Information for SPIDER Beta Testers

The current beta release, 0.0.72 (released May, 2020), of SPIDER works with all recent SICStus Prolog versions. It is already quite useful but, as always with beta software, you should ensure that you have backups of your work etc..


When you are testing SPIDER we are particularly interested in feedback about the following areas, listed in approximate order of priority:
  1. Crashing problems.
    Any crashes in Eclipse or SICStus Prolog that occurs when using SPIDER.
  2. Installation problems.
    Any problems installing Eclipse or the SPIDER feature.
  3. Performance issues.
    If SPIDER is slow or misbehaves for certain files or for large files etc.

    Note: The first thing to try if SPIDER is slow, is to increase the memory allocated to Eclipse. See memory issues, for more information.

  4. Broken or incomplete functionality.
    If something does not work right. Note that there are a number of known incomplete features.
  5. Missing features.
    If some must-have functionality is missing. Note that there are a number of known missing features that we intend to add.
  6. Other suggestions.
    Any other feedback, including suggestions for new functionality, icon design and other eye candy, etc.

Known Issues

This section will be updated with known issues.

Incomplete Functionality

The following is a list of features that are incompletely implemented in the current release.


Most features of the Prolog language and syntax, and the SICStus Prolog extensions, are handled by SPIDER.

Language Editing

Incomplete or missing feature in the support for editing of Prolog code in SPIDER.



Other Issues

Missing Functionality

The following is a list of features that are missing that we hope will be fixed ‘soon’. Please let us know what you miss!

Future Functionality

The following is a list of features, in no particular order, that we want to add in future versions of SPIDER.
Send feedback on SPIDER.