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Use of Meta-Logical Predicates

This example illustrates the use of the meta-logical predicates var/1, arg/3, and functor/3 (see Meta Logic). The goal variables(Term, L, []) instantiates variable L to a list of all the variable occurrences in Term. E.g.:

| ?- variables(d(U*V, X, DU*V+U*DV), L, []).

L = [U,V,X,DU,V,U,DV]

variables(X, [X|L0], L) :- var(X), !, L = L0.
variables(T, L0, L) :-
%       nonvar(T),
        functor(T, _, A),
        variables(0, A, T, L0, L).

variables(A, A, _, L0, L) :- !, L = L0.
variables(A0, A, T, L0, L) :-
%       A0<A,
        A1 is A0+1,
        arg(A1, T, X),
        variables(X, L0, L1),
        variables(A1, A, T, L1, L).