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Basic Use

The cross-referencer is run from the shell prompt, specifying the names of the Prolog source files you wish to check. You may omit the .pl suffix if you like.

% spxref [-R] [-v] [-c] [-i ifile] [-w wfile] [-x xfile] [-u ufile] fspec ...

spxref takes a number of options, as follows. File arguments should be given as atoms or as -, denoting the standard output stream.

Check an application, i.e. follow user:runtime_entry/1, as opposed to module declarations.
Generate standard compiler style error messages.
Verbose output. This echoes the names of the files being read.
-i ifile
An initialization file, which is loaded before processing begins.
-w wfile
Warning file. Warnings are written to the standard error stream by default.
-x xfile
Generate a cross-reference file. This is not generated by default.
-m mfile
Generate a file indicating which predicates are imported and which are exported for each file. This is not generated by default.
-u ufile
Generate a file listing all the undefined predicates. This is not generated by default.