11.3.106 leash/1 [development]



Starts leashing on the ports given by Mode.


one of [all] or list of one of [call,exit,redo,fail,exception], must be ground

Either the atom all, or a list of the ports to be leashed..


The leashing mode only applies to procedures that do not have spypoints on them, and it determines which ports of such procedures are leashed. By default, all five ports are leashed. On arrival at a leashed port, the debugger will stop to allow you to look at the execution state and decide what to do next. At unleashed ports, the goal is displayed but program execution does not stop to allow user interaction.


Mode is not ground
Mode is not a valid leash specification


     | ?- leash([]).

turns off all leashing; now when you creep you will get an exhaustive trace but no opportunity to interact with the debugger. You can get back to the debugger to interact with it by pressing ^c t.

     | ?- leash([call,redo]).

leashes on the Call and Redo ports. When creeping, the debugger will now stop at every Call and Redo port to allow you to interact.

See Also

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