Package se.sics.jasper

Class Summary
JavaServer Java server thread.
PrologEngine Objects of this class represent a Prolog engine running in a separate process.
SICStus This class encapsulates the SICStus emulator and provides the basic functionality for interacting with Prolog.
SPCanonicalAtom The SPCanonicalAtom class encapsulates the canonical representation of a Prolog atom, which is usually a 32 or 64-bit integer.
SPPredicate The SPPredicate class represents a predicate reference.
SPQuery This class is used for holding a query-reference which is used to find multiple solutions to a query.
SPTerm SPTerms are Java representations of Prolog terms.

Exception Summary
AtomRegisterFailure Thrown if SPCanonicalAtom could not register or un-register a canonical atom representation.s
IllegalCallerException This exception indicates that the calling thread is not allowed to call SICStus.
PrologException Objects of this class are wrappers for exceptions thrown in Prolog and passed on to Java.
SPException Represents a exception thrown by Jasper.