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13.8 spxref — Cross Referencer


     % spxref [-R] [-v] [-c] [-i ifile] [-w wfile] [-x xfile] [-u ufile] fspec ...


The main purpose is to find undefined predicates and unreachable code. To this end, it begins by looking for initializations, hooks and public directives to start tracing the reachable code from. If an entire application is being checked, it also traces from user:runtime_entry/1. If individual module-files are being checked, it also traces from their export lists.


File arguments should be given as atoms or as -, denoting the standard output stream.

Check an application, i.e. follow user:runtime_entry/1, as opposed to module declarations.
Generate standard compiler style error messages.
Verbose output. This echoes the names of the files being read.
-i ifile
An initialization file, which is loaded before processing begins.
-w wfile
Warning file. Warnings are written to the standard error stream by default.
-x xfile
Generate a cross-reference file. This is not generated by default.
-m mfile
Generate a file indicating which predicates are imported and which are exported for each file. This is not generated by default.
-u ufile
Generate a file listing all the undefined predicates. This is not generated by default.

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