mpg-ref-stream_property
input_encoding/1 (stream property): mpg-ref-stream_property
input_order (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
insert (CHR port): CHR Ports
instance of clause: ref-sem-sec
instance/2 (built-in): ref-mdb-acl
instance/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-instance
instance_method/1 (objects): obj-exp-instance_method
instantiation (definition): Glossary
instantiation errors: ref-ere-err-ins
instantiation_error/[0,2] (error class): ref-ere-err
int (CHR type): CHR Constraint Declaration
integer /1, coercion (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
integer, large (definition): Glossary
integer, small (definition): Glossary
integer/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-integer
integers, range of: ref-ari-ove
integers, syntax of: ref-syn-trm-int
integer_rounding_function (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
interactive stream (definition): Glossary
interactive/0 (stream property): mpg-ref-stream_property
interface, Eclipse: SPIDER
interface, emacs: Emacs Interface
interface, foreign language: Mixing C and Prolog
interface, foreign language: Calling C from Prolog
interf_arg_type (argument type): mpg-ref-aty-ety
internal database: ref-mdb-idb
interoperability: Mixing C and Prolog
interpret (definition): Glossary
interpretation of clauses, declarative: ref-sem-sec
interpretation of clauses, procedural: ref-sem-sec
interpreted (predicate property): mpg-ref-predicate_property
interpreted/0 (predicate property): ref-lps-app
interrupt character: Keyboard Characters
interrupt handling: Calling Prolog Asynchronously
intersect/2 (sets): lib-sets
intersection/[2,3] (sets): lib-sets
inv/1 (debugger condition): Breakpoint Tests
inv/1 (debugger condition): Goal Tests
inv/1 (debugger condition): Past States
invocation box: Procedure Box
invocation box (definition): Glossary
invoking garbage collection directly: ref-mgc-gcd
in_noblock/1 (linda_client): lib-linda-client
in_set/2 (clpfd): Membership Constraints
in_set/2 (clpfd:dispatch_global/4 request): The Global Constraint Programming Interface
is/2 (built-in): ref-ari-eae
is/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-is
ISO (predicate annotation): mpg-ref-cat
is_assoc/1 (assoc): lib-assoc
is_avl/1 (avl): lib-avl
is_bag/1 (bags): lib-bags
is_fdset/1 (clpfd): FD Set Operations
is_list/1 (lists): lib-lists
is_ordset/1 (ordsets): lib-ordsets
is_process/1 (process): lib-process
is_queue/1 (queues): lib-queues
is_set/1 (sets): lib-sets
iterator (definition): Glossary

jasper_call/4 (jasper): Jasper Library Predicates
jasper_create_global_ref/3 (jasper): Jasper Library Predicates
jasper_create_local_ref/3 (jasper): Jasper Library Predicates
jasper_deinitialize/1 (jasper): Jasper Library Predicates
jasper_delete_global_ref/2 (jasper): Jasper Library Predicates
jasper_delete_local_ref/2 (jasper): Jasper Library Predicates
jasper_initialize/[1,2] (jasper): Jasper Library Predicates
jasper_is_instance_of/3 (jasper): Jasper Library Predicates
jasper_is_jvm/1 (jasper): Jasper Library Predicates
jasper_is_object/[1,2] (jasper): Jasper Library Predicates
jasper_is_same_object/3 (jasper): Jasper Library Predicates
jasper_new_object/5 (jasper): Jasper Library Predicates
jasper_new_object/5 (jasper): Deprecated Jasper Predicates
jasper_null/2 (jasper): Jasper Library Predicates
jasper_null/2 (jasper): Jasper Library Predicates
jasper_object_class_name/3 (jasper): Jasper Library Predicates
Java Virtual Machine: Jasper Overview
JIT compilation: ref-lod-ove
JIT compilation: System Properties and Environment Variables
jittable (predicate property): mpg-ref-predicate_property
jitted (predicate property): mpg-ref-predicate_property
jit_count (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
jit_time (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
JNDI: PB Features
join (Tcl command): Commands
jump to port (debugger command): Debug Commands
JVM: Jasper Overview

kernel, runtime (definition): Glossary
Key (Tk event type): Event Handling
keyboard: Keyboard Characters
keyclumped/2 (lists): lib-lists
keyclumps/2 (lists): lib-lists
keymerge/3 (samsort): lib-samsort
KeyPress (Tk event type): Event Handling
KeyRelease (Tk event type): Event Handling
keys, recorded: ref-mdb-idb
keys/1 (keysorting/3 option): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
keysort/2 (built-in): ref-lte-cte-sor
keysort/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-keysort
keysorting/[2,3] (clpfd): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
keys_and_values/3 (lists): lib-lists
kurtosis/2 (statistics): lib-statistics

label (Tk widget): Types of Widget
labeling: FDBG Annotation
labeling event: FDBG Events
labeling levels: FDBG Labeling Levels
labeling/1 (clpb): CLPB Interface
labeling/2 (clpfd): Enumeration Predicates
large integer (definition): Glossary
largest (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
last call optimization: Last Call Optimization
last clause determinacy detection: Last Clause Determinacy Detection
last/2 (lists): lib-lists
last/3 (lists): lib-lists
later_bound/2 (clpfd): Enumeration Predicates
later_bound/2 (clpfd): Enumeration Predicates
layout term: mpg-ref-read_term
layout term (definition): Glossary
layout/1 (read_term/[2,3] option): mpg-ref-read_term
leap (debugger command): Debug Commands
leap (definition): Glossary
leash/0 (debugger condition): Condition Macros
leash/1 (built-in): Basic Debug
leash/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-leash
leashing (definition): Glossary
Leave (Tk event type): Event Handling
leftmost (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
leftmost (table/3 order/1 value): Extensional Constraints
legacy_char_classification (prolog flag): ref-syn-syn-tok
legacy_char_classification (prolog flag): ref-lod-lod
legacy_char_classification (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
legacy_numbervars/1 (write_term/[2,3] option): mpg-ref-write_term
legend: FDBG Legend
legend_portray/3 (fdbg, hook): FDBG Customizing Output
length/2 (built-in): ref-lte-acl
length/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-length
length/3 (bags): lib-bags
length_bound/2 (terms): lib-terms
levels, labeling: FDBG Labeling Levels
lex/1 (geost/[2,3,4] option): Placement Constraints
lex_chain/[1,2] (clpfd): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
library: The Prolog Library
library, searching for a file in: ref-fdi-fsp
library_directory/1 (hook, ref page): mpg-ref-library_directory
limit/1 (cumulative/2 option): Scheduling Constraints
limits, arithmetic: ref-ari-ove
Linda: lib-linda
linda/[0,1] (linda): lib-linda-server
linda_client/1 (linda_client): lib-linda-client
linda_timeout/2 (linda_client): lib-linda-client
lindex (Tcl command): Commands
line breakpoint: Usage
line, end of: mpg-ref-at_end_of_line
line/0 (input method): Default Input Methods
line/1 (debugger condition): Breakpoint Tests
line/1 (debugger condition): Source Tests
line/2 (debugger condition): Breakpoint Tests
line/2 (debugger condition): Source Tests
line_count/2 (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-opn
line_count/2 (built-in): ref-iou-sos
line_count/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-line_count
line_position/2 (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-opn
line_position/2 (built-in): ref-iou-sos
line_position/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-line_position
linked foreign resource: Foreign Resources
linked foreign resource: Creating the Linked Foreign Resource
linked foreign resource (definition): Glossary
linker, foreign resource: The Foreign Resource Linker
linsert (Tcl command): Commands
list (definition): Glossary
list (Tcl command): Commands
list constructor (definition): Glossary
list of Type (argument type): mpg-ref-aty-ety
list of variables: FDBG Legend
list processing, predicates for: ref-lte-sum
list processing, predicates for: mpg-top-lis
list separator, ’|’: ref-syn-cpt-lis
list syntax: Glossary
list, association: lib-assoc
list, association: lib-avl
list, cyclic: Glossary
list, empty (definition): Glossary
list, partial (definition): Glossary
list, proper (definition): Glossary
listbox (Tk widget): Types of Widget
listing/[0,1] (built-in): Syntax Errors
listing/[0,1] (built-in): ref-mod-idp
listing/[0,1] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-listing
lists, predicates for processing: ref-lte-acl
lists, syntax of: ref-syn-cpt-lis
list_queue/2 (queues): lib-queues
list_to_assoc/2 (assoc): lib-assoc
list_to_avl/2 (avl): lib-avl
list_to_bag/2 (bags): lib-bags
list_to_fdset/2 (clpfd): FD Set Operations
list_to_ord_set/2 (ordsets): lib-ordsets
list_to_set/2 (sets): lib-sets
list_to_tree/2 (trees): lib-trees
llength (Tcl command): Commands
load (--main option value): too-spld
load (definition): Glossary
load context: ref-lps-lco
loading database: ref-sls-ove
loading module-files: ref-mod-lod
loading modules: ref-mod-lod
loading PO files: ref-sls-ssl
loading programs: ref-sem-con
loading programs, predicates for: ref-lod-lis
loading programs, predicates for: mpg-top-lod
load_files/[1,2] (built-in): ref-sls-ssl
load_files/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-load_files
load_foreign_resource/1 (built-in): Interface Predicates
load_foreign_resource/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-load_foreign_resource
load_type/1 (load_files/2 option): mpg-ref-load_files
local cut: ref-sem-ctr-ite
local cut: mpg-ref-or
local stack: ref-mgc-ove
LOCALSTKSIZE (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
local_stack (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
local_stack_free (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
local_stack_used (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
locks, mutual exclusion: OS Threads
log /1, logarithm (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
log /2, logarithm (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
logic programming: Intro
logical loop: ref-sem-ctr-dol
login_timeout/1 (odbc_db_open/4 option): ODBC Predicates
longest_hole/2 (geost/[2,3,4] option): Placement Constraints
loop, logical: ref-sem-ctr-dol
lrange (Tcl command): Commands
lreplace (Tcl command): Commands
lsearch (Tcl command): Commands
lsort (Tcl command): Commands

macro (function annotation): cpg-rve
macro expansion: mpg-ref-goal_expansion
main thread: Calling Prolog Asynchronously
make_directory/1 (file_systems): lib-file_systems
make_sub_bag/2 (bags): lib-bags
mapbag/2 (bags): lib-bags
mapbag/3 (bags): lib-bags
maplist/[2,3,4] (lists): lib-lists
map_assoc/2 (assoc): lib-assoc
map_assoc/3 (assoc): lib-assoc
map_list_queue/3 (queues): lib-queues
map_product/5 (lists): lib-lists
map_queue/[2,3] (queues): lib-queues
map_queue_list/3 (queues): lib-queues
map_tree/3 (trees): lib-trees
margin/3 (disjoint1/2 option): Placement Constraints
margin/4 (disjoint2/2 option): Placement Constraints
mark-paragraph (emacs command): Usage
max (all_different/2 on/1 value): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
max (all_distinct/2 on/1 value): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
max (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
max /2, maximum value (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
max/1 (fd_global/[3,4] option): The Global Constraint Programming Interface
max/2 (statistics): lib-statistics
maximize/1 (clpqr): CLPQR Solver Predicates
maximize/1 (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
maximize/[2,3] (clpfd): Enumeration Predicates
maximum/2 (clpfd): Arithmetic Constraints
max_arity (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
max_assoc/3 (assoc): lib-assoc
max_cliques/2 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
max_depth/1 (write_term/[2,3] option): mpg-ref-write_term
max_integer (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
max_inv/1 (debugger condition): Accessing Past Debugger States
max_inv/1 (debugger condition): Break Tests
max_member/[2,3] (lists): lib-lists
