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4.16.2 Message Handling Predicates

print_message(+Severity, +Message)   hookable

Portrays or else writes Message of a given Severity on the standard error stream. See mpg-ref-print_message.

portray_message(+Severity, +Message)   hook
user:portray_message(+Severity, +Message)

Tells print_message/2 what to do.

generate_message_hook(+Message, -L0, -L)   hook
user:generate_message_hook(+Message, -L0, -L)

A way for the user to override the call to 'SU_messages':generate_message/3 in the message generation phase in print_message/2.

'SU_messages':generate_message(+Message, -L0, -L)   hook

Predefined message generation rules.

message_hook(+Severity, +Message, +Lines)   hook
user:message_hook(+Severity, +Message, +Lines)

Overrides the call to print_message_lines/3 in print_message/2. A way for the user to intercept the abstract message term Message of type Severity, whose translation is Lines, before it is actually printed.

print_message_lines(+Stream, +Severity, +Lines)

Print the Lines to Stream, preceding each line with a prefix defined by Severity.

goal_source_info(+AGoal, -Goal, -SourceInfo)

Decomposes the annotated goal AGoal into a Goal proper and the SourceInfo descriptor term, indicating the source position of the goal.

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