6.7.5 Generic Runtime Systems

There are three ready-made runtime systems provided with the distributions, sprt.exe, sprti.exe, and (only on Windows) sprtw.exe. These have been created using spld:

     $ spld --main=restore '$SP_APP_DIR/main.sav' -o sprt.exe
     $ spld --main=restore '$SP_APP_DIR/main.sav' -i -o sprti.exe
     $ spld --main=restore '$SP_APP_DIR/main.sav' --window -o sprtw.exe

These are provided for users who don't have a C-compiler available. Each program launches a runtime system by restoring the saved-state main.sav (located in the same folder as the program).

The saved-state is created by save_program/[1,2]. If it was created by save_program/2, the given startup goal is run. Then, user:runtime_entry(start) is run. The program exits with 0 upon normal temination and with 1 on failure or exception.

The program sprti.exe assumes that the standard streams are connected to a terminal, even if they don't seem to be (useful under Emacs, for example). On Windows only, sprtw.exe is a windowed executable, corresponding to spwin.exe.

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