max_path/5 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
max_path/5 (wgraphs): lib-wgraphs
max_regret (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
max_tagged_integer (prolog flag): Glossary
max_tagged_integer (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
maybe/[0,1,2] (random): lib-random
mean/2 (statistics): lib-statistics
median (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
median/2 (statistics): lib-statistics
member/2 (built-in): ref-lte-acl
member/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-member
member/3 (bags): lib-bags
memberchk/2 (built-in): ref-lte-acl
memberchk/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-memberchk
memberchk/3 (bags): lib-bags
memory (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
Memory management, C functions for: cpg-top-mem
memory statistics: ref-mgc-ove-sta
memory, general description: ref-mgc
memory, predicates for: ref-mgc-sum
memory, predicates for: mpg-top-mem
memory, reclamation: mpg-ref-abolish
memory_buckets (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
memory_culprit (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
memory_free (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
memory_used (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
menu (Tk widget): Types of Widget
menubutton (Tk widget): Types of Widget
merge/[3,4] (samsort): lib-samsort
message (Tk widget): Types of Widget
message/4 (objects): obj-exp-message
messages and queries, predicates for: Message Summary
messages and queries, predicates for: mpg-top-msg
messages, debugging: Debug Format
message_hook/3 (hook, ref page): mpg-ref-message_hook
message_hook/3 (user, hook): Message Handling Predicates
meta-call: ref-sem-cal
meta-call (definition): Glossary
meta-logical (definition): ref-lte-met
meta-logical predicate (definition): Glossary
meta-logical predicates: ref-lte-met
meta-predicate (definition): Glossary
meta-predicate declaration: Meta-Predicate Declarations
meta-predicates (definition): mpg-ref-cat
meta_predicate (predicate property): mpg-ref-predicate_property
meta_predicate declaration: ref-mod-met
meta_predicate/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-meta_predicate
meta_predicate/1 (declaration): Meta-Predicate Declarations
meta_predicate/1 (declaration): ref-mod-met
meta_predicate/1 (predicate property): ref-lps-app
method/1 (table/3 option): Extensional Constraints
method/3 (Java method identifier): Jasper Library Predicates
middle (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
min (all_different/2 on/1 value): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
min (all_distinct/2 on/1 value): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
min (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
min /2, minimum value (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
min/1 (fd_global/[3,4] option): The Global Constraint Programming Interface
min/2 (statistics): lib-statistics
minimize/1 (clpqr): CLPQR Solver Predicates
minimize/1 (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
minimize/[2,3] (clpfd): Enumeration Predicates
minimum/2 (clpfd): Arithmetic Constraints
minmax (all_different/2 on/1 value): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
minmax (all_distinct/2 on/1 value): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
minmax (global_cardinality/3 on/1 value): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
minmax/1 (fd_global/[3,4] option): The Global Constraint Programming Interface
minus infinity, inf: CLPFD Interface
min_assoc/3 (assoc): lib-assoc
min_integer (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
min_max/3 (statistics): lib-statistics
min_member/[2,3] (lists): lib-lists
min_path/5 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
min_path/5 (wgraphs): lib-wgraphs
min_paths/3 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
min_paths/3 (wgraphs): lib-wgraphs
min_tagged_integer (prolog flag): Glossary
min_tagged_integer (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
min_tree/3 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
min_tree/3 (wgraphs): lib-wgraphs
mixing C/C++ and Prolog: Mixing C and Prolog
ml_standard_deviation/2 (statistics): lib-statistics
ml_variance/2 (statistics): lib-statistics
mod /2, integer floored remainder (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
mode annotations: mpg-ref-mod
mode declaration: Mode Declarations
mode declarations: ref-mod-met
mode spec: Mode Spec
mode/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-mode
mode/1 (debugger condition): Breakpoint Actions
mode/1 (debugger condition): Port Tests
mode/1 (debugger condition): Action Conditions
mode/1 (declaration): Mode Declarations
mode/1 (stream property): mpg-ref-stream_property
mode/2 (statistics): lib-statistics
modification, database: ref-mdb
modularity, procedural: ref-mod-ove
module (definition): Glossary
module (definition): ref-mod-ove
module (load context key): ref-lps-lco
module declaration: Module Declarations
module declaration: ref-mod-lod
module name expansion: Mode Spec
module name expansion: Meta-Predicate Declarations
module name expansion: ref-mod-mne
module name expansion (definition): Glossary
module name expansion, exceptions: mpg-ref-cat
module prefixes on clauses: ref-mod-mpc
module, declaration: ref-mod-def
module, hidden: ref-mod-def
module, source: ref-mod-som
module, source (definition): Glossary
module, type-in: ref-lps-flg
module, type-in: ref-mod-som
module, type-in (definition): Glossary
module-file (definition): Glossary
module-files: ref-mod-def
module-files, converting into: ref-mod-n2m
module-files, loading: ref-mod-lod
module-files, loading: ref-mod-lod
module/1 (debugger condition): Goal Tests
module/[2,3] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-module
module/[2,3] (declaration): Module Declarations
module/[2,3] (declaration): ref-mod-lod
modules, currently loaded: ref-mod-mpc-cmo
modules, currently loaded: ref-mod-ilm
modules, debugging: ref-mod-cim
modules, defining: ref-mod-def
modules, dynamic creation of: ref-mod-dmo
modules, exporting predicates from: ref-mod-def
modules, importing predicates into: ref-mod-lod
modules, loading: ref-mod-lod
modules, name clashes: ref-mod-ncl
modules, predicates defined in: ref-mod-ilm-def
modules, predicates exported from: ref-mod-ilm-def
modules, predicates for: ref-mod-sum
modules, predicates for: mpg-top-mod
modules, predicates imported into: ref-mod-ilm-vis
modules, source: ref-mod-mne
modules, visibility rules: ref-mod-vis
monitoring garbage collection: ref-mgc-mgc
most general unifier: ref-sem-sec
most_constrained (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
Motion (Tk event type): Event Handling
msb /1, most significant bit (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
multifile (predicate property): mpg-ref-predicate_property
multifile declaration: Multifile Declarations
multifile predicate (definition): Glossary
multifile/0 (predicate property): ref-lps-app
multifile/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-multifile
multifile/1 (declaration): Multifile Declarations
multiset: lib-bags
multi_cumulative/[2,3] (clpfd): Scheduling Constraints
must_be/4 (types): lib-types
mutable: Terminology
mutable term: ref-lte-mut
mutable term (definition): Glossary
mutable/1 (built-in): ref-lte-mut
mutable/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-mutable
mutex: OS Threads
mutual exclusion locks: OS Threads
mzn-sicstus(1) (command line tool): too-mzn-sicstus
mzn_load_file/[2,3] (zinc): MiniZinc Exported Predicates
mzn_load_file/[2,3] (zinc): MiniZinc Exported Predicates
mzn_run_file/[1,2] (zinc): MiniZinc Exported Predicates
mzn_run_model/[1,2] (zinc): MiniZinc Exported Predicates
mzn_to_fzn/[2,3] (zinc): MiniZinc Exported Predicates

name auto-generation: FDBG Name Auto-Generation
name clash: ref-mod-ncl
name clash (definition): Glossary
name expansion, module: ref-mod-mne
name variable (debugger command): FDBG Debugger Commands
name, of a functor: ref-syn-cpt
name/1 (tk_new/2 option): Basic Functions
name/2 (built-in): ref-lte-c2t
name/2 (built-in): ref-lte-c2t
name/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-name
names of terms: FDBG Names of Terms
names of terms: FDBG Naming Terms
natural (CHR type): CHR Constraint Declaration
neighbors/3 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
neighbors/3 (wgraphs): lib-wgraphs
neighbours/3 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
neighbours/3 (wgraphs): lib-wgraphs
nested execution: Nested
network path: ref-fdi-syn
new/[2,3] (structs): str-cdf
newProlog on Jasper: Java Threads
newProlog on SICStus: Java Threads
nextSolution on SPQuery: Jasper Package Class Reference
nextto/3 (lists): lib-lists
nl/[0,1] (built-in): ref-iou-cou-nln
nl/[0,1] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-nl
noaux (table/3 method/1 value): Extensional Constraints
nodebug (CHR debug command): CHR Tracing
nodebug (debugger command): Debug Commands
nodebug/0 (built-in): Basic Debug
nodebug/0 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-nodebug
nodebug_message/0 (objects): obj-exp-nodebug_message
nodes/1 (table/3 option): Extensional Constraints
non-backtraced tests: Breakpoint Conditions
nondet/0 (plunit option): PlUnit A Unit Test Box
nondeterminacy, declaring: Declaring Nondeterminacy
nondeterminacy, finding: The Determinacy Checker
none (--main option value): too-spld
none (absolute_file_name/3 access): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
nonmember/2 (built-in): ref-lte-acl
nonmember/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-nonmember
nonvar/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-nonvar
nonvar/1 (when/2 condition): mpg-ref-when
normalize/2 (statistics): lib-statistics
nospy this (debugger command): Debug Commands
nospy/1 (built-in): Plain Spypoint
nospy/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-nospy
nospyall/0 (built-in): Plain Spypoint
nospyall/0 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-nospyall
notation: Notation
notation: ref-syn-syn-not
notrace/0 (built-in): Basic Debug
notrace/0 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-notrace
now/1 (system): lib-system
nozip/0 (built-in): Basic Debug
nozip/0 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-nozip
nth0/[3,4] (lists): lib-lists
nth1/[3,4] (lists): lib-lists
null streams: ref-iou-sfh-opn
null_foreign_term/2 (structs): str-nul
number (CHR type): CHR Constraint Declaration
number/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-number
numbers, comparison of: ref-ari-acm
numbervars: lib-varnumbers
numbervars/1 (varnumbers): lib-varnumbers
numbervars/1 (write_term/[2,3] option): mpg-ref-write_term
numbervars/3 (built-in): ref-lte-anv
numbervars/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-numbervars
number_chars/2 (built-in): ref-lte-c2t
number_chars/2 (built-in): ref-lte-c2t
number_chars/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-number_chars
number_codes/2 (built-in): ref-lte-c2t
number_codes/2 (built-in): ref-lte-c2t
number_codes/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-number_codes
numlist/[2,3,5] (between): lib-between
nvalue/2 (clpfd): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints

Object: Terminology
object (absolute_file_name/3 file type): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
object, stream: ref-iou-sfh-sob
object, stream position: ref-iou-raf
objects (library package): lib-objects
occurrence (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
occurrences_of_term/3 (terms): lib-terms
occurrences_of_var/3 (terms): lib-terms
occurs-check: ref-sem-occ
occurs-check (definition): Glossary
odbc_db_open/3 (odbc): ODBC Predicates
odbc_db_open/4 (odbc): ODBC Predicates
odbc_db_open/5 (odbc): ODBC Predicates
odbc_env_open/1 (odbc): ODBC Predicates
odbc_list_DSN/2 (odbc): ODBC Predicates
off (debug flag value): ref-lps-flg
off (debugging flag value): ref-lps-flg
