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13.3 Limitations in the Current Release

This section lists features that are missing or incompletely implemented in the current release of SICStus Prolog (SICStus Prolog 4.9.0) but that may appear in future releases. Please let us know what features are important to you!

library(tcltk): There is no way to pass non-Latin 1 characters from Tcl/Tk to Prolog. The Tcl/Tk Terminal is not supported.

library(spaceout): not supported; see Library Modules.

The Visual Basic 6 module (vbsp) is not supported; see Library Modules.

The Windows GUI spwin.exe does not support full Unicode. The console version sicstus.exe fully supports Unicode when run from a console window or from within SPIDER or Emacs.

The Emacs mode may not work reliably when passing Prolog code between Emacs and SICStus if the code is not written using Latin 1.

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