12.3.30 SP_get_dispatch()


     #include <sicstus/sicstus.h>
     SP_get_dispatch(void *reserved);


Reserved, should be NULL.

Return Value

Returns the dispatch vector of the SICStus run-time.


This function can be called from any thread.

This function is special in that it is not accessed through the dispatch vector; instead, it is exported in the ordinary manner from the SICStus run-time dynamic library (sprt4-0-3.dll under Windows and, typically, libsprt4-0-3.so under UNIX).

The address of this function is typically obtained by linking to the SICStus run-time library or, when using multiple SICStus run-times, by a call to SP_load_sicstus_run_time().

See Also

Multiple SICStus Run-Times.

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