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8.1 Supported Java Versions

Jasper should work with all current versions of Java. Except under Windows the full development kit, not just the JRE, is needed.

Jasper is built using a particular version of Java, as appropriate for each platform, but it is possible to recompile it to work with older versions as well. The version may differ between platform, see for details.

For some platforms, Jasper is only supported under the following conditions:

Mac OS X

Using Jasper from Java may require that DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH be set up so that Java can find the SICStus runtime library. That is, you may need to set DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to the location of the SICStus runtime libsprt4-6-0.dylib.

On macOS, embedding Java in SICStus, e.g. by using library(jasper), may fail, possibly with a dialog about the need for a Java SE 6 runtime. This is caused by missing information in the section ‘JVMCapabilities’ of the file Info.plist in the Java installation. As of March 2020 this seems to be true for most Java distributions but several suggested workarounds can be found on the net.

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