off (debugging flag value): mpg-ref-debugging
off (fileerrors flag value): ref-ere-err-exi
off (gc_trace flag value): ref-lps-flg
off (profiling flag value): ref-lps-flg
off (redefine_warnings flag value): ref-lps-flg
off/0 (debugger mode control): Action Variables
on (debug flag value): ref-lps-flg
on (fileerrors flag value): ref-ere-err-exi
on (profiling flag value): ref-lps-flg
on (redefine_warnings flag value): ref-lps-flg
on/1 (all_different/2 option): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
on/1 (all_distinct/2 option): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
on/1 (assignment/3 option): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
on/1 (case/4 option): Extensional Constraints
on/1 (global_cardinality/3 option): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
once/1: ref-sem-ctr-ite
once/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-once
one of List (argument type): mpg-ref-aty-ety
one-char atom (definition): Glossary
one_longer/2 (lists): lib-lists
on_exception/3 (built-in): ref-ere-leg
on_exception/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-on_exception
op/1 (lex_chain/2 option): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
op/3 (built-in): ref-syn-ops-ops
op/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-op
open (Tcl command): Commands
open/[3,4] (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-sob
open/[3,4] (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-opn
open/[3,4] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-open
opening a file: ref-iou-sfh-opn
openQuery on SICStus: Jasper Package Class Reference
openQuery on SICStus: Jasper Package Class Reference
openQuery on SICStus: Jasper Package Class Reference
open_codes_stream/2 (codesio): lib-codesio
open_null_stream/1 (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-opn
open_null_stream/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-open_null_stream
operator (definition): Glossary
operator declaration: ref-lod-dcl
operators: mpg-ref-op
operators, associativity of: ref-syn-ops-ove
operators, built-in: ref-syn-ops-ove
operators, built-in: ref-syn-ops-bop
operators, built-in predicates for handling: ref-syn-ops-ops
operators, current: ref-syn-ops-ops
operators, declaring: ref-syn-ops-ops
operators, infix: ref-syn-cpt
operators, infix: ref-syn-ops-ove
operators, list of: ref-syn-ops-bop
operators, postfix: ref-syn-cpt
operators, postfix: ref-syn-ops-ove
operators, precedence of: ref-syn-ops-ove
operators, prefix: ref-syn-cpt
operators, prefix: ref-syn-ops-ove
operators, reference page convention: mpg-ref-cat
operators, syntax restrictions on: ref-syn-ops-res
operators, type of: ref-syn-ops-ove
optimise/1 (zinc option): MiniZinc Exported Predicates
optimization, last call: Last Call Optimization
optimize (CHR flag): CHR Debugging Predicates
optimize (CHR option): CHR Semantics
optimize/1 (zinc option): MiniZinc Exported Predicates
or: ref-sem-ctr-dis
order (argument type): mpg-ref-aty-ety
order on terms, standard: ref-lte-cte-sot
order/1 (table/3 option): Extensional Constraints
ordered/[1,2] (lists): lib-lists
ordering/1 (clpqr): CLPQR Solver Predicates
ordering/1 (clpqr): CLPQR Variable Ordering
ordset_order/3 (ordsets): lib-ordsets
ord_add_element/3 (ordsets): lib-ordsets
ord_del_element/3 (ordsets): lib-ordsets
ord_disjoint/2 (ordsets): lib-ordsets
ord_disjoint_union/3 (ordsets): lib-ordsets
ord_intersect/2 (ordsets): lib-ordsets
ord_intersection/[2,3,4] (ordsets): lib-ordsets
ord_list_to_assoc/2 (assoc): lib-assoc
ord_list_to_avl/2 (avl): lib-avl
ord_member/2 (ordsets): lib-ordsets
ord_nonmember/2 (ordsets): lib-ordsets
ord_seteq/2 (ordsets): lib-ordsets
ord_setproduct/3 (ordsets): lib-ordsets
ord_subset/2 (ordsets): lib-ordsets
ord_subtract/3 (ordsets): lib-ordsets
ord_symdiff/3 (ordsets): lib-ordsets
ord_union/[2,3,4] (ordsets): lib-ordsets
os_data (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
otherwise/0 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-otherwise
out (debugger command): Debug Commands
out/1 (linda_client): lib-linda-client
output: ref-iou
output stream, current: ref-iou-sfh-sob
output, current: ref-iou-str
output, flushing: ref-iou-sfh-flu
output, term: ref-iou-tou
output/0 (stream property): mpg-ref-stream_property
output/1 (zinc option): FlatZinc Exported Predicates
output/1 (zinc option): MiniZinc Exported Predicates
output_encoding/1 (stream property): mpg-ref-stream_property
overflow (FD flag): The Global Constraint Programming Interface
overlap/1 (geost/[2,3,4] option): Placement Constraints
overlap/1 (geost/[2,3,4] option): Placement Constraints
ozn_file/1 (zinc option): FlatZinc Exported Predicates
ozn_file/1 (zinc option): MiniZinc Exported Predicates

pair (argument type): mpg-ref-aty-ety
pair (definition): Glossary
pairfrom/4 (sets): lib-sets
pallet_loading/1 (geost/[2,3,4] option): Placement Constraints
param /1, (iterator): ref-sem-ctr-dol
param/1 (iterator): mpg-ref-do
parameter, accumulating: Accumulating Parameters
parameters/1 (zinc option): MiniZinc Exported Predicates
parconflict/1 (geost/[2,3,4] option): Placement Constraints
parent (definition): Glossary
parent_clause/1 (debugger condition): Breakpoint Tests
parent_clause/1 (debugger condition): Source Tests
parent_clause/2 (debugger condition): Breakpoint Tests
parent_clause/2 (debugger condition): Source Tests
parent_clause/3 (debugger condition): Breakpoint Tests
parent_clause/3 (debugger condition): Source Tests
parent_inv/1 (debugger condition): Accessing Past Debugger States
parent_inv/1 (debugger condition): Goal Tests
parent_pred/1 (debugger condition): Breakpoint Tests
parent_pred/1 (debugger condition): Source Tests
parent_pred/2 (debugger condition): Breakpoint Tests
parent_pred/2 (debugger condition): Source Tests
parsing phrases: mpg-ref-phrase
partial list (definition): Glossary
partition/5 (lists): lib-lists
passive/1 (CHR pragma): CHR Semantics
password/1 (odbc_db_open/4 option): ODBC Predicates
path root: ref-fdi-syn
path, absolute: ref-fdi-syn
path, absolute: ref-fdi-syn
path, case-normalized: ref-fdi-syn
path, network: ref-fdi-syn
path, UNC: ref-fdi-syn
path/3 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
path/3 (wgraphs): lib-wgraphs
peek_byte/[1,2] (built-in): ref-iou-cin-pee
peek_byte/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-peek_byte
peek_char/[1,2] (built-in): ref-iou-cin-pee
peek_char/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-peek_char
peek_code/[1,2] (built-in): ref-iou-cin-pee
peek_code/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-peek_code
perm/2 (lists): lib-lists
perm2/4 (lists): lib-lists
permission errors: ref-ere-err-per
permission_error/[3,5] (error class): ref-ere-err
permutation/1 (keysorting/3 option): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
permutation/2 (lists): lib-lists
phrase/[2,3] (built-in): ref-gru-exa
phrase/[2,3] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-phrase
pi /0, pi (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
placement of cut: Placement of Cuts
plain spypoint: Plain Spypoint
plain spypoint: Creating Breakpoints
platform_data (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
pltrace-break (emacs command): Usage
plus infinity, sup: CLPFD Interface
PO file (definition): Glossary
PO files: ref-sls-ove
PO files, loading: ref-sls-ssl
PO files, saving: ref-sls-ssl
pointer_object/2 (objects): obj-exp-pointer_object
polymorphism/1 (geost/[2,3,4] option): Placement Constraints
population_standard_deviation/2 (statistics): lib-statistics
population_variance/2 (statistics): lib-statistics
port (definition): Glossary
port debugger: Procedure Box
port, debugger: Port Tests
port/1 (debugger condition): Breakpoint Tests
port/1 (debugger condition): Port Tests
port/1 (start/1 option): PB Prolog Server Interface
portable (quoted_charset flag value): ref-lps-flg
portray/1 (hook, ref page): mpg-ref-portray
portray/1 (user, hook): ref-iou-tou-por
portray/1 (user, hook): CLPQR Fragments and Bits
portrayed/1 (write_term/[2,3] option): mpg-ref-write_term
portray_assoc/1 (assoc): lib-assoc
portray_avl/1 (avl): lib-avl
portray_bag/1 (bags): lib-bags
portray_clause/[1,2] (built-in): ref-iou-tou-pcl
portray_clause/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-portray_clause
portray_message/2 (hook, ref page): mpg-ref-portray_message
portray_message/2 (user, hook): Message Handling Predicates
portray_queue/1 (queues): lib-queues
position in a stream: ref-iou-raf
position, stream: ref-iou-sos
position, stream (definition): Glossary
position/1 (stream property): mpg-ref-stream_property
post/1 (zinc option): MiniZinc Exported Predicates
postfix operators: ref-syn-cpt
postfix operators: ref-syn-ops-ove
posting constraints: Posting Constraints
power_set/2 (sets): lib-sets
precedence (definition): Glossary
precedence, of operators: ref-syn-ops-ove
precedences/1 (cumulative/2 option): Scheduling Constraints
precedences/1 (multi_cumulatives/3 option): Scheduling Constraints
pred/1 (debugger condition): Creating Breakpoints
pred/1 (debugger condition): Goal Tests
predicate: ref-sem-pro
predicate (definition): Glossary
predicate declaration: ref-lod-dcl
predicate spec (definition): Glossary
predicate spec, generalized (definition): Glossary
predicate, built-in (definition): Glossary
predicate, dynamic (definition): Glossary
predicate, extendible (definition): Glossary
predicate, FD: User-Defined Constraints
predicate, FD: FD Predicates
predicate, foreign (definition): Glossary
predicate, hook: Multifile Declarations
predicate, hook (definition): Glossary
predicate, hookable (definition): Glossary
predicate, meta-logical (definition): Glossary
predicate, multifile (definition): Glossary
predicate, public: ref-mod-def
predicate, static (definition): Glossary
predicate, steadfast (definition): Glossary
predicate, undefined: Undefined Predicates
predicate, undefined: ref-lps-flg
predicate, undefined: mpg-ref-unknown_predicate_handler
predicates defined in modules: ref-mod-ilm-def
predicates exported from modules: ref-mod-ilm-def
predicates for all solutions: ref-all-sum
predicates for all solutions: mpg-top-all
predicates for arithmetic: ref-ari-sum
predicates for arithmetic: mpg-top-ari
predicates for character I/O: ref-iou-sum
predicates for character I/O: mpg-top-cio
predicates for control: ref-sem-con
predicates for control: mpg-top-con
predicates for database: ref-mdb-sum
predicates for database: mpg-top-dat
predicates for debugging: Debug Summary
predicates for debugging: mpg-top-deb
predicates for execution state: ref-ere-sum
predicates for execution state: mpg-top-est
predicates for file and stream handling: ref-iou-sum
predicates for file and stream handling: mpg-top-fsh
predicates for filename manipulation: ref-fdi-pre
predicates for filename manipulation: mpg-top-fnm
predicates for foreign interface: mpg-top-fin
predicates for grammar rules: ref-gru-sum
predicates for grammar rules: mpg-top-gru
predicates for list processing: ref-lte-sum
predicates for list processing: mpg-top-lis
predicates for loading programs: ref-lod-lis
predicates for loading programs: mpg-top-lod
predicates for looking at terms: ref-lte
predicates for memory: ref-mgc-sum
predicates for memory: mpg-top-mem
predicates for messages and queries: Message Summary
predicates for messages and queries: mpg-top-msg
predicates for modules: ref-mod-sum
predicates for modules: mpg-top-mod
predicates for processing lists: ref-lte-acl
predicates for program state: ref-lps-sum
predicates for program state: mpg-top-sta
predicates for saving programs: ref-sls-lis
predicates for saving programs: mpg-top-eqs
predicates for term comparison: ref-lte-sum
predicates for term comparison: mpg-top-tcm
predicates for term handling: ref-lte-sum
predicates for term handling: mpg-top-tha
predicates for term I/O: ref-iou-sum
predicates for term I/O: mpg-top-tio
predicates for type tests: ref-lte-met-typ
predicates for type tests: ref-lte-met-typ
predicates for type tests: ref-lte-sum
