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Assuming the Emacs interface for SICStus Prolog has been installed in the default location, inserting a single line in your ~/.emacs will make Emacs use the SICStus Prolog mode automatically when editing files with a ‘.pro’ or ‘.pl’ extension. It will also ensure Emacs can find the SICStus executables and on-line documentation, etc.

Note to Windows users: ~/.emacs denotes a file .emacs in whatever Emacs considers to be your home directory. See ‘GNU Emacs FAQ For MS Windows’ at for details.

Under UNIX, assuming SICStus 4.9.0 was installed in /usr/local/sicstus4.9.0/, add the following line:

(load "/usr/local/sicstus4.9.0/lib/sicstus-4.9.0/emacs/sicstus_emacs_init")

Under Windows, assuming SICStus 4.9.0 was installed in C:\Program Files\SICStus Prolog VC16 4.9.0\, add the following line:

(load "C:/Program Files/SICStus Prolog VC16 4.9.0/emacs/sicstus_emacs_init")

No other configuration should be needed to get started. If you want to customize things, then look in the sicstus_emacs_init.el file and the rest of this section.

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