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8.2.2 UNIX

When library(jasper) is used to embed Java in a SICStus development system or runtime system, the runtime linker needs to be told where to find the Java libraries (e.g. During installation, InstallSICStus will build either the sicstus executable or the jasper foreign resource so that it contains the necessary information; the details are platform dependent.

If you use spld to relink SICStus or to build a runtime system, then you can use the command line option --resource=-jasper (note the minus sign). This tells spld to include the search path (rpath) in the executable needed to ensure that library(jasper) can find the Java libraries.

If you want to run sicstus with another Java than what was specified during installation, then you can use spld without the --resources option to get a SICStus executable without any embedded Java paths. In this case, you need to set the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH (or similar) appropriately.

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