13.3 spfz — FlatZinc Interpreter


     % spfz [-help | --help | -?] [-n N | -a] [-search S] [-time T] [-r R] [-s] [-o ofile] fznfile


This tool interprets the FlatZinc (‘.fzn’) file fznfile with options taken from the command line.


-help, --help, -?
Print a help message explaining the options.
-n N
Number of solutions. The default is 1; 0 means all solutions.
All solutions. The same as -n 0.
-search S
Optimization method is S, one of bab (the default) and restart.
-time T
Time cutoff after T ms.
-r R
Set the random seed to R first. The default is to use the same random seed every run.
Emit post-execution statistics.
-o ofile
Redirect the output to file ofile.

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