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4 Release Notes and Installation Guide for Windows

This chapter assumes that the environment variable PATH includes %SP_PATH%\bin, where SP_PATH points to the SICStus installation directory (typically C:\Program Files\SICStus Prolog VC16 4.7.1\). Here, %SP_PATH% is just a place-holder; you usually do not need to set the environment variable SP_PATH, but see CPL Notes in the SICStus Prolog Manual. For example:

C:\> set PATH=C:\Program Files\SICStus Prolog VC16 4.7.1\bin;%PATH%

To use splfr and spld, you must also set up the appropriate Microsoft Visual Studio tools; see Setting up the C compiler on Windows in the SICStus Prolog Manual for details.

To use the respective library modules, you must also include the paths to Tcl/Tk (see Tcl/Tk Notes) and Berkeley DB (see Berkeley DB Notes) onto the PATH environment variable if the installer for Berkeley DB and Tcl/Tk have not done so already.

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