12.3.22 SP_fprintf()


#include <sicstus/sicstus.h>

   SP_stream *stream,
   char const *fmt, …);

Formatted output on the Prolog stream stream.



The stream. Must be a text stream open for output.


The format string. This uses the same syntax as the C library printf functions.

The data to format.

Return Value

On success, all data has been written and SPIO_S_NOERR or some other success code returned.

On failure, returns an error code without transferring any data. Error codes with special meaning for SP_fprintf():


The underlying C library function reported an error while formatting the string.

Other error codes may also be returned.


First the formatting operation will be performed. The resulting string will be assumed to be in internal encoding, and will then be output using the SP_put_encoded_string() function. This means e.g. that the ‘%c’ printf conversion specification can only be used for ASCII characters, and the strings included using a ‘%s’ specification should also be encoded strings.

See Also

Prolog Streams.

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