11.3.238 trimcore/0



Force reclamation of memory in all of Prolog’s data areas.


Trims the stacks, reclaims any dead clauses and predicates, defragmentizes Prolog’s free memory, and endeavors to return any unused memory to the operating system.

The system property PROLOGKEEPSIZE can be used to define a lower bound on the amount of memory to be retained. Also, the system property PROLOGINITSIZE can be used to request that an initial amount of memory be allocated. This initially allocated memory will not be touched by trimcore/0.

When trimming a given stacks, trimcore/0 will retain at least the amount of space initially allocated for that stack.

trimcore/0 is called each time Prolog returns to the top level or the top of a break level, except it does not trim the stacks then.



See Also

ref-mgc-ove-rsp, System Properties and Environment Variables.

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