12.3.91 SP_set_user_stream_post_hook() [preinit]


     #include <sicstus/sicstus.h>
     typedef SP_stream *
     SP_UserStreamPostHook(void *user_data, int which, SP_stream *str);
     SP_UserStreamPostHook *
     SP_set_user_stream_post_hook(SP_UserStreamPostHook *hook, void *user_data);

Sets the user-stream post-hook to hook. Must be called before SP_initialize().


The user-stream post-hook is, if defined, called after all the streams have been defined, once for each of the three standard streams. It has a slightly different prototype:
          void user_stream_post_hook(void *user_data, int which, SP_stream *str)

where user_data is the value passed to SP_set_user_stream_post_hook and where str is a pointer to the corresponding SP_stream structure. There are no requirements as to what this hook must do; the default behavior is to do nothing at all.

The post-hook is intended to be used to do things that may require that all streams have been created.

An arbitrary pointer that will be passed to the hook.

See Also

Hookable Standard Streams.

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