predicates for type tests: mpg-top-typ
predicates imported into modules: ref-mod-ilm-vis
predicates, annotations: mpg-ref-cat
predicates, assertion and retraction: ref-mdb-bas
predicates, breakpoint handling: Breakpoint Predicates
predicates, debugging: Basic Debug
predicates, hook: mpg-top-hok
predicates, importing dynamic: ref-mod-idp
predicates, meta-logical: ref-lte-met
predicates, private: ref-mod-bas
predicates, public: ref-mod-bas
predicates, read: ref-iou-tin-trm
predicates, write: ref-iou-tou-wrt
predicate_property/2 (built-in): ref-lps-app
predicate_property/2 (built-in): ref-mod-ilm-vis
predicate_property/2 (built-in): ref-mod-ilm-vis
predicate_property/2 (built-in): ref-mod-ilm-vis
predicate_property/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-predicate_property
pred_spec (argument type): mpg-ref-aty-ety
pred_spec_forest (argument type): mpg-ref-aty-ety
pred_spec_tree (argument type): mpg-ref-aty-ety
prefix operators: ref-syn-cpt
prefix operators: ref-syn-ops-ove
prefix/2 (lists): lib-lists
prefix_length/3 (lists): lib-lists
preinit (function annotation): cpg-rve
prelinked foreign resource (definition): Glossary
prelinked resource: Foreign Resources
principal functor: ref-lte-act
principal functor (definition): ref-syn-cpt
print (debugger command): Debug Commands
print/0 (debugger show control): Action Variables
print/[1,2] (built-in): ref-iou-tou-dsp
print/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-print
printing clauses: ref-iou-tou-pcl
printing, formatted: ref-iou-cou-fou
print_coverage/[0,1] (built-in): Coverage Analysis
print_coverage/[0,1] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-print_coverage
print_message/2 (built-in): Message Handling Predicates
print_message/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-print_message
print_message_lines/3 (built-in): Message Handling Predicates
print_message_lines/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-print_message_lines
print_profile/[0,1] (built-in): Execution Profiling
print_profile/[0,1] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-print_profile
priority/1 (write_term/[2,3] option): mpg-ref-write_term
private predicates: ref-mod-bas
private/1 (debugger condition): Storing User Information in the Backtrace
private/1 (debugger condition): Break Tests
proc (Tcl command): Commands
procedural modularity: ref-mod-ove
procedural semantics: ref-sem-sec
procedural semantics: ref-sem-sec
procedure: ref-sem-pro
procedure (definition): Glossary
procedure box: Procedure Box
procedure box (definition): Glossary
procedure call: ref-sem-pro
procedure call: ref-sem-sec
procedure definition: ref-sem-sec
procedures, dynamic and static: ref-mdb-dsp
procedures, redefining during execution: ref-lod-rpx
procedures, removing properties: mpg-ref-abolish
procedures, self-modifying: ref-mdb-bas
procedures, self-modifying: ref-mdb-exa
proceed (redefine_warnings flag value): ref-lps-flg
proceed/0 (debugger command control): Action Variables
proceed/2 (debugger command control): Action Variables
process communication: lib-linda
process communication: lib-sockets
processing, breakpoint: Breakpoint Processing
process_create/[2,3] (process): lib-process
process_id/1 (process): lib-process
process_id/2 (process): lib-process
process_kill/[1,2] (process): lib-process
process_release/1 (process): lib-process
process_wait/[2,3] (process): lib-process
profile_data/1 (built-in): Execution Profiling
profile_data/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-profile_data
profile_reset/0 (built-in): Execution Profiling
profile_reset/0 (built-in): Coverage Analysis
profile_reset/0 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-profile_reset
profiling: lib-gauge
profiling (definition): Glossary
profiling (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
profiling (prolog flag): Runtime Systems
profiling, execution: Execution Profiling
ProgID: Terminology
program (definition): Glossary
program (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
program space: ref-mgc-ove
program state: Saving
program state, predicates for: ref-lps-sum
program state, predicates for: mpg-top-sta
program, loading: ref-sem-con
programming in logic: Intro
projecting_assert/1 (clpqr): CLPQR Solver Predicates
project_attributes/2 (Module): lib-atts
prolog (--main option value): too-spld
prolog (quoted_charset flag value): ref-lps-flg
prolog-backward-list (emacs command): Usage
prolog-beginning-of-clause (emacs command): Usage
prolog-beginning-of-predicate (emacs command): Usage
prolog-debug-on (emacs command): Usage
prolog-end-of-clause (emacs command): Usage
prolog-end-of-predicate (emacs command): Usage
prolog-forward-list (emacs command): Usage
prolog-help-on-predicate (emacs command): Usage
prolog-insert-next-clause (emacs command): Usage
prolog-insert-predicate-template (emacs command): Usage
prolog-insert-predspec (emacs command): Usage
prolog-mark-clause (emacs command): Usage
prolog-mark-predicate (emacs command): Usage
prolog-trace-on (emacs command): Usage
prolog-variables-to-anonymous (emacs command): Usage
prolog-zip-on (emacs command): Usage
PROLOGINCSIZE (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
PROLOGINITSIZE (system property): ref-mgc-ove-rsp
PROLOGINITSIZE (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
PROLOGKEEPSIZE (system property): ref-mgc-ove-rsp
PROLOGKEEPSIZE (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
PROLOGMAXSIZE (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
prolog_flag/[2,3] (built-in): ref-iou-tin-trm
prolog_flag/[2,3] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-prolog_flag
prolog_load_context/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-prolog_load_context
prompt, changing: ref-iou-tin-cpr
prompt/2 (built-in): ref-iou-tin-cpr
prompt/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-prompt
propagating indexicals: Indexicals
proper list (definition): Glossary
property, stream: mpg-ref-stream_property
property, stream (definition): Glossary
proper_length/2 (lists): lib-lists
proper_prefix/2 (lists): lib-lists
proper_prefix_length/3 (lists): lib-lists
proper_segment/2 (lists): lib-lists
proper_suffix/2 (lists): lib-lists
proper_suffix_length/3 (lists): lib-lists
prototype, function: Function Prototypes
prune/1 (case/4 option): Extensional Constraints
prune/1 (cumulatives/3 option): Scheduling Constraints
prunings (fd_statistics/2 option): Statistics Predicates
prunings (zinc option value): FlatZinc Exported Predicates
prunings (zinc option value): MiniZinc Exported Predicates
public declaration: Public Declarations
public predicate: ref-mod-def
public predicates: ref-mod-bas
public/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-public
public/1 (declaration): Public Declarations
puts (Tcl command): Commands
put_assoc/4 (assoc): lib-assoc
put_atts/2 (Module): lib-atts
put_byte/[1,2] (built-in): ref-iou-cou-cha
put_byte/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-put_byte
put_char/[1,2] (built-in): ref-iou-cou-cha
put_char/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-put_char
put_code/[1,2] (built-in): ref-iou-cou-cha
put_code/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-put_code
put_contents/3 (structs): str-afd
put_label/[4,5] (trees): lib-trees

qskip/1 (debugger mode control): Action Variables
quantifier, existential: ref-all-cse-equ
quasi-skip (debugger command): Debug Commands
query: Start
query: Queries and Directives
query: ref-sem-pro
query (definition): Glossary
query on SICStus: Jasper Package Class Reference
query on SICStus: Jasper Package Class Reference
query on SICStus: Jasper Package Class Reference
query, floundered (definition): Glossary
queryCutFail on SICStus: Jasper Package Class Reference
queryCutFail on SICStus: Jasper Package Class Reference
queryCutFail on SICStus: Jasper Package Class Reference
query_abbreviation/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-query_abbreviation
query_abbreviation/3 (SU_messages): Query Handling Predicates
query_class/5 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-query_class
query_class/5 (SU_messages): Query Handling Predicates
query_class_hook/5 (hook, ref page): mpg-ref-query_class_hook
query_class_hook/5 (user, hook): Query Handling Predicates
query_hook/6 (hook, ref page): mpg-ref-query_hook
query_hook/6 (user, hook): Query Handling Predicates
query_input/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-query_input
query_input/3 (SU_messages): Query Handling Predicates
query_input_hook/3 (hook, ref page): mpg-ref-query_input_hook
query_input_hook/3 (user, hook): Query Handling Predicates
query_map/4 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-query_map
query_map/4 (SU_messages): Query Handling Predicates
query_map_hook/4 (hook, ref page): mpg-ref-query_map_hook
query_map_hook/4 (user, hook): Query Handling Predicates
queue_append/3 (queues): lib-queues
queue_cons/3 (queues): lib-queues
queue_head/2 (queues): lib-queues
queue_last/[2,3] (queues): lib-queues
queue_length/2 (queues): lib-queues
queue_list/2 (queues): lib-queues
queue_member/2 (queues): lib-queues
queue_memberchk/2 (queues): lib-queues
queue_tail/2 (queues): lib-queues
quiet (syntax_errors flag value): ref-lps-flg
quiet (syntax_errors flag value): ref-ere-err-syn
quote characters, in atoms: ref-syn-trm-ato
quoted/1 (write_term/[2,3] option): mpg-ref-write_term
quoted/1, write_term/[2,3] option: ref-iou-tou-dis
quoted_charset (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
quoted_charset (prolog flag): mpg-ref-write_term
quoted_charset/1 (write_term/[2,3] option): mpg-ref-write_term

radiobutton (Tk widget): Types of Widget
raise exception (debugger command): Debug Commands
raise/1 (debugger command control): Action Variables
raise_exception/1 (built-in): ref-ere-leg
raise_exception/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-raise_exception
random access to streams: ref-iou-raf
random/[1,3] (random): lib-random
random_member/2 (random): lib-random
random_numlist/4 (random): lib-random
random_perm2/4 (random): lib-random
random_permutation/2 (random): lib-random
random_select/3 (random): lib-random
random_subseq/3 (random): lib-random
random_ugraph/3 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
random_wgraph/4 (wgraphs): lib-wgraphs
range of floats: ref-ari-ove
range of integers: ref-ari-ove
range/2 (statistics): lib-statistics
range_to_fdset/2 (clpfd): FD Set Operations
raw/1 (odbc_db_open/4 option): ODBC Predicates
rd/[1,2] (linda_client): lib-linda-client
rd_noblock/1 (linda_client): lib-linda-client
reachable/3 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
reachable/3 (wgraphs): lib-wgraphs
read (absolute_file_name/3 access): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
read (open/[3,4] mode): mpg-ref-open
read (Tcl command): Commands
read predicates: ref-iou-tin-trm
read/[1,2] (built-in): ref-iou-tin-trm
read/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-read
reading a goal from a string: Reading a goal from a string
reading in: Reading In
read_from_codes/2 (codesio): lib-codesio
read_line/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-read_line
read_record/[1,2] (csv): lib-csv
read_records/[1,2] (csv): lib-csv
read_record_from_codes/[2,3] (csv): lib-csv
read_term/[2,3] (built-in): ref-iou-tin-trm
read_term/[2,3] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-read_term
read_term_from_codes/3 (codesio): lib-codesio
reclamation, space: ref-mgc-ove-rsp
reconsult: Consult
reconsult/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-reconsult
recorda/3 (built-in): ref-mdb-idb
recorda/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-recorda
recorded keys: ref-mdb-idb
recorded/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-recorded
recordz/3 (built-in): ref-mdb-idb
recordz/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-recordz
recursion (definition): Glossary
red cut: ref-sem-ctr-cut
redefine_warnings (prolog flag): ref-lod-lod
