6.4.1 Installing the Tcl/Tk Library Module under UNIX

Please note: This section applies to UNIX binary distributions only.

As of 3.8, the Tcl/Tk library module is automatically configured by the installation script (InstallSICStus), after asking a few simple questions.

When InstallSICStus asks for the “Tcl/Tk installation path”, which path should I specify?

The installation path should be specified such that installation-path/lib contains the Tcl/Tk libraries (libtcl<version>.so). This is the same as the value of the --prefix options specified to Tcl/Tk's configure-script.

My Tcl and Tk installation are not in the same directory. What should I do?

Unfortunately, there is no solution to this yet. You need to install Tcl/Tk in the same directory in order for InstallSICStus to find them.