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10.55.1 Prerequisites

Let $MINIZINC_DIR denote the directory containing the MiniZinc distribution.

To ensure the SICStus tools can find the MiniZinc tools they need, make sure that $MINIZINC_DIR/bin is included in the environment variable PATH.

To tell the MiniZinc command-line tool minizinc to use SICStus, pass it the argument --solver with the path to the solver configuration file library/zinc/sicstus.msc in the SICStus installation. E.g. on Linux/macOS:

$ minizinc --solver '/usr/local/sicstus4.9.0/lib/sicstus-4.9.0/library/zinc/sicstus.msc'

On Windows:

> minizinc --solver "C:\Program Files\SICStus Prolog VC16 4.9.0\library\zinc\sicstus.msc'

Alternatively, you can add the library/zinc/ folder to the “Extra solver search paths” setting in the MiniZincIDE GUI application preferences, and then just use the name ‘sicstus’ as the --solver argument. This is what is used in most of the examples below. For example

 minizinc --solver sicstus

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