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6 Managing Extended Runtime License Information

Extended runtime systems need to have a license available at runtime. This license can be embedded in the extended runtime executable or located in a separate file. The following describes the steps needed in order to enter the license information. The example assumes that you are familiar with the procedure for building runtime systems. See The Application Builder in the SICStus Prolog Manual for details.

Suppose that you have been provided with the following license information:

Dear SICStus Prolog customer,

Your extended runtime license information for platform 'PLATFORM' is as follows:

Site name:          MySite
License code:       a111-b222-c333-d444-e444
Expiration date:    permanent

Corresponding to a file '' with the following contents:

Please note: The license information differs between SICStus versions and platforms. The PLATORM is one of win32 (for Windows), linux, or darwin (for Apple macOS). The MAJOR.MINOR is the major and minor version of SICStus, currently 4.9.

Following is a list of common tasks.

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