redefine_warnings (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
redefine_warnings (prolog flag): Runtime Systems
redefining procedures, during execution: ref-lod-rpx
redo (CHR port): CHR Ports
redo (leashing mode): Basic Debug
redo/0 (debugger port value): Port Tests
redo/1 (debugger command control): Action Variables
reduce/2 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
reduce/2 (wgraphs): lib-wgraphs
reexit/1 (debugger command control): Action Variables
reference page conventions: mpg-ref-ove
reference, term: Mixing C and Prolog
regexp (Tcl command): Commands
region (definition): Glossary
register_event_listener/[2,3] (prologbeans): PB Prolog Server Interface
register_query/[2,3] (prologbeans): PB Prolog Server Interface
regsub (Tcl command): Commands
reification: Reified Constraints
reject (redefine_warnings flag value): ref-lps-flg
reject (top-level command): Queries
relation/3 (clpfd): Extensional Constraints
relative_to/1 (absolute_file_name/3 option): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
rem /2, integer truncated remainder (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
remove (CHR port): CHR Ports
remove this (debugger command): Debug Commands
remove_attribute_prefixes/1 (xml_parse/3 option): lib-xml
remove_breakpoints/1 (built-in): Built-in Predicates for Breakpoint Handling
remove_breakpoints/1 (built-in): Breakpoint Predicates
remove_breakpoints/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-remove_breakpoints
remove_dups/2 (lists): lib-lists
rem_add_link/4 (rem): lib-rem
rem_create/2 (rem): lib-rem
rem_equivalent/3 (rem): lib-rem
rem_head/3 (random): lib-rem
rename_directory/2 (file_systems): lib-file_systems
rename_file/2 (file_systems): lib-file_systems
repeat/0 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-repeat
repeat/1 (between): lib-between
reposition/1 (open/4 option): mpg-ref-open
reposition/1 (stream property): mpg-ref-stream_property
representation errors: ref-ere-err-rep
representation_error/[1,3] (error class): ref-ere-err
reset (open/4 eof_action value): mpg-ref-open
reset printdepth (debugger command): Debug Commands
reset printdepth (top-level command): Queries
reset subterm (debugger command): Debug Commands
reset subterm (top-level command): Queries
resource errors: ref-ere-err-res
resource, colored: Scheduling Constraints
resource, cumulative: Scheduling Constraints
resource, data: too-spld
resource, dynamic: Foreign Resources
resource, foreign: Foreign Resources
resource, foreign (definition): Glossary
resource, linked foreign (definition): Glossary
resource, prelinked: Foreign Resources
resource, static: Foreign Resources
resource_error/[1,2] (error class): ref-ere-err
rest of list, ’|’: ref-syn-cpt-lis
restart (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
restore (--main option value): too-spld
restore/1 (built-in): Saving
restore/1 (built-in): ref-sls-sst
restore/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-restore
restoring: Saving
restrictions, operator syntax: ref-syn-ops-res
resumptions (fd_statistics/2 option): Statistics Predicates
retract/1 (built-in): ref-mdb-rcd
retract/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-retract
retractall/1 (built-in): ref-mdb-rcd
retractall/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-retractall
retry (debugger command): Debug Commands
retry/1 (debugger command control): Action Variables
return (Tcl command): Commands
rev/2 (lists): lib-lists
reverse/2 (lists): lib-lists
rewriting, syntactic: ref-fdi-syn
rotate_list/[2,3] (lists): lib-lists
round /1, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
rule (definition): Glossary
rule, computation: ref-sem-sec
rule, search: ref-sem-sec
run-prolog (emacs command): Usage
running: Start
runtime (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
runtime (zinc option value): FlatZinc Exported Predicates
runtime (zinc option value): MiniZinc Exported Predicates
runtime kernel (definition): Glossary
runtime system: Development and Runtime Systems
runtime system: Stand-Alone Executables
runtime system (definition): Glossary
runtime system, extended (definition): Glossary
runtime_entry/1 (user, hook): too-spld
run_tests/[0,1,2] (plunit): PlUnit Running the Test-Suite

same_functor/[2,3,4] (terms): lib-terms
same_length/[2,3] (lists): lib-lists
samkeysort/2 (samsort): lib-samsort
sample_standard_deviation/2 (statistics): lib-statistics
sample_variance/2 (statistics): lib-statistics
samsort/[2,3] (samsort): lib-samsort
sat/1 (clpb): CLPB Interface
satisfy (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
saved-state: Saving
saved-state: ref-sls-sst
saved-state (definition): Glossary
saved-states, initialization of: ref-sls-sst
saved_state (absolute_file_name/3 file type): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
save_files/2 (built-in): Saving
save_files/2 (built-in): ref-sls-ssl
save_files/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-save_files
save_modules/2 (built-in): Saving
save_modules/2 (built-in): ref-sls-ssl
save_modules/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-save_modules
save_predicates/2 (built-in): Saving
save_predicates/2 (built-in): ref-sls-ssl
save_predicates/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-save_predicates
save_program/[1,2] (built-in): Saving
save_program/[1,2] (built-in): ref-sls-sst
save_program/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-save_program
saving: Saving
saving database: ref-sls-ove
saving PO files: ref-sls-ssl
saving programs, predicates for: ref-sls-lis
saving programs, predicates for: mpg-top-eqs
scalar_product/4 (case/4 option): Extensional Constraints
scalar_product/[4,5] (clpfd): Arithmetic Constraints
scale (Tk widget): Types of Widget
scan (Tcl command): Commands
scanlist/[4,5,6] (lists): lib-lists
scollbar (Tk widget): Types of Widget
scope of variables: ref-sem-pro
search (absolute_file_name/3 access): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
search rule: ref-sem-sec
search/1 (zinc option): FlatZinc Exported Predicates
search/1 (zinc option): MiniZinc Exported Predicates
searchable (absolute_file_name/3 access): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
searching, for a file in a library: ref-fdi-fsp
seconds since the Epoch: lib-file_systems
see/1 (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-opn
see/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-see
seeing/1 (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-cis
seeing/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-seeing
seek/4 (built-in): ref-iou-raf
seek/4 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-seek
seen/0 (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-cst
seen/0 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-seen
segment/2 (lists): lib-lists
select/3 (lists): lib-lists
select/4 (lists): lib-lists
selectchk/3 (lists): lib-lists
selectchk/4 (lists): lib-lists
selector: FDBG Selectors
selector, subterm: Queries
selector, subterm: Breakpoint Tests
selector, subterm (definition): Glossary
select_max/[3,4] (lists): lib-lists
select_min/[3,4] (lists): lib-lists
self-modifying procedures: ref-mdb-bas
self-modifying procedures: ref-mdb-exa
semantics: ref-sem
semantics (definition): Glossary
semantics of dynamic code: ref-mdb-bas
semantics of grammar rules: ref-gru-tra
semantics, declarative: ref-sem-sec
semantics, procedural: ref-sem-sec
semantics, procedural: ref-sem-sec
sentence: ref-sem-pro
sentence (definition): Glossary
sentences: ref-syn-syn
sequence, escape: ref-syn-syn-esc
sequence, escape (definition): Glossary
servlet: PB Features
session_gc_timeout/1 (start/1 option): PB Prolog Server Interface
session_get/4 (prologbeans): PB Prolog Server Interface
session_put/3 (prologbeans): PB Prolog Server Interface
session_timeout/1 (start/1 option): PB Prolog Server Interface
set (Tcl command): Commands
set printdepth (debugger command): Debug Commands
set printdepth (top-level command): Queries
set subterm (debugger command): Debug Commands
set subterm (top-level command): Queries
set, character: ref-syn-syn-tok
set, FD: FD Set Operations
set/1 (plunit option): PlUnit A Unit Test Box
seteq/2 (sets): lib-sets
setof/3 (built-in): ref-all-cse
setof/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-setof
setproduct/3 (sets): lib-sets
setrand/1 (random): lib-random
sets, collecting solutions to a goal: ref-all
setting a breakpoint: Usage
setup/1 (plunit option): PlUnit A Unit Test Box
set_input/1 (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-opn
set_input/1 (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-opn
set_input/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-set_input
set_module/1 (built-in): ref-mod-tyi
set_module/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-set_module
set_order/3 (sets): lib-sets
set_output/1 (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-opn
set_output/1 (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-opn
set_output/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-set_output
set_prolog_flag/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-set_prolog_flag
set_stream_position/2 (built-in): ref-iou-raf
set_stream_position/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-set_stream_position
shorter_list/2 (lists): lib-lists
show/1 (debugger condition): Breakpoint Actions
show/1 (debugger condition): Port Tests
show/1 (debugger condition): Action Conditions
shutdown/[0,1] (prologbeans): PB Prolog Server Interface
shutdown_server/0 (linda_client): lib-linda-client
sicstus(1) (command line tool): too-sicstus
sicstus-bindings-on (emacs command): Usage
sicstus-bindings-print-depth (emacs command): Usage
sicstus-coverage-on (emacs command): Usage
side-effect (definition): Glossary
side-effects, in repeat loops: mpg-ref-repeat
sigaction: Signal Handling
SIGBREAK: Signal Handling
SIGCHLD: Signal Handling
SIGCLD: Signal Handling
SIGINT: Signal Handling
sign /1, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
signal: Signal Handling
signal handling: Calling Prolog Asynchronously
Signal handling, C functions for: cpg-top-sig
SIGUSR1: Signal Handling
SIGUSR2: Signal Handling
SIGVTALRM: Signal Handling
SIG_DFL (C macro): cpg-ref-SP_signal
SIG_ERR (C macro): cpg-ref-SP_signal
SIG_IGN (C macro): cpg-ref-SP_signal
silent/0 (debugger show control): Action Variables
simple term (definition): Glossary
simple/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-simple
SimpleCallSpec: Terminology
simple_pred_spec (argument type): mpg-ref-aty-ety
sin /1, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
singletons/1 (read_term/[2,3] option): mpg-ref-read_term
singleton_queue/2 (queues): lib-queues
single_var_warnings (prolog flag): ref-lod-lod
single_var_warnings (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
single_var_warnings (prolog flag): Runtime Systems
sinh /1, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
site, coverage: Coverage Analysis
size_bound/2 (terms): lib-terms
skeletal goal (definition): Glossary
skewness/2 (statistics): lib-statistics
skip (CHR debug command): CHR Tracing
skip (debugger command): Debug Commands
skip/1 (debugger mode control): Action Variables
skip_byte/[1,2] (built-in): ref-iou-cin-ski
skip_byte/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-skip_byte
skip_char/[1,2] (built-in): ref-iou-cin-ski
skip_char/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-skip_char
skip_code/[1,2] (built-in): ref-iou-cin-ski
skip_code/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-skip_code
skip_line/[0,1] (built-in): ref-iou-cin-ski
skip_line/[0,1] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-skip_line
sleep/1 (system): lib-system
small integer (definition): Glossary
smallest (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
smt/1 (clpfd): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
socket address: lib-sockets
sockets: lib-sockets
socket_client_open/3 (sockets): lib-sockets
socket_select/7 (sockets): lib-sockets
socket_server_accept/4 (sockets): lib-sockets
