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The following people have contributed to the development of SICStus Prolog:

Jonas Almgren, Johan Andersson, Stefan Andersson, Nicolas Beldiceanu, Tamás Benkő, Kent Boortz, Dave Bowen, Per Brand, Göran Båge, Vicki Carleson, Mats Carlsson, Per Danielsson, Joakim Eriksson, Jesper Eskilson, Niklas Finne, Lena Flood, György Gyaraki, Dávid Hanák, Seif Haridi, Ralph Haygood, Christian Holzbaur, Tom Howland, Key Hyckenberg, Péter László, Per Mildner, Richard O’Keefe, Greger Ottosson, Dan Sahlin, Peter Schachte, Rob Scott, Thomas Sjöland, Péter Szeredi, Tamás Szeredi, Peter Van Roy, David Warren, Johan Widén, Magnus Ågren, and Emil Åström.

The Industrialization of SICStus Prolog (1988-1991) was funded by

Ericsson Telecom AB, NobelTech Systems AB, Infologics AB, and Televerket, under the National Swedish Information Technology Program IT4.

The development of release 3 (1991-1995) was funded in part by

Ellemtel Utvecklings AB

This manual is based in part on DECsystem-10 Prolog User’s Manual by

D.L. Bowen, L. Byrd, F.C.N. Pereira, L.M. Pereira, D.H.D. Warren

See lib-chr for acknowledgments relevant to the CHR constraint solver.

See lib-clpqr for acknowledgments relevant to the clp(Q,R) constraint solver.

UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

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