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I/O on Lists of Character Codes

This example is taken from the SICStus Prolog library (simplified, but operational). A stream for writing is opened where the written characters are placed in a buffer. When the stream is closed, a code-list is made from the contents of the buffer. The example illustrates the use of user definable streams.

The open_buf_stream() function opens a stream where the characters are put in a buffer. The stream is closed by stream_to_chars(), which returns the list constructed on the heap.

foreign(open_buf_stream, '$open_buf_stream'(-address('SP_stream'))). foreign(stream_to_chars, '$stream_to_chars'(+address('SP_stream'), -term)). foreign_resource(example, [open_buf_stream,stream_to_chars]). :- load_foreign_resource(example). %% with_output_to_chars(+Goal, -Chars) %% runs Goal with current_output set to a list of characters with_output_to_chars(Goal, Chars) :- '$open_buf_stream'(StreamCode), stream_code(Stream, StreamCode), current_output(CurrOut), set_output(Stream), call_and_reset(Goal, Stream, CurrOut, StreamCode, Chars). call_and_reset(Goal, Stream, CurrOut, StreamCode, Chars) :- call(Goal), !, put(0), '$stream_to_chars'(StreamCode, Chars), reset_stream(Stream, CurrOut). call_and_reset(_, Stream, CurrOut, _, _) :- reset_stream(Stream, CurrOut). reset_stream(Stream, CurrOut) :- set_output(CurrOut), close(Stream).

/* example.c */
#include <sicstus/sicstus.h> struct open_chars { char *chars; /* character buffer */ int index; /* current insertion point */ int size; }; #define INIT_BUFSIZE 512 static int lputc(c, buf) int c; struct open_chars *buf; { if (buf->index == buf->size) /* grow buffer if necessary */ { buf->size *= 2; buf->chars = (char *)realloc(buf->chars, buf->size); } return (buf->chars[buf->index++] = c); } static int lwclose(buf) struct open_chars *buf; { free(buf->chars); free(buf); return 0; }
/* example.c */
void open_buf_stream(streamp) SP_stream **streamp; { struct open_chars *buf; /* Allocate buffer, create stream & return stream code */ buf = (struct open_chars *)malloc(sizeof(struct open_chars)); SP_make_stream(buf, NULL, lputc, NULL, NULL, NULL, lwclose, streamp); buf->chars = (char *)malloc(INIT_BUFSIZE); buf->size = INIT_BUFSIZE; buf->index = 0; } void stream_to_chars(streamp, head) SP_stream *streamp; SP_term_ref head; { SP_term_ref tail = SP_new_term_ref(); struct open_chars *buf = (struct open_chars *)streamp->user_handle; /* Make a list of character codes out of the buffer */ SP_put_string(tail, "[]"); SP_put_list_chars(head, tail, buf->chars); }