10.23 Operating System Utilities—library(system)

This package contains utilities for invoking services from the operating system that does not fit elsewhere.

Exported predicates:

Unifies the current date and time as a UNIX timestamp with When.
Unifies Datime with the current date and time as a datime/6 record of the form datime(Year,Month,Day,Hour,Min,Sec). All fields are integers.
Convert a time stamp, as obtained by now/1, to a datime/6 record. Can be used in both directions.
Puts the SICStus Prolog process asleep for Second seconds, where Seconds should be a non-negative number.
environ(?Var, ?Value)
Var is the name of an environment variable, and Value is its value. Both are atoms. Can be used to enumerate all current environment variables.

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