Package se.sics.prologbeans

PrologBeans is a package for integrating Prolog with applications in other languages. This is the documentation for the .NET version of Prolognbeans. The main idea is to separate the two processes so that they can be run on more than one machine. The .NET side of the interface consists of the package `se.sics.prologbeans', and the Prolog part is the library module `library(prologbeans)'.

Related Documentation

For documentation on library(prologbeans), please see:

Class Summary
QueryAnswer QueryAnswer is the .NET representation of an answer from the Prolog server.
PrologSession PrologSession handles the connection with the Prolog Server.
PBTerm PBTerm is the .NET representations of Prolog terms.
Bindings Bindings handles the variable bindings in the communication with the prolog server.