11.4.2 Foreign Resources Supporting Multiple SICStus Run-Times

A foreign resource that wants to be shared between several SICStus run-times must somehow know which SICStus run-time is calling it so that it can make callbacks using the SICStus API into the right SICStus run-time. In addition, the foreign resource may have global variables that should have different values depending on which SICStus run-time is calling the foreign resource.

A header file is generated by splfr when it builds a foreign resource (before any C code is compiled). This header file provides prototypes for any foreign-declared function, but it also provides other things needed for multiple SICStus run-time support. This header file must be included by any C file that contains code that either calls any SICStus API function or that contains any of the functions called by SICStus. See The Foreign Resource Linker.