3.1.2 The Installation Script

Most users will install SICStus from a binary distribution. These are available for all supported platforms. Information on how to download and unpack the binary distribution is sent by email when ordering SICStus.

Binary distributions are installed by executing an interactive installation script called InstallSICStus. Type:

     % ./InstallSICStus

and follow the instructions on the screen.

During installation, you will be required to enter your site-name and license code. These are included in the download instructions.

The installation program does not only copy files to their destination, it also performs final link steps for some of the executables and for the library modules requiring third-party software support, e.g. library(bdb) and library(tcltk). This is done in order to adapt to local variations in installation paths and versions.

Invoke InstallSICStus with the --help argument to get a list of options.

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