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4.4 Command Line Editing

Command line editing supporting Emacs-like commands and IBM PC arrow keys is provided in the windowed executable (spwin.exe). The following commands are available:


erase previous char


erase next char


kill line


forward char


backward char


begin of line


end of line


previous line


next line


insert space


forward search


reverse search


view history


input next char blindly


kill to end of line

Options may be specified in the file ~/spcmd4.ini as:

Option Value

on separate lines. Recognized options are:


Value is the number of lines in the history buffer. 1-100 is accepted; the default is 25.


Value is either 0 (do not save or restore history buffer) or 1 (save history buffer in ~/spcmd4.hst on exit, restore history from the same file on start-up).

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