4.3.6 Predicate List

Detailed information is found in the reference pages for the following:

same as load_files([F|Fs])
block :P declaration
predicates specified by P should block until sufficiently instantiated
user:term_expansion(+Term1, +Layout1, +Tokens1, -Term2, -Layout2, -Tokens2) hook
Overrides or complements the standard transformations to be done by expand_term/2.
load compiled clauses from files F
load interpreted clauses from files F
expand_term(+T,-X) hookable
term T expands to term X using user:term_expansion/6 or grammar rule expansion
goal_expansion(+Term1, +Layout1, +Module, -Term2, -Layout2) hook
Defines transformations on goals while clauses are being compiled or asserted, and during meta-calls.
discontiguous :P declaration,ISO
clauses of predicates P do not have to appear contiguously
dynamic :P declaration,ISO
predicates specified by P are dynamic
ensure_loaded(:F) ISO
load F if not already loaded
include(+F) declaration,ISO
include the source file(s) F verbatim
initialization :G declaration,ISO
declares G to be run when program is started
load files according to options O
meta_predicate :P declaration
declares predicates P that are dependent on the module from which they are called
mode :P declaration
NO-OP: document calling modes for predicates specified by P
module(+M,+L) declaration
module(+M,+L,+O) declaration
module M exports predicates in L, options O
multifile :P declaration,ISO
the clauses for P are in more than one file
public :P declaration
NO-OP: declare predicates specified by P public
restore the state saved in file F
import the procedure(s) I from the module-file F
import I from module M, loading module-file F if necessary
volatile :P declaration
predicates specified by P are not to be included in saves

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