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13.3 spfz — FlatZinc Interpreter


% spfz [-help | --help | -?] [--version] [-a] [-f] [-n N] [-o ofile] [-p P] [-r R] [-s] [-t T] [-time T] [-search S] [-s] fznfile


This tool interprets the FlatZinc (‘.fzn’) file fznfile with options taken from the command line.


-help, --help, -?

print help message


print version


return all solutions (equal to -n 0)


solver is free to ignore search strategy (does nothing)

-n N

number of solutions (0 = all) (default: 1)

-o ofile

file to send output to (default: standard output stream)

-p P

number of cores available (does nothing)

-r R

random seed


emit statistics

-t, -time T

time (in ms) cutoff (default: no cutoff)

-search S

optimization method is S, one of bab (the default) and restart

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