C# Examples

.NET Embedding. If you have an advanced Prolog application that needs a GUI you can write a stand-alone .NET application that handles the GUI and set up the Prolog server to call the right predicates in the Prolog application.

An example of how to do this can be found under the pbnetexamples('evaluate.NET') directory. This example is the C# version of the example shown in PB First Example).

To start the example, first start the Prolog server by going to the pbnetexamples('evaluate.NET') directory and type:

     > sicstus -l evaluate.pl --goal "main."

To start the GUI type (from the same directory as above):

     > run.bat

Another example of this is pbnetexamples('pbtest.NET'), which illustrates several advanced features like:

The example is run by executing the C# program PBTest:

     > PBTest

ASPX Servers Pages. If you want to get your Prolog application to be accessible from an intranet or the Internet you can use this package to embed the Prolog programs into a .NET ASP page which can be served by e.g. Internet Information Services.

An example of how to do this is provided in pbnetexamples('prologasp.NET/eval.aspx'). Consult your IIS documentation for how to configure it for an ASPX page.

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