socket_server_close/1 (sockets): lib-sockets
socket_server_open/[2,3] (sockets): lib-sockets
soft cut: ref-sem-ctr-ite
solutions (zinc option value): FlatZinc Exported Predicates
solutions (zinc option value): MiniZinc Exported Predicates
solutions/1 (absolute_file_name/3 option): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
solutions/1 (zinc option): FlatZinc Exported Predicates
solutions/1 (zinc option): MiniZinc Exported Predicates
solve/2 (clpfd): Enumeration Predicates
solvetime (zinc option value): FlatZinc Exported Predicates
solvetime (zinc option value): MiniZinc Exported Predicates
some/[2,3,4] (lists): lib-lists
somebag/2 (bags): lib-bags
somechk/[2,3,4] (lists): lib-lists
somechkbag/2 (bags): lib-bags
somechk_queue/[2,3] (queues): lib-queues
some_queue/[2,3] (queues): lib-queues
sort/2 (built-in): ref-lte-cte-sor
sort/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-sort
sorting/3 (clpfd): Arithmetic-Logical Constraints
source (absolute_file_name/3 file type): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
source (load context key): ref-lps-lco
source (Tcl command): Commands
source code (definition): Glossary
source information: Usage
source information: ref-lps-flg
source module: ref-mod-som
source module: ref-mod-mne
source module (definition): Glossary
source/1 (fd_global/[3,4] option): The Global Constraint Programming Interface
source_file/[1,2] (built-in): ref-lps-apf
source_file/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-source_file
source_info (prolog flag): Usage
source_info (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
source_info (prolog flag): Breakpoint Tests
source_info (prolog flag): Debugging Runtime Systems
space reclamation: ref-mgc-ove-rsp
space, program: ref-mgc-ove
space, reclamation: mpg-ref-abolish
spdet(1) (command line tool): too-spdet
spdet, the determinacy checker: The Determinacy Checker
spec, breakpoint: Creating Breakpoints
spec, mode: Mode Spec
spec, predicate (definition): Glossary
specific breakpoint: Specific and Generic Breakpoints
specification, directory: ref-fdi-fsp
specification, file: ref-fdi-fsp
specification, file: ref-fdi-syn
specification, file (definition): Glossary
specifying streams: ref-iou-str
specifying streams, effiency and: ref-iou-str-not
spfz(1) (command line tool): too-spfz
spld: The Application Builder
spld(1) (command line tool): too-spld
splfr: The Foreign Resource Linker
splfr(1) (command line tool): too-splfr
split (Tcl command): Commands
splm(1) (command line tool): too-splm
spxref: Xref Introduction
spxref(1) (command line tool): too-spxref
spy this (debugger command): Debug Commands
spy this conditionally (debugger command): Debug Commands
spy/[1,2] (built-in): Plain Spypoint
spy/[1,2] (built-in): Breakpoint Predicates
spy/[1,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-spy
spypoint: Debug Intro
spypoint (definition): Glossary
spypoint, conditional: Creating Breakpoints
spypoint, plain: Plain Spypoint
spypoint, plain: Creating Breakpoints
SP_AllocHook() (C type): cpg-ref-SP_set_memalloc_hooks
SP_ALLOW_CHDIR (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
SP_ALLOW_DEVSYS (system property): Customizing the Debugged Runtime System
SP_APP_DIR (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
SP_APP_PATH (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
SP_atom (C type): Glossary
SP_atom (C type): Glossary
SP_atom (C type): Atoms in C
SP_atom (C type): cpg-ref-SP_atom_from_string
SP_atom (C type): cpg-ref-SP_atom_length
SP_atom (C type): cpg-ref-SP_cons_functor
SP_atom (C type): cpg-ref-SP_cons_functor_array
SP_atom (C type): cpg-ref-SP_get_atom
SP_atom (C type): cpg-ref-SP_get_functor
SP_atom (C type): cpg-ref-SP_pred
SP_atom (C type): cpg-ref-SP_put_atom
SP_atom (C type): cpg-ref-SP_put_functor
SP_atom (C type): cpg-ref-SP_register_atom
SP_atom (C type): cpg-ref-SP_string_from_atom
SP_atom (C type): cpg-ref-SP_unregister_atom
SP_atom (definition): Glossary
SP_atom_from_string() (C function): Atoms in C
SP_atom_from_string() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_atom_from_string
SP_atom_length() (C function): Atoms in C
SP_atom_length() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_atom_length
SP_ATTACH_SPIDER (system property): Customizing the Debugged Runtime System
SP_calloc() (C function): OS Memory Management
SP_calloc() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_calloc
SP_close_query() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_close_query
SP_compare() (C function): Unifying and Comparing Terms
SP_compare() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_compare
SP_cons_functor() (C function): Creating Prolog Terms
SP_cons_functor() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_cons_functor
SP_cons_functor_array() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_cons_functor_array
SP_cons_list() (C function): Creating Prolog Terms
SP_cons_list() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_cons_list
SP_create_stream() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_create_stream
SP_curin (C stream): Prolog Streams
SP_curout (C stream): Prolog Streams
SP_cut_query() (C function): Finding Multiple Solutions of a Call
SP_cut_query() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_cut_query
SP_define_c_predicate() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_define_c_predicate
SP_DeinitAllocHook() (C type): cpg-ref-SP_set_memalloc_hooks
SP_deinitialize() (C function): Initializing the Prolog Engine
SP_deinitialize() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_deinitialize
SP_DEVSYS_NO_TRACE (system property): Customizing the Debugged Runtime System
SP_errno (C macro): CPL Notes
SP_errno (C macro): cpg-rve
SP_ERROR (C macro): CPL Notes
SP_ERROR (C macro): cpg-rve
SP_error_message() (C function): CPL Notes
SP_error_message() (C function): cpg-rve
SP_error_message() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_error_message
SP_event() (C function): Calling Prolog Asynchronously
SP_event() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_event
SP_exception_term() (C function): Exception Handling in C
SP_exception_term() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_exception_term
SP_expand_file_name() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_expand_file_name
SP_fail() (C function): Exception Handling in C
SP_fail() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_fail
SP_FAILURE (C macro): CPL Notes
SP_FAILURE (C macro): cpg-rve
SP_fclose() (C function): Prolog Streams
SP_fclose() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_fclose
SP_flush_output() (C function): Prolog Streams
SP_flush_output() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_flush_output
SP_fopen() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_fopen
SP_foreign_stash() (C macro): OS Threads
SP_foreign_stash() (C macro): cpg-ref-SP_foreign_stash
SP_fprintf() (C function): Prolog Streams
SP_fprintf() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_fprintf
SP_free() (C function): OS Memory Management
SP_free() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_free
SP_FreeHook() (C type): cpg-ref-SP_set_memalloc_hooks
SP_getenv() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_getenv
SP_get_address() (C function): Accessing Prolog Terms
SP_get_address() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_get_address
SP_get_arg() (C function): Accessing Prolog Terms
SP_get_arg() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_get_arg
SP_get_atom() (C function): Accessing Prolog Terms
SP_get_atom() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_get_atom
SP_get_byte() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_get_byte
SP_get_byte() (C macro): Prolog Streams
SP_get_code() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_get_code
SP_get_code() (C macro): Prolog Streams
SP_get_current_dir() (C function): OS File System
SP_get_current_dir() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_get_current_dir
SP_get_dispatch() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_get_dispatch
SP_get_float() (C function): Accessing Prolog Terms
SP_get_float() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_get_float
SP_get_functor() (C function): Accessing Prolog Terms
SP_get_functor() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_get_functor
SP_get_integer() (C function): Accessing Prolog Terms
SP_get_integer() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_get_integer
SP_get_integer_bytes() (C function): Accessing Prolog Terms
SP_get_integer_bytes() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_get_integer_bytes
SP_get_list() (C function): Accessing Prolog Terms
SP_get_list() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_get_list
SP_get_list_codes() (C function): Accessing Prolog Terms
SP_get_list_codes() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_get_list_codes
SP_get_list_n_bytes() (C function): Accessing Prolog Terms
SP_get_list_n_bytes() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_get_list_n_bytes
SP_get_list_n_codes() (C function): Accessing Prolog Terms
SP_get_list_n_codes() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_get_list_n_codes
SP_get_number_codes() (C function): Accessing Prolog Terms
SP_get_number_codes() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_get_number_codes
SP_get_stream_counts() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_get_stream_counts
SP_get_stream_user_data() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_get_stream_user_data
SP_get_string() (C function): Accessing Prolog Terms
SP_get_string() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_get_string
SP_InitAllocHook() (C type): cpg-ref-SP_set_memalloc_hooks
SP_initialize() (C function): Initializing the Prolog Engine
SP_initialize() (C macro): cpg-ref-SP_initialize
SP_integer (C type): Glossary
SP_integer (definition): Glossary
SP_is_atom() (C function): Testing Prolog Terms
SP_is_atom() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_is_atom
SP_is_atomic() (C function): Testing Prolog Terms
SP_is_atomic() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_is_atomic
SP_is_compound() (C function): Testing Prolog Terms
SP_is_compound() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_is_compound
SP_is_float() (C function): Testing Prolog Terms
SP_is_float() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_is_float
SP_is_integer() (C function): Testing Prolog Terms
SP_is_integer() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_is_integer
SP_is_list() (C function): Testing Prolog Terms
SP_is_list() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_is_list
SP_is_number() (C function): Testing Prolog Terms
SP_is_number() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_is_number
SP_is_variable() (C function): Testing Prolog Terms
SP_is_variable() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_is_variable
SP_JIT (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
SP_JIT_CLAUSE_LIMIT (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
SP_JIT_COUNTER_LIMIT (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
SP_LIBRARY_DIR (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
SP_LICENSE_CODE (system property): Locating the License Information
SP_LICENSE_CODE (system property): Locating the License Information
SP_LICENSE_CODE (system property): Customizing the Debugged Runtime System
SP_LICENSE_EXPIRATION (system property): Locating the License Information
SP_LICENSE_EXPIRATION (system property): Locating the License Information
SP_LICENSE_EXPIRATION (system property): Customizing the Debugged Runtime System
SP_LICENSE_FILE (system property): Locating the License Information
SP_LICENSE_FILE (system property): Customizing the Debugged Runtime System
SP_LICENSE_SITE (system property): Locating the License Information
SP_LICENSE_SITE (system property): Locating the License Information
