6.9.1 Locating the License Information

The license information for debugged runtime systems can be provided in several ways. Most of them can also be used as alternative ways for providing the license information to extended runtime systems (see Managing Extended Runtime License Information in SICStus Prolog Release Notes).

On Windows only, if you have installed the SICStus Prolog development system on the machine where the runtime system is to be debugged, then the license information will be found in the Windows registry and no extra steps need to be performed. This method cannot be used for providing an extended runtime system license since the license information for the full development system is not the same as for an extended runtime system.

If you have the license in a file license.pl, i.e. you are using a UNIX platform or have manually created a license.pl file on Windows, then you can make this file available to the debugged runtime system in one of two ways:

Please note: you can’t redistribute license.pl.

The final alternative, available on all platforms, is to set the following system properties or environment variables


Set to the site name part of your license.


Set to the code part of your license, e.g. something like a111-b222-c333-d444-e444.


Set to the expiration part of your license, e.g. permanent if you have a permanent (non-evaluation) license.

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