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11.3.2 abort/0



Abandons the current execution and returns to the beginning of the current break level or terminates the enclosing query, whichever is closest.


Fairly drastic predicate that is normally only used when some error condition has occurred and there is no way of carrying on, or when debugging.

Often used via the debugging option a or the ^C interrupt option a.

abort/0 is implemented by raising a reserved exception, which has handler at the top level; see ref-ere-int.


Does not close any files that you may have opened. When using see/1 and tell/1, (rather than open/3, set_input/1, and set_output/1), close files yourself to avoid strange behavior after your program is aborted and restarted.


Does not throw errors, but is implemented by throwing a reserved exception.

See Also

halt/[0,1], break/0, runtime_entry/1, ref-ere-int.

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