SP_LICENSE_SITE (system property): Customizing the Debugged Runtime System
SP_load() (C function): Loading Prolog Code
SP_load() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_load
SP_load_sicstus_run_time() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_load_sicstus_run_time
SP_malloc() (C function): OS Memory Management
SP_malloc() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_malloc
SP_mutex_lock() (C function): OS Threads
SP_mutex_lock() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_mutex_lock
SP_mutex_unlock() (C function): OS Threads
SP_mutex_unlock() (C function): OS Threads
SP_mutex_unlock() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_mutex_unlock
SP_new_term_ref() (C function): Creating and Manipulating SP_term_refs
SP_new_term_ref() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_new_term_ref
SP_next_solution() (C function): Finding Multiple Solutions of a Call
SP_next_solution() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_next_solution
SP_next_stream() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_next_stream
SP_on_fault() (C macro): Exception Handling in C
SP_open_query() (C function): Finding Multiple Solutions of a Call
SP_open_query() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_open_query
SP_PATH (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
SP_PATH (system property): CPL Notes
SP_pred() (C function): Calling Prolog from C
SP_pred() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_pred
SP_predicate() (C function): Calling Prolog from C
SP_predicate() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_predicate
SP_printf() (C function): Prolog Streams
SP_printf() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_printf
SP_put_address() (C function): Creating Prolog Terms
SP_put_address() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_put_address
SP_put_atom() (C function): Creating Prolog Terms
SP_put_atom() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_put_atom
SP_put_byte() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_put_byte
SP_put_byte() (C macro): Prolog Streams
SP_put_bytes() (C function): Prolog Streams
SP_put_bytes() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_put_bytes
SP_put_code() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_put_code
SP_put_code() (C macro): Prolog Streams
SP_put_codes() (C function): Prolog Streams
SP_put_codes() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_put_codes
SP_put_encoded_string() (C function): Prolog Streams
SP_put_encoded_string() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_put_encoded_string
SP_put_float() (C function): Creating Prolog Terms
SP_put_float() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_put_float
SP_put_functor() (C function): Creating Prolog Terms
SP_put_functor() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_put_functor
SP_put_integer() (C function): Creating Prolog Terms
SP_put_integer() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_put_integer
SP_put_integer_bytes() (C function): Creating Prolog Terms
SP_put_integer_bytes() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_put_integer_bytes
SP_put_list() (C function): Creating Prolog Terms
SP_put_list() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_put_list
SP_put_list_codes() (C function): Creating Prolog Terms
SP_put_list_codes() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_put_list_codes
SP_put_list_n_bytes() (C function): Creating Prolog Terms
SP_put_list_n_bytes() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_put_list_n_bytes
SP_put_list_n_codes() (C function): Creating Prolog Terms
SP_put_list_n_codes() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_put_list_n_codes
SP_put_number_codes() (C function): Creating Prolog Terms
SP_put_number_codes() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_put_number_codes
SP_put_string() (C function): Creating Prolog Terms
SP_put_string() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_put_string
SP_put_term() (C function): Creating and Manipulating SP_term_refs
SP_put_term() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_put_term
SP_put_variable() (C function): Creating Prolog Terms
SP_put_variable() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_put_variable
SP_qid (C type): Finding Multiple Solutions of a Call
SP_qid (C type): cpg-ref-SP_close_query
SP_qid (C type): cpg-ref-SP_cut_query
SP_qid (C type): cpg-ref-SP_next_solution
SP_qid (C type): cpg-ref-SP_open_query
SP_query() (C function): Finding One Solution of a Call
SP_query() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_query
SP_query_cut_fail() (C function): Finding One Solution of a Call
SP_query_cut_fail() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_query_cut_fail
SP_raise_exception() (C function): Exception Handling in C
SP_raise_exception() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_raise_exception
SP_raise_fault() (C function): Exception Handling in C
SP_read_from_string() (C function): Creating Prolog Terms
SP_read_from_string() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_read_from_string
SP_realloc() (C function): OS Memory Management
SP_realloc() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_realloc
SP_register_atom() (C function): Atoms in C
SP_register_atom() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_register_atom
SP_restore() (C function): Loading Prolog Code
SP_restore() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_restore
SP_RT_DIR (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
SP_RT_PATH (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
SP_set_argv() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_set_argv
SP_set_current_dir() (C function): OS File System
SP_set_current_dir() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_set_current_dir
SP_set_memalloc_hooks() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_set_memalloc_hooks
SP_set_user_stream_hook() (C function): Hookable Standard Streams
SP_set_user_stream_hook() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_set_user_stream_hook
SP_set_user_stream_post_hook() (C function): Hookable Standard Streams
SP_set_user_stream_post_hook() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_set_user_stream_post_hook
SP_signal() (C function): Signal Handling
SP_signal() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_signal
SP_SIG_DFL (C macro): cpg-ref-SP_signal
SP_SIG_ERR (C macro): cpg-ref-SP_signal
SP_SIG_IGN (C macro): cpg-ref-SP_signal
SP_SPTI_PATH (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
SP_STARTUP_DIR (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
SP_stderr (C stream): Prolog Streams
SP_stdin (C stream): Prolog Streams
SP_stdout (C stream): Prolog Streams
SP_strdup() (C function): OS Memory Management
SP_strdup() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_strdup
SP_stream (C type): Prolog Streams
SP_STREAMHOOK_STDERR (stream hook): Writing User-stream Hooks
SP_STREAMHOOK_STDIN (stream hook): Writing User-stream Hooks
SP_STREAMHOOK_STDOUT (stream hook): Writing User-stream Hooks
SP_string_from_atom() (C function): Atoms in C
SP_string_from_atom() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_string_from_atom
SP_SUCCESS (C macro): CPL Notes
SP_SUCCESS (C macro): cpg-rve
SP_TEMP_DIR (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
SP_term_ref: Mixing C and Prolog
SP_term_ref (C type): Mixing C and Prolog
SP_term_ref (C type): Creating and Manipulating SP_term_refs
SP_term_ref (definition): Glossary
SP_term_type() (C function): Testing Prolog Terms
SP_term_type() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_term_type
SP_TYPE_ATOM (C macro): cpg-ref-SP_term_type
SP_TYPE_COMPOUND (C macro): cpg-ref-SP_term_type
SP_TYPE_ERROR (C macro): cpg-ref-SP_term_type
SP_TYPE_FLOAT (C macro): cpg-ref-SP_term_type
SP_TYPE_INTEGER (C macro): cpg-ref-SP_term_type
SP_TYPE_VARIABLE (C macro): cpg-ref-SP_term_type
SP_ULIMIT_DATA_SEGMENT_SIZE (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
SP_unget_byte() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_unget_byte
SP_unget_code() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_unget_code
SP_unify() (C function): Unifying and Comparing Terms
SP_unify() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_unify
SP_unregister_atom() (C function): Atoms in C
SP_unregister_atom() (C function): cpg-ref-SP_unregister_atom
SP_USE_DEVSYS (system property): Customizing the Debugged Runtime System
SP_USE_MALLOC (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
SP_WHEN_EXIT (foreign resource context): Init and Deinit Functions
SP_WHEN_EXPLICIT (foreign resource context): Init and Deinit Functions
SP_WHEN_EXPLICIT (foreign resource context): Init and Deinit Functions
SP_WHEN_RESTORE (foreign resource context): Init and Deinit Functions
sqrt /1, square root (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
ss_choice (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
ss_global (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
ss_local (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
ss_time (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
stack, choice: ref-mgc-ove
stack, global: ref-mgc-ove
stack, local: ref-mgc-ove
stack, trail: ref-mgc-ove
stack_shifts (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
stand-alone executable: Stand-Alone Executables
stand-alone executable (definition): Glossary
standard streams: ref-iou-str
standard, order on terms: ref-lte-cte-sot
start/[0,1] (prologbeans): PB Prolog Server Interface
startServer on SICStus: Java Threads
state, program: Saving
state/2 (automaton/9 option): Automata Constraints
static predicate (definition): Glossary
static procedures: ref-mdb-dsp
static resource: Foreign Resources
statistics, displaying: ref-mgc-ove-sta
statistics, memory: ref-mgc-ove-sta
statistics/1 (zinc option): FlatZinc Exported Predicates
statistics/1 (zinc option): MiniZinc Exported Predicates
statistics/[0,2] (built-in): ref-mgc-ove-sta
statistics/[0,2] (built-in): ref-mgc-gcp
statistics/[0,2] (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-statistics
steadfast predicate (definition): Glossary
step (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
stopServer on SICStus: Java Threads
store, consistent: CLPFD Interface
store, contradictory: CLPFD Interface
store_slot/2 (objects): obj-exp-store_slot
stream (definition): Glossary
stream (load context key): ref-lps-lco
stream alias: ref-iou-sfh-sob
stream alias (definition): Glossary
stream errors: ref-iou-sfh-est
stream exceptions: ref-iou-sfh-est
stream object: ref-iou-sfh-sob
stream object (definition): Glossary
stream position: ref-iou-sos
stream position (definition): Glossary
stream position information for terminal I/O: ref-iou-sos-spt
stream position object: ref-iou-raf
stream property: mpg-ref-stream_property
stream property (definition): Glossary
stream, closing: ref-iou-sfh-cst
stream, current: ref-iou-sfh-bos
stream, end of: mpg-ref-at_end_of_stream
stream, position objects: mpg-ref-set_stream_position
stream, position objects: mpg-ref-stream_position
streams: ref-iou-sfh
streams, current input: ref-iou-sfh-opn
streams, current input: ref-iou-sfh-cis
streams, current input: ref-iou-sfh-cos
streams, current input and output: ref-iou-bas
streams, current output: ref-iou-sfh-opn
streams, current output: ref-iou-sfh-cis
streams, current output: ref-iou-sfh-cos
streams, null: ref-iou-sfh-opn
streams, opening: ref-iou-sfh-opn
streams, random access to: ref-iou-raf
streams, specifying: ref-iou-str
streams, standard: ref-iou-str
stream_code/2 (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-sob
stream_code/2 (built-in): Prolog Streams
stream_code/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-stream_code
stream_object (argument type): mpg-ref-aty-ety
stream_position/2 (built-in): ref-iou-raf
stream_position/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-stream_position
