4.2 Installation

The development system comes in two flavors:

  1. A console-based executable suitable to run from a DOS-prompt, from batch files, or under Emacs. See Command Line Editing.
  2. A windowed executable providing command line editing and menus.

The distribution consists of a single, self-installing executable (InstallSICStus.exe) containing development system, runtime support files, library sources, and manuals. Note that the installer itself asks for a password, when started. This is different from the license code.

Installed files on a shared drive can be reused for installation on other machines.

SICStus Prolog requires a license code to run. You should have received from SICS your site name, the expiration date and the code. This information is normally entered during installation:

     Expiration date: ExpirationDate
     Site: Site
     License Code: Code

but it can also be entered later on by executing the following commands at a command prompt (sicstus3.12_linux differs between platforms):

     % splm -i Site
     % splm -a sicstus3.12_linux ExpirationDate Code

under Windows NT/2000/XP, splm must be run by a user with Administrative rights. As of SICStus 3.10, the windowed version of SICStus (spwin.exe) has a menu item for license entry, making splm unnecessary under Windows.