Customizing splfr under UNIX

The splfr tool is implemented as a Perl script and can be customized in order to adapt to local variations. Do not attempt this unless you know what you are doing. Customization is done by editing their common configuration file spconfig-version. Follow these instructions:

  1. Locate the configuration file spconfig-version. It should be located in the same directory as splfr.
  2. Make a copy for spconfig-version; let's call it hacked_splfr.config. Do not edit the original file.
  3. The configuration file contains lines on the form CFLAGS=-g -O2. Edit these according to your needs. Do not add or remove any flags.
  4. You may now use the modified spconfig-version together with splfr like this:
              % splfr [...] --config=/path/to/hacked_splfr.config

    Replace /path/to with the actual path to the hacked configuration file.