10.39 Zinc Interface—library(zinc)

The G12 project develops three languages for specifying combinatorial (optimization) problems: a high-level modeling language called Zinc, a medium-level modeling language called MiniZinc, and a low-level solver input language called FlatZinc. See the G12 project at http://www.g12.csse.unimelb.edu.au for more information about Zinc, MiniZinc, and FlatZinc.

This library provides an interpreter for FlatZinc programs (see FlatZinc), and, via an external MiniZinc-to-FlatZinc translator, an interpreter also for MiniZinc programs (see MiniZinc). The library interface was inspired by the MiniZinc and FlatZinc libraries of The ECLiPSe Constraint Programming System. It is compatible with Version 1.6 of the G12 MiniZinc distribution.

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