Posting Constraints

A constraint is called as any other Prolog predicate. When called, the constraint is posted to the store. For example:

| ?- X in 1..5, Y in 2..8, X+Y #= T.
X in 1..5,
Y in 2..8,
T in 3..13

| ?- X in 1..5, T in 3..13, X+Y #= T.
X in 1..5,
T in 3..13,
Y in -2..12

Note that the answer constraint shows the domains of nonground query variables, but does not show any constraints that may be attached to them.

Normally, after posting a constraint, propagation to fixpoint is performed, which can be an overkill. The following provides a means of posting a set of constraints in one batch, suspending all propagation until the whole set has been posted. Suspending propagation can significantly reduce posting overhead.

fd_batch(+Constraints)   since release 4.2.1

where Constraints should be a list of constraints, user-defined or exported by library(clpfd). General Prolog goals among the constraints will have undefined behavior.

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