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12.3.60 SP_next_stream()


#include <sicstus/sicstus.h>

SP_next_stream(SP_stream *stream, SP_stream **pnext);

Iterate through all Prolog streams.



If this is NULL then *pnext is set to the first stream in the list of streams. If this is non-NULL then the stream following stream in the list of streams is returned in *pnext.


The returned stream is returned in *pnext.

Return Value

On success, *pnext is assigned, and SPIO_S_NOERR or some other success code is returned. You should use the SPIO_FAILED() macro to determine if the return value signifies failure or success.

When stream is the last stream *pnext is set to NULL.

This function can be used to iterate over all Prolog streams. One way to use this is together with SP_get_stream_user_data to find all currently open user defined streams of a particular type.

See Also

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