Default Map Methods

The following MapMethod types are known to 'SU_messages':query_map(+MapMethod, +RawInput, -Result, -Answer) and to the built-in fall-back mapping:

In this map method RawInput is assumed to be a code-list.

Pairs is a list of Name-Abbreviations pairs, where Name is a ground term, and Abbreviations is a code-list. The first non-layout character of RawInput is used for finding the corresponding name as the answer, by looking it up in the abbreviation lists. If the character is found, then Result is success, and Answer is set to the Name found; otherwise, Result is failure.

No conversion is done, Answer is equal to RawInput and Result is success.
This map method is used when reading a single line debugger command. It parses the debugger command and returns the corresponding abstract command term. If the parse is unsuccessful, the answer unknown(Line,Warning) is returned. This is to allow the user to extend the debugger command language via debugger_command_hook/2, see Debug Commands.

The details of this mapping can be obtained from the library('SU_messages') file.

Note that the fall-back version of this mapping is simplified, it only accepts parameterless debugger commands.