4.2 Installation

The development system comes in two flavors:

  1. A console-based executable suitable to run from a DOS-prompt, from batch files, or under SPIDER or Emacs.
  2. A windowed executable providing command line editing and menus. See Command Line Editing. Except for very simple interactions it is preferable to use the SPIDER IDE see SICStus Prolog IDE or the Emacs mode see The Emacs Interface when interacting with SICStus Prolog.

The distribution consists of a single, self-installing executable (InstallSICStus.exe) containing development system, runtime support files, library sources, and manuals. Note that the installer itself asks for a decyption key, when started. This decryption key is different from the license code.

SICStus Prolog requires a license code to run. You should have received from SICS your site name, the expiration date and the code. This information is normally entered during installation:

     Expiration date: ExpirationDate
     Site: Site
     License Code: Code

but it can also be entered by starting SICStus with Administrative rights from the Start menu (spwin.exe) and selecting Enter License from the Settings menu. Entering the license requires Administrative rights. Running SICStus should be possible from a limited account.

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