stream_position_data/3 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-stream_position_data
stream_property/2 (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-bos
stream_property/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-stream_property
stretchmaxlen/2 (automaton/9 option): Automata Constraints
stretchminlen/2 (automaton/9 option): Automata Constraints
stretchocc/2 (automaton/9 option): Automata Constraints
stretchoccmod/3 (automaton/9 option): Automata Constraints
string (definition): Glossary
string (definition): ref-syn-cpt-sli
string first (Tcl command): Commands
string index (Tcl command): Commands
string last (Tcl command): Commands
string length (Tcl command): Commands
string match (Tcl command): Commands
string match (Tcl command): Commands
string range (Tcl command): Commands
string string (Tcl command): Commands
string tolower (Tcl command): Commands
string toupper (Tcl command): Commands
string trim (Tcl command): Commands
string trimright (Tcl command): Commands
string, encoded: CPL Notes
string, encoded (definition): Glossary
strings, lists of character codes: ref-syn-cpt-sli
strings, lists of character codes: ref-syn-cpt-sli
structs (library package): lib-structs
structure, control: ref-sem-ctr
structure, control (definition): Glossary
sublist/5 (lists): lib-lists
subseq/3 (lists): lib-lists
subseq0/2 (lists): lib-lists
subseq1/2 (lists): lib-lists
subset/2 (sets): lib-sets
subsumes/2 (terms): lib-terms
subsumeschk/2 (terms): lib-terms
subsumes_term/2 (built-in): ref-lte-met-usu
subsumes_term/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-subsumes_term
subterm selector: Queries
subterm selector: Breakpoint Tests
subterm selector (definition): Glossary
subtract/3 (sets): lib-sets
sub_atom/5 (built-in): ref-lte-atm
sub_atom/5 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-sub_atom
sub_term/2 (terms): lib-terms
suffix/2 (lists): lib-lists
suffix_length/3 (lists): lib-lists
sum/3 (clpfd): Arithmetic Constraints
sumlist/2 (lists): lib-lists
sup, plus infinity: CLPFD Interface
sup/[2,4] (clpqr): CLPQR Solver Predicates
suppress (redefine_warnings flag value): ref-lps-flg
SU_initialize() (C function): cpg-ref-SU_initialize
SU_initialize() (C function): too-spld
switch (Tcl command): Commands
symdiff/3 (sets): lib-sets
symmetric_closure/2 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
symmetric_closure/2 (wgraphs): lib-wgraphs
synchronization: lib-linda
synchronization/1 (disjoint2/2 option): Placement Constraints
synopsis, reference page field: mpg-ref-ove
syntactic rewriting: ref-fdi-syn
syntax (definition): Glossary
syntax error: Syntax Errors
syntax errors: ref-ere-err-syn
syntax restrictions on operators: ref-syn-ops-res
syntax, formal: ref-syn-syn
syntax, of atoms: ref-syn-trm-ato
syntax, of compound terms: ref-syn-cpt
syntax, of floats: ref-syn-trm-flo
syntax, of integers: ref-syn-trm-int
syntax, of lists: ref-syn-cpt-lis
syntax, of sentences as terms: ref-syn-syn-sen
syntax, of terms as tokens: ref-syn-syn-trm
syntax, of tokens as character strings: ref-syn-syn-tok
syntax, of variables: ref-syn-trm-var
syntax, rule notation: ref-syn-syn-not
syntax_error/[1,5] (error class): ref-ere-err
syntax_errors (prolog flag): Syntax Errors
syntax_errors (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
syntax_errors (prolog flag): ref-ere-err-syn
syntax_errors (prolog flag): mpg-ref-read
syntax_errors (prolog flag): mpg-ref-read_term
syntax_errors/1 (read_term/[2,3] option): ref-ere-err-syn
syntax_errors/1 (read_term/[2,3] option): mpg-ref-read_term
system errors: ref-ere-err-sys
system properties: System Properties and Environment Variables
system property (definition): Glossary
system, development: Development and Runtime Systems
system, development (definition): Glossary
system, extended runtime (definition): Glossary
system, runtime: Development and Runtime Systems
system, runtime: Stand-Alone Executables
system, runtime (definition): Glossary
system_error/[0,1] (error class): ref-ere-err
system_type (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg

table/[2,3] (clpfd): Extensional Constraints
tables, data: Data Tables
tail/2 (lists): lib-lists
tan /1, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
tanh /1, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
task_intervals/1 (cumulatives/3 option): Scheduling Constraints
task_intervals/1 (geost/[2,3,4] option): Placement Constraints
taut/2 (clpb): CLPB Interface
tcl_delete/1 (tcltk): Basic Functions
tcl_delete/1 (tcltk): Predicates for Prolog to Interact with Tcl Interpreters
tcl_eval/3 (tcltk): Evaluation Functions
tcl_eval/3 (tcltk): Predicates for Prolog to Interact with Tcl Interpreters
tcl_event/3 (tcltk): Event Functions
tcl_event/3 (tcltk): Predicates for Prolog to Interact with Tcl Interpreters
tcl_new/1 (tcltk): Basic Functions
tcl_new/1 (tcltk): Predicates for Prolog to Interact with Tcl Interpreters
tell/1 (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-opn
tell/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-tell
telling/1 (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-cos
telling/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-telling
term (argument type): mpg-ref-aty-ety
term (definition): Glossary
term comparison, predicates for: ref-lte-sum
term comparison, predicates for: mpg-top-tcm
term conversions: Support Functions
term handling, predicates for: ref-lte-sum
term handling, predicates for: mpg-top-tha
term I/O, predicates for: ref-iou-sum
term I/O, predicates for: mpg-top-tio
term input: ref-iou-tin
term names: FDBG Names of Terms
term names: FDBG Naming Terms
term output: ref-iou-tou
term reference: Mixing C and Prolog
term, atomic (definition): Glossary
term, callable (definition): Glossary
term, compound (definition): Glossary
term, cyclic: mpg-ref-read_term
term, cyclic: mpg-ref-write_term
term, error: ref-ere-rex
term, exception: ref-ere-rex
term, exception: Exception Handling in C
term, indexed: The DB-Spec Informal Description
term, layout: mpg-ref-read_term
term, layout (definition): Glossary
term, mutable: ref-lte-mut
term, mutable (definition): Glossary
term, simple (definition): Glossary
term/1 (input method): Default Input Methods
terminal I/O, stream position information for: ref-iou-sos-spt
terminating a backtracking loop: Terminating a Backtracking Loop
Terms in C, C functions for: cpg-top-tic
terms, arguments of: ref-lte-act
terms, as sentences: ref-syn-syn
terms, comparison of: ref-lte-cte
terms, compound: ref-syn-cpt
terms, cyclic: ref-sem-occ
terms, input and output of: ref-iou-bas
terms, ordering on: ref-lte-cte-sot
terms, predicates for looking at: ref-lte
term_depth/2 (terms): lib-terms
term_expansion/6 (hook, ref page): mpg-ref-term_expansion
term_expansion/6 (user, hook): ref-lod-exp
term_hash/[2,3,4] (terms): lib-terms
term_order/3 (terms): lib-terms
term_position (load context key): ref-lps-lco
term_size/2 (terms): lib-terms
term_subsumer/3 (terms): lib-terms
term_variables/2 (built-in): ref-lte-act
term_variables/2 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-term_variables
term_variables/3 (aggregate): lib-aggregate
term_variables_bag/2 (terms): lib-terms
term_variables_set/2 (terms): lib-terms
terse (gc_trace flag value): ref-lps-flg
test condition, breakpoint: Goal Tests
test, breakpoint: Creating Breakpoints
test/[1,2] (plunit declaration): PlUnit A Unit Test Box
test_sub_bag/2 (bags): lib-bags
text (absolute_file_name/3 file type): mpg-ref-absolute_file_name
text (Tk widget): Types of Widget
thread, main: Calling Prolog Asynchronously
threads: OS Threads
threads, calling Prolog from: Calling Prolog Asynchronously
throw/1 (built-in): ref-ere-rex
throw/1 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-throw
throws/1 (plunit option): PlUnit A Unit Test Box
timeout/1 (zinc option): FlatZinc Exported Predicates
timeout/1 (zinc option): MiniZinc Exported Predicates
timestamp: lib-file_systems
time_out/2 (labeling/2 option): Enumeration Predicates
time_out/3 (timeout): lib-timeout
title (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
tk_all_events (tk_do_one_event/1 option): Servicing Tk Events
tk_destroy_window/1 (tcltk): Housekeeping
tk_destroy_window/1 (tcltk): Predicates for Prolog to Interact with Tcl Interpreters with Tk Extensions
tk_dont_wait (tk_do_one_event/1 option): Servicing Tk Events
tk_do_one_event/[0,1] (tcltk): Servicing Tk Events
tk_do_one_event/[0,1] (tcltk): Predicates for Prolog to Interact with Tcl Interpreters with Tk Extensions
tk_file_events (tk_do_one_event/1 option): Servicing Tk Events
tk_idle_events (tk_do_one_event/1 option): Servicing Tk Events
tk_main_loop/0 (tcltk): Passing Control to Tk
tk_main_loop/0 (tcltk): Predicates for Prolog to Interact with Tcl Interpreters with Tk Extensions
tk_main_window/2 (tcltk): Housekeeping
tk_main_window/2 (tcltk): Predicates for Prolog to Interact with Tcl Interpreters with Tk Extensions
tk_make_window_exist/1 (tcltk): Housekeeping
tk_make_window_exist/1 (tcltk): Predicates for Prolog to Interact with Tcl Interpreters with Tk Extensions
tk_new/2 (tcltk): Basic Functions
tk_new/2 (tcltk): Predicates for Prolog to Interact with Tcl Interpreters with Tk Extensions
tk_next_event/[2,3] (tcltk): Event Functions
tk_next_event/[2,3] (tcltk): Servicing Tk Events
tk_next_event/[2,3] (tcltk): Predicates for Prolog to Interact with Tcl Interpreters with Tk Extensions
tk_num_main_windows/1 (tcltk): Housekeeping
tk_num_main_windows/1 (tcltk): Predicates for Prolog to Interact with Tcl Interpreters with Tk Extensions
tk_timer_events (tk_do_one_event/1 option): Servicing Tk Events
tk_window_events (tk_do_one_event/1 option): Servicing Tk Events
tokens: ref-syn-syn
told/0 (built-in): ref-iou-sfh-cst
told/0 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-told
top-level: Start
toplevel (Tk widget): Types of Widget
toplevel_print_options (prolog flag): Queries
toplevel_print_options (prolog flag): ref-lps-flg
toplevel_print_options (prolog flag): Message Phases
toplevel_print_options (prolog flag): mpg-ref-portray
toplevel_print_options (prolog flag): mpg-ref-write_term
toplevel_show_store (CHR flag): CHR Debugging Predicates
top_level_events/0 (tk_new/2 option): Basic Functions
top_sort/2 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
top_sort/2 (wgraphs): lib-wgraphs
total_runtime (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
trace (debugging flag value): ref-lps-flg
trace (debugging flag value): mpg-ref-debugging
trace (definition): Glossary
trace (unknown flag value): ref-lps-flg
trace (unknown flag value): ref-ere-hex-hup
trace/0 (built-in): Basic Debug
trace/0 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-trace
trace/0 (debugger mode control): Action Variables
trail (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
trail stack: ref-mgc-ove
TRAILSTKSIZE (system property): System Properties and Environment Variables
trail_free (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
trail_used (statistics key): ref-mgc-ove-sta
transitive_closure/2 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
transitive_closure/2 (wgraphs): lib-wgraphs
transitive_reduction/2 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
transpose/2 (lists): lib-lists
transpose_ugraph/2 (ugraphs): lib-ugraphs
transpose_wgraph/2 (wgraphs): lib-wgraphs
tree, binary: lib-assoc
tree, binary: lib-avl
tree/1 (abolish/2 option): mpg-ref-abolish
tree_size/2 (trees): lib-trees
tree_to_list/2 (trees): lib-trees
trimcore/0 (built-in): ref-mgc-ove-rsp
trimcore/0 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-trimcore
true/0 (built-in, ref page): mpg-ref-true
true/0 (debugger condition): Other Tests
true/0 (plunit option): PlUnit A Unit Test Box
true/1 (debugger condition): Breakpoint Tests
true/1 (debugger condition): Other Tests
true/1 (plunit option): PlUnit A Unit Test Box
truncate /1, (evaluable): ref-ari-aex
try (CHR port): CHR Ports
type errors: ref-ere-err-typ
type of operators: ref-syn-ops-ove
type tests, C functions for: cpg-top-typ