10.44.7 .NET Client Interface

The class PrologSession in the .NET interface represents a connection to a Prolog server. PrologSession contains methods for establishing a connection and querying the Prolog server. Other important classes are: QueryAnswer, which contains the answer for a query sent to the Prolog server; PBTerm, which represents a Prolog term; and Bindings, which supports stuffing of variable values used in queries.

The PrologSession object is the connection to the Prolog server. The constructor PrologSession() creates a PrologSession with the default settings (host = localhost, port = 8066.

Detailed documentation on the .NET APIs of PrologBeans is available in the PrologBeans.NET documentation files on the page http://www.sicstus.se/documentation.html or locally at %SP_PATH%/doc/html/prologbeans.NET (where SP_PATH is the path to your SICStus Prolog installation directory).

Please note: The current version of the PB .NET Client interface is implemented using J#, a .NET language closely resembling Java. This allows us to use the same source code for the .NET code as for Java. J# is now obsolete and does not work well with the latest version of the .NET framework (.NET 4). We plan to include a new version of the PB .NET Client, written in C#, in a future version of SICStus